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Happy Valentine's Day

14 February 2018

Love is in the air at all event locations!

Valentine's Mice Appear at All Event Locations

A few romantic mice arrived at each of the Lunar New Year event locations and, with much love in their eyes, quickly multiplied and have nearly overtaken the areas! Eww! Head to any of the Lunar New Year event locations to encounter these lovey-dovey mice and collect some lovely charms and tasty Nian Gao'da Cheese while you're at it.

Each of the Valentine's mice will drop either a Valentine Charm or Lucky Valentine Charm. In addition to their Valentine Charm drop, each of these new event mice have a chance to drop a piece of Nian Gao'da Cheese.

The arrival of these new event mice has not affected the population of costumed Lunar New Year mice.

Feel the love while you can! These heart-loving event mice will leave on Friday, February 16.

Limited Time Premium Shop Items

To help spread the love, the King has stocked the Premium Shop with a lovely new skin for the Meteor Prison Core Trap as well as a supply of Valentine and Lucky Valentine Charms.

Grab these deals while you can! They'll disappear on Friday, February 16 when the Valentine's event mice leave.

  • Valentine Heart Core Trap Skin
Skin the Meteor Prison Core
  • 50 Lucky Valentine Charms
Luck and Attraction!
  • 15 Valentine Charms
25% Attraction Bonus
  • <3 Gift Basket
Great gift!
  • Lovely Valentine Bouquet
Show them you care

Valentine's event mice leave on Friday, February 16.

Winter Games Celebration

9 February 2018

New mice at Lunar New Year locations!

Sporty Mice Appear at All Event Locations

A brief cold snap was felt throughout all Lunar New Year event locations as a wave of wintery, sporty mice suddenly appeared. It seems they're holding some sort of competition to see which of them can best outrun and avoid hunters' traps while trying to stay upright in all the snow and ice!

The various sporty event mice all carry with them some magical torches that can be used as hunting charms! Hunting with a Torch Charm will cause it to burn up and reveal a random item that will be added to your inventory.

It's worth noting that the arrival of these mice hasn't affected the population of the costumed Lunar New Year mice, so targeting those mice and collecting Lunar Candles won't be any more challenging due to the presence of these sporty mice.

The competition being held by the sporty event mice lasts just for the weekend, so get your Torch Charms while you can!

The sporty mice will leave on Monday, February 12.

Limited Time Premium Shop Items

To celebrate this new hunting challenge, the King has stocked the Premium Shop with a chilly looking trap skin for the Timesplit Dissonance Trap, as well as a supply of Torch Charms.

Grab these deals while you can, they'll disappear on Monday, February 12 when the sporty event mice leave.

  • Winter Cup Dissonance Skin
Skin the Infinite Labyrinth Trap
  • 100 Torch Charms
Find bonus items

Sporty event mice leave on Monday, February 12.

Happy Lunar New Year!

6 February 2018

Celebrate with double and TRIPLE loot!

Dog Lunar Lantern

Costumed Dog mice, along with other Lunar New Year mice, have appeared in 10 different hunting locations throughout the Kingdom! Find out where these event mice are by viewing the Lunar Banner above your Hunter's Journal on the Camp page and travel to capture them.

In each of the 10 Lunar New Year locations, you can collect special cheese to then lure the various costumed mice to your trap. The various costumed mice from previous years will come out of hiding in a specific order with the Costumed Dog Mouse being last. Capturing the Costumed Dog Mouse will reward the Dog Lunar Lantern, which can be used to double or even triple loot ANYWHERE in the Kingdom!

Double and Triple Loot

Once you've obtained the Dog Lunar Lantern, you can use it to boost loot drops ANYWHERE by igniting it which burns one candle per hunt. There are two types candles to choose from which determine whether you'll receive double or triple loot: Lunar Lantern Candles and Red Lunar Lantern Candles.

Each candle you burn will also raise your Dog Lunar Lantern upwards into the sky. As you reach certain height milestones, you'll find special rewards including a new event cheese and trap skin. Raising your lantern will also unlock luck bonuses while your lantern is lit, up to an amazing +50 Luck for raising your lantern to 500 feet!

  • Lunar Lantern Candle
You'll find these candles as loot drops by hunting with Dumpling Cheese in any of the 10 Lunar New Year event locations. Using these candles will double loot drops.
  • Red Lunar Lantern Candle
You'll find these candles as loot drops from the Lunar Red Candle Maker Mouse by hunting with Nian Goa'da Cheese in any of the 10 Lunar New Year Event locations. You'll find Nian Gao'da Cheese as a reward for raising your lantern into the sky.

Remember: The lantern's doubling and tripling effect works anywhere in the Kingdom!

  • 100 Nian Gao'da Cheese
Attracts Red Candle Maker!
  • 10 Red Lunar Lantern Candles
Triple Loot Drops!

Items Not Affected by the Lantern

The magic of the Dog Lunar Lantern has no effect on a few items: Dumpling Cheese, Nian Gao'da Cheese, Lunar Lantern Candles, Red Lunar Lantern Candles, Map Pieces, Treasure Map Clues, and the regular points and gold reward for capturing a mouse.

Additionally, the lantern's magic is only able to affect items directly dropped as loot from a mouse. Any bonus items found by using charms or other specialized hunting equipment will not be affected.

Lunar Gift Baskets and Kits

Celebrate Lunar New Year with gift baskets for friends, or stock up on cheese and candles to raise your lantern to amazing heights!

  • 300 Nian Gao'da Cheese
Collect Red Candles
  • 100 Red Lunar Lantern Candles
Stock up for triple drops
  • Year of the Dog Gift Basket
Great Gift
  • Year of the Dog Supply Kit
Candles and cheese