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Ronza the Merchant has landed!

24 July 2018

Ronza will remain in Gnawnia until Wednesday, August 8!

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe Open for a Limited Time!

Ronza visits far and distant lands looking for new hunting equipment to bring to the Kingdom of Gnawnia. After a lengthy journey, Ronza has finally returned with a wide array of equipment for sale! Her schedule is a busy one, and she never stays for long, so make sure to visit her shop and browse her wares!

Pay special attention to which of Ronza's wares are Limited Edition. Anything marked as Limited Edition is in short supply and will not ever return to the Kingdom!

New items at Ronza's Trapsmith

Denture Base
This base harnesses the thunderous storm energy that resides within Ful'Mina's incredible teeth! Although its initial stats may appear meagre, when powered by fragments of Ful'Mina's Teeth this base rises to a level of prowess never before seen in Gnawnia!

To empower the base, smash a Ful'Mina's Tooth to receive 15 Ful'mina's Charged Toothlets. While you have any Toothlets in your inventory the stats of your Denture Base be dramatically boosted to:

1,500 Power, 20 Luck, 25% Power Bonus, and 25% Attraction Bonus!

However, with great power there comes a cost: Each time you successfully capture a mouse there's a 50% chance that one of your Charged Toothlets will succumb to the sweet release of lightning, causing the Toothlet to decay into dust.

Chrome Storm Wrought Ballista (Upgrade for the Storm Wrought Ballista)
Ronza's General Store stocks a kit capable of upgrading the Storm Wrought Ballsita trap to harness the lucky shine of chrome! Smash your Storm Wrought Ballista and combine it with an upgrade kit for a Draconic trap with 6,200 Power and 20 Luck!

Well of Wisdom (Limited Edition)
A clever tactical trap that focuses on attraction by luring mice toward a bottomless pit with the sweet scent of cheese. The Well of Wisdom has 4,000 Power, 22 Luck, and a 25% Attraction Bonus.

Paradise Falls (Limited Edition)
What at first looks like a tranquil place to enjoy a quick bite of cheese quickly turns into a permanent underwater residence for mice. The beautiful landscape focuses on attracting mice. This capable Hydro trap has 4,000 Power, 22 Luck, and a 25% Attraction Bonus.

Tribal Law Trap Skin
Dress up your Judge Droid Trap with some jungle flair! A council of Tribal droids await to deliver Tribal punishment to any who fall before the court.

Phantom Hot Springs Trap Skin
Make your Phantasmic Oasis Trap stand out from the crowd by adding some lush greenery amongst the powerful hydro phantoms!

Icefire Turbo Turbine Trap Skin
Turn the most powerful and lucky shadow trap, the Temporal Turbine into something even cooler with an icy-hot trap skin!

New items at Ronza's Charm Shoppe

Super Lantern Oil Charm
During Ronza's visit you can visit her shop to have her upgrade Lantern Oil Charms into a super version capable of adding +2 clues while navigating the Labyrinth.

Super Dragonbane Charm
Upgrade your Dragonbane Charms into a version twice as powerful! Super Dragonbane Charms provide a hidden 600% Power Bonus against all Storm Dragons as well as the Dragon Mouse.

Super Queso Pump Charm
This design improves upon the original Queso Pump Charm by harnessing a few drops of Wild Tonic. Like their counterparts, these charms will allow you to operate your Queso Pump from nearly anywhere in the Kingdom. However, they'll pump DOUBLE the quantity of Bland Queso!

New items at Ronza's General Store

Chrome Storm Wrought Ballista Upgrade Kit
Upgrade your Storm Wrought Ballista to boost its power and luck! Due to the limited supply of chrome, hunters are limited to 3 upgrade kits.

Tiki Base Blueprints
After a seven year hiatus, Ronza has secured another stash of Tiki Base Blueprints. These blueprints provide upgrade plans for the Tribal Base to create the Tiki Base featuring 200 Power and an impressive 18% Power Bonus. Perfect for Knightly hunters looking to take their trap setup to new heights of power.

Return of Supply Ships!

Ronza has returned with a wide variety of Supply Ships including a few new varieties! These kits contain her always popular (and powerful) Airship Charms along with lots of loot to help your hunting efforts in a wide variety of hunting spots!

  • Ronza's Queso Canyon Supply Ship
Spices, tonic, and more!
  • Ronza's Moussu Picchu Supply Ship
Includes Dragonbane Charms!
  • Ronza's Diving Supply Ship
Oxygen, jets, and more!!
  • Ronza's Fort Rox Supply Ship
Moon Cheese, mana, and more!
  • Ronza's Fungal Supply Ship
Has gemstones!
  • Ronza's Gauntlet Supply Ship
Up to Tier 5 Potion!
  • Ronza's Labyrinth Supply Ship
Cubes, oil, and more!
  • Ronza's Living Garden Supply Ship
Includes 100 Aleth!
  • Ronza's Rift Supply Ship
Something for all Rifts!
  • Ronza's Tribal Supply Ship
Includes Havarti!

Queso Canyoneer Treasure Maps

10 July 2018

Find delicious treasure chests!

Queso Canyoneer Scroll Case Now Available!

The Cartographer at the Queso River has assembled a Queso Canyoneer Scroll Case containing a treasure map covering the three current locations within Queso Canyon.

Pick up a Scroll Case from Queso River Cartographer and embark on a hunt for 20 Treasure Map Clues with your map mates! Using Rare Map Dust leads to a rare treasure chest with DOUBLE the Points, Gold, and Ancient Charms. Rare chests also contain a larger quantity of loot, including more Wild Tonic, Queso Pump Charms, Bland Queso Cheese, a chance of containing higher tier spices, and even a rare chance of containing some "jackpot" items from the Queso River Charm Shoppe!

  • Rare Map Dust
Boosts map rewards!

Map Hunting Updates

Looking for map mates beyond your close-knit hunter's group of friends? A new user preference has been added allowing hunters to choose to receive map invitations from anyone. You can opt-in to this behaviour by clicking Help at the top-right of the game followed by User Preferences and enable "Allow map invites from anyone". Any hunter that has enabled map invites from non-friends will have a map invite button on their Hunter's Profile.

Queso Canyoneer Journal Theme

Available at the General Store in the Queso River, Prickly Plains, and Cantera Quarry is the first scrap piece of a new Queso Canyoneer Journal Theme. Collect the second scrap by looting Queso Canyoneer Treasure Chests, and the third scrap by pursuing Queen Quesada herself!

Rare Queso Canyoneer Treasure Chests are much more likely to contain the second scrap piece. The third is rather closely guarded by Queen Quesada, it may take a golden number of captures before she loosens her grip on the scrap piece.

New Friend List Management Tool

We've created a new tool to help hunters better manage large friend lists and remove multiple people from their list. To access the new tool click Manage Friends at the very bottom-left of your friend list.

Using the new tool, you can use checkboxes to quickly select multiple hunters after remove them as friends (after a confirmation step).

The new tool displays a sortable list of 40 friends per page, making it much easier to view, navigate, and manage your list of friends.