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King's Giveaway Has Ended

31 January 2018

Make sure to use any remaining Prize Keys!

Leftover Prize Keys

Another King's Giveaway has come to an end and the population of prize mice has dwindled back to its normal level. If you have any Prize Keys make sure to use them up by clicking the banner in the camp section. On Monday, February 5, any Prize Keys in hunters' inventories will crumble to dust. Make sure to use yours up before then!

As always, prize mice can be encountered even when a giveaway is not active, albeit encounters are much more rare. So keep your luck high, you never know when an elusive prize mouse will wander towards your cheese!

Lunar New Year Celebrations Start Next Week

Hunters around the Kingdom are no doubt eagerly preparing for the upcoming Lunar New Year Celebration! The festivities will kick off on Tuesday, February 6 when nine zodiac-themed mice arrive, including a new Costumed Dog Mouse! Capturing the vermin clothed in canine-inspired dress will reward the Lunar Dog Lantern, a magically enchanted light fixture able to double, or even TRIPLE loot drops throughout the Kingdom!

With the promise of such a lucrative boost to loot drops, make sure to stockpile some hunting supplies and prepare accordingly!

King's Giveaway 2018

23 January 2018

More prize mice are on the loose!

Hunt Prize Mice for Prize Keys, SUPER|brie+ and Cash Prizes!

The King is holding a giveaway and more prize mice than ever are on the loose! You can capture prize mice anywhere except the Meadow. When you encounter a prize mouse, it will come after your regular hunt, and you won't loose additional cheese or charms. You don't have a chance to encounter a prize mouse if you fail to attract on that hunt, so make each hunt count! Some prize mice are also rather difficult to catch, so make sure to keep your best trap armed!

King's Prize Key
You'll find Prize Keys as loot each time you capture a prize mouse during the giveaway, as well as a rare drop from any other mouse in the Kingdom. Collect 10 Prize Keys to open Mystery Prize packs from a banner in the Camp section.

Once you've opened all 10 Mystery Prize packs you can continue to collect keys to open Mini Prize Packs for smaller rewards. Make sure to use up your keys as you find them, they'll fade away from your inventory shortly after the giveaway comes to an end.

King's Credits
Capturing Treasurer, Snooty, or High Roller mice will earn you King's Credits which can be spent at the King's Arms or King's Cart. Larry has worked with the King to stock a host of new items, so make sure to visit the King's Cart and browse all the new goodies you can spend credits on!

Of course, what's a giveaway without prizes consisting of the most prestigious bait in the Kingdom? Capturing a Mobster Mouse will reward SUPER|brie+!

Mystery Pots and Satchels of Gold
The most rare, elusive, and prestigious catch of them all, the Leprechaun Mouse, comes with a special reward of either a Mystery Pot of Gold or a Mystery Satchel of Gold. If you're one of the lucky few hunters to capture a Leprechaun Mouse you'll find some impressive goodies in both of these treasures.

The Mystery Pot of Gold contains at least 200,000 Gold as well as some SUPER|brie+. Additionally, the Mystery Pot of Gold has a chance of containing a cash prize!

The Mystery Satchel of Gold contains at least 100,000 Gold as well as some SUPER|brie+ and a chance of King's Credits or Rainbow Luck Charms.

Extreme Regal Charms
The next tier of Regal Charm is now stocked in the King's Arms. You can exchange King's Credits and Super Regal Charms for these impressive general-use hunting charms with 2,000 Power, +8 Luck, and a 75% Attraction Bonus!

Royal Loot Crate
A rather unique item has been added to the King's Arms -- The Royal Loot Crate. Opening these crates rewards all sorts of random items ranging wildly in value from simple White Cheddar Cheese, to powerful trap components! If you're feeling lucky, try opening a few and see what sort of random stuff you find!

  • 15 Regal Charms
Exchange up!
  • 25 Extreme Regal Charms
Get the best!
  • Regal Gift Basket
Great for giving!
  • Extreme Regal Supply Kit
Incredible deal!

Rainbow Treasure Maps are back!

Rainbow Scroll Case Something special is once again being packed into one of the King's Mystery Prize Packs -- Rainbow Scroll Cases! These scrolls contain a massive map with 60, 100, or 120 mice!

Completing a Rainbow Treasure Map will reward a Small, Large, or Giant Rainbow Treasure Chest depending on the length of map you completed. The chests contain a heap of Gold, Points, Ancient Charms, as well as some Rainbow Luck and Regal Charms.

Not interested in completing the map to claim a chest? Rainbow Treasure Maps can be completed at anytime by claiming a consolation prize for a portion of Gold, Points, and Ancient Charms based on the number of mice captured.

Festive Comet Melts Away

16 January 2018

The Vacant Lot is now in place of the Festive Comet where final rewards can be purchased.

Cash Out Remaining Nougat

The winter magic of the Festive Comet has finally faded, leaving a slightly chilled puddle behind. The King has opened the Vacant Lot location in its place where the shop keepers will remain for one more week allowing hunters to spend any remaining Nuggets of Nougat, New Year's Nougat, and Advent Chocolates.

Make sure to visit the Vacant Lot now and purchase any remaining items you're interested in. Once the Vacant Lot leaves so will the limited edition items for sale!

Any remaining Magical Hats and Festive Summoning Bells can be smashed with the Hunter's Hammer to release their magic in the form of 30 SUPER|brie+ and 15 SUPER|brie+, respectively.

If you have golem parts left over you can smash them with your Hunter's Hammer for Animated Snow which can be exchanged for Snowball Charms. Similarly, leftover Reinforcing Ice Shards can be exchanged for Super Snowball Charms.

Finally, any Naughty or Nice Lists still in progress can now be cashed out for a consolation prize consisting of Gold, Points, and Ancient Charms.

Send out your Final Golems!

9 January 2018

Snow Golem body parts can no longer be obtained at the Festive Comet.

Festive Magic Fading at the Comet

The Festive Comet is beginning to show signs of melting as its festive winter magic starts to fade. The golem parts once carried by mice have turned a bit slushy and as a result, mice now drop Snowball Charms instead of Snow Golem parts.

The structural integrity of the Festive Comet will collapse on Tuesday, January 16 at which point the Vacant Lot will be left in its place. You'll have until January 16 to use up any golem parts you have stockpiled, so get hunting!

Great Winter Hunt Wrap Up Schedule

  • Tuesday, January 9
Mice no longer drop golem parts and the cartographer no longer sells festive map scroll cases. Hunters are encouraged to use up as many remaining golem parts as they can.
  • Tuesday, January 16
The Festive Comet collapses and hunters can no longer send out golems or collect rewards. The Vacant Lot will remain where hunters can cash out any remaining Nuggets of Nougat, New Year's Nougat, and Advent Chocolates. In progress Naughty or Nice Treasure Maps can be cashed out for consolation prizes of Ancient Charms, Points, and Gold.
  • Tuesday, January 23
The Vacant Lot closes completely, meaning hunters can no longer use the festive shoppes or remain in the area. Make sure you've spent your nougat BEFORE this day!
  • Thursday, February 1
The magic of the Winter Aura will fade for all hunters and the Snowball Showdown can no longer be played.

Make Your Final Golems Count!

Although Pecan Pecorino and Let It Snow Charms are no longer available, the King is still supplying Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hats and Festive Summoning Bells for hunters make use of for the final golems of the season.

  • Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat
Make that last one count!
  • 3 Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hats
Last chance for great rewards!
  • Festive Summoning Bell
Use up parts quickly!
  • 6 Festive Summoning Bells
Cash out quick!

Final Snow Golems

  • Can no longer collect golem parts
  • One week to use up golem parts