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Relic Hunter Season 6

28 August 2018

New Limited Edition rewards to uncover!

Relic Hunter Season 6 has Begun!

A new season of the Relic Hunter has begun with two new limited edition rewards to uncover, new improvements to maps, and an entirely new type of challenge -- Scavenger Hunts!

Scavenger Hunts Find Season 6 Treasure Chests in a whole new way by taking on a Scavenger Hunt with friends. You can exchange a Relic Hunter Scroll Case at the King's Arms for a Scavenger Hunt Scroll which will start a Scavenger Hunt when opened.

Scavenger Hunts range in difficulty from easy to arduous and list 15 to 35 items depending on their difficulty. Working solo, or with other hunters, track down the items as loot drops from mice to cross each item off the list! Once all the items have been found, each hunter on the map can claim a Season 6 Treasure Chest.

All Scavenger Hunt maps allow up to six hunters, including new Gilded Scavenger Hunts!

Gilded Scavenger Scroll Case Supports up to 6 hunters!

New Limited Edition Bases

Any Season 6 Chest has a chance of containing one of two new Limited Edition bases. Higher tier chests have a greater chance of containing a base, and the more maps you complete, the greater your chance of finding a base! After completing 30 maps, you're guaranteed to find a base in the next chest you open.

Black Widow Base
This sleek base adds bonus loot to the Black Widow Mouse including Magic Essence, Empowered SUPER|brie+, and Shadow Charms.

Furoma Base
A tranquil looking base that has a chance of looting an extra Student Token in the Dojo or Chi Token in the Furoma Rift

Treasure Map Improvements

Along with new challenges to explore and rewards to earn, several updates and improvements have been made to the Treasure Map interface.

• Can now be on a Wanted Poster, Treasure Map/Scavenger Hunt, and an event-themed map at the same time • Can now sort friends in the map invite interface by clicking a column heading • Can now see how many maps you've personally dusted • Rainbow Maps can now have 6 hunters • Can now see how many maps you've completed this season within the Treasure Map interface • Can now see this season's limited edition rewards within the Treasure Map interface • Can now preview possible treasure chest contents within the Treasure Map interface • Can now see map progress when invited to a map before accepting the invite

Limited Time Promotions!

To celebrate the arrival of Relic Hunter Season 6, the King is offering a few limited-time deals on Rare Map Dust and has secured a fresh supply of Gilded Scroll Cases.

  • 20 Rare Map Dust
20 for 20!
  • Rare Map Dust Crafter's Kit
Ultimate deal on dust!
  • Gilded Scroll Case
Find Gilded Chests!
  • Gilded Scavenger Scroll Case
Supports up to 6 hunters!

Each Gilded Chest rewards the Golden Shield and has a high chance of containing a Slayer Scroll Case!

-- Dave Vanderburg