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Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed

26 June 2018

Embark on a spicy new adventure!

Visit Sweltering Queso Canyon

The King's Royal Explorers have returned from their exploratory expedition to Queso Canyon with detailed information about where to hunters can setup their camp sites. Hunters who have obtained the Queso Dowsing Rod from the Fort Rox Cartographer can now travel to this new region where there are three new areas to explore!

The areas in the region require the hunter rank of Count/Countess or higher to enter and the explorers recommend first setting up camp at the Queso River. The river contains a special pump, however, the mice there are relentlessly attacking it. You'll need to attract a mouse away from the pump and catch it to secure the delicious Bland Queso from the river!

  • Queso River
Use a specialized pump to extract Bland Queso from the river.
  • Prickly Plains
Harvest spicy leaves to flavour your Bland Queso and blend new varieties.
  • Cantera Quarry
Mine for a slightly salty metal known as Nachore to upgrade your Queso Pump.

Blending Flavourful Queso

Explore all that Queso Canyon has to offer to discover six unique varieties of queso. The pump at the Queso River will extract Bland Queso from the flowing river with each successful hunt which you can use to then hunt at both the Prickly Plains and Cantera Quarry.

Hunt at the Prickly Plains for Spice Leaves which you can then blend with Bland Queso to create Mild, Medium, Hot, or even Flamin' Queso! The spicier your queso, the more powerful (and lucrative) mice you'll encounter.

Hunt at the Cantera Quarry to collect the valuable Nachore resource, which you can use to upgrade your pump. Higher level pumps will extract more queso at the river, boosting your production capabilities!

Boost Your Collection Capabilities

Made from a secret source of wild desert flowers, Wild Tonic is a big ol' bottle of YEE-HAW! Its magical properties carry all sorts of benefits for hunters in the region. At the Queso River, Wild Tonic will aide your pump, DOUBLING the quantity of queso extracted. In the Prickly Plains, Wild Tonic will fertilize the soil to DOUBLE the quantity of spices dropped by mice. At the Cantera Quarry, Wild Tonic will violently erupt, blasting through the rock, DOUBLING the quantity of Nachore.

The pump at Queso River can also be doubled in efficiency by utilizing Queso Pump Charms. These trinkets of technology will operate your pump for you each time you capture a mouse ANYWHERE in the Kingdom (except magical locales like The Rift and related areas). The additional pump operation will not be affected by any bonuses such as Wild Tonic, but if you use them in the river your pump will effectively operate TWICE per capture.

  • 50 Wild Tonic
Doubles loot drops!
  • 25 Queso Pump Charms
Collect queso anywhere!

Blazin' Hot Rewards and Equipment

The shoppes in Queso Canyon are stocked with a wide variety of equipment and items that you'll find useful both during and after your adventure there!

Overgrown Ember Stone Base
450 Power, +12 Luck, Boosts Bland Queso Production
A bed of Ember Stone with a vine of wild Ember Root thriving within it. This base has impressive power and luck and will increase queso production when armed at Queso River by 50%!

Scarlet Ember Root Trap
6,000 Forgotten Power, +7 Luck
Once believed to be long lost, this powerful tree entity can be utilized as a Forgotten trap to lure and entangle mice.

Blazing Ember Spear Trap
5,500 Draconic Power, +12 Luck
A glowing hot spear pointed skyward to tame even the most agile of dragons.

Ember Prison Core Trap
4,500 Law Power, +16 Luck
Absolutely unmatched by any other currently discovered Law trap, this molten hot prison maintains a temperature for mice somewhere between incarceration and incineration.

Unstable Ember Gadget
Poke to discover what's inside!
This gadget is a critical component of the Ember Prison Core Trap, however, its unstable nature can also be exploited to discover loot! Rumour has it a charm with an unimaginable 500% Power Bonus is locked inside some of these gadgets, but such a rumour can't be true... Can it?

Various other hunting supplies
Browse the Charm Shoppe and General Store at any area in Queso Canyon to view a variety of other supplies which can be purchased using excess Nachore. There's everything from Scrap Metal, to Unstable Charms, and even Ultimate and Baitkeep Charms!

Tonic, Charms, Baskets, and Kits... YEE-HAW!

The King has assembled a variety of equipment to supply intrepid hunters exploring the Queso Canyon.

  • 150 Wild Tonic
Doubles loot drops!
  • 100 Queso Pump Charms
More queso pumping!
  • 1600 SUPER|brie+
Attract a special mouse!
  • 500 Magic Essence
Doubles crafting yields!
  • Wild Gift Basket
SB+ and Tonic!
  • Wild Supply Kit
Bonus Queso and Spice!

Queso Canyon Discovery

20 June 2018

New region discovered east of Varmint Valley!

Queso Dowsing Rod leads to Queso Canyon

Access to a whole new hunting region will soon be unlocked! Get prepared now by obtaining a magical Queso Dowsing Rod, imbued with Dawn Dust, to locate this new and expansive region.

The region of Queso Canyon is located east of Varmint Valley and south of Valour. The region's landscape is defined by a river flowing with delicious liquid queso cheese! Along the shores grow desert plants with spicy leaves and just past the canyon lies an enormous quarry where a slighty-salty metal known is Nachore can be extracted.

The King's Royal Explorers are still charting the river flow to know the exact places where hunters can setup camp sites, but you can get prepared in advance by obtaining a Queso Dowsing Rod from the Cartographer at Fort Rox.

Loot an Inert Dowsing Rod from the Monster of the Meteor

Found amongst the rock and rubble surrounding the meteorite crater at Fort Rox are mysterious splintered sticks. Ignored by the Scientists of Digby at first, these sticks have been exposed to some strange dormant cosmic energy from the Fort Rox meteor. Now saturated with this space magic, it seems the true ability of these otherwise plain sticks can be activated by Dawn Dust!

Capture the Monster of the Meteor to recover one of these lost Y-shaped rods and then have the Fort Rox Cartographer imbue it with 50 Dawn Dust from your inventory to create a Queso Dowsing Rod that will magically lead you to the flowing liquid Queso River.

Once the King's explorers have identified camp sites in Queso Canyon, any hunter with a Queso Dowsing Rod will be able to navigate their way into the cheesy canyon. The King's explorers expect to return in less than a week's time!

Get prepared for Queso Canyon

  • Capture the Monster of the Meteor Mouse
  • Obtain an inert Dowsing Rod
  • Visit the Cartographer to create a Queso Dowsing Rod

6 Hour Downtime: Wednesday, June 20

13 June 2018

Upgrading the MouseHunt Database

Upcoming Server Maintenance

On Wednesday, June 20 at 2:00pm UTC we'll be upgrading MouseHunt's database server. We anticipate the process of upgrading the database to take up to 6 hours during which time the game will need to be offline.

Maintenance will begin at 2:00pm UTC and last for 6 hours. Click here to see your local timezone

The database upgrade will improve the game's performance by generally making things in the game more responsive and load quicker. We appreciate everyone's patience during the downtime while we perform this needed upgrade!

Recent Downtime and Game Slowness

We also wanted to address a few incidents of downtime and slow loading times that occurred recently to keep hunters in the loop with what exactly happened.

On Thursday, June 7
The server that runs our scoreboard system (which includes tournaments) encountered a fatal error. We put the game into emergency maintenance and began the process of configuring a new server and recovering the scoreboard system. Unfortunately, at the same time, our host was experiencing issues with some of their systems and this delayed our effort in getting things up and running again.

On Monday, June 11 (Part 1)
A bug was introduced with the A-MAZE-ing Aura as part of Mini-Event Madness that caused some some "slowness". The bulk of this was felt as more and more players obtained the A-MAZE-ing Aura, which is why the bug was hard to track down at first. The issue got worse in the days leading up to Monday, June 11, when it finally became noticeable and we were able to fix the bug.

On Monday, June 11 (Part 2)
Coincidentally, there was an unfortunate bit of downtime later in the evening on that same Monday which was caused by network maintenance our host was performing. The maintenance was for a service we do not use and was not intended to affect our servers. Unfortunately, it affected not only clients using the service but all other clients within that network as well. Usually, our host will inform us of upcoming maintenance and we relay that to players via the "news ticker", but as this was something our host didn't expect to cause a disruption, we were not informed.

On Tuesday, June 12
At around 5 in the morning (EDT), our cache server failed after running flawlessly for months. This was fixed promptly and systems were put in place to mitigate downtime should it happen again. The reason these mitigation systems were not in place before is due in part to this cache machine being a relatively new configuration.

It's unfortunate that these issues all culminated so closely together and we want to assure players that these were all irregular situations. We wanted to give an update to keep everyone informed about what the causes were. When issues come up we strive to get them resolved as quickly as we can, and truly appreciate the patience and understanding of our family of hunters of the MouseHunt community!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Mini-Event Madness

5 June 2018

Five-in-one mini-event extravaganza!

Mini-Event Madness -- Five Mini-Events Across All of Gnawnia!

Whoa, there's a lot happening! Hoardes of zombies are emerging from graves, the mysterious Labyrinth Puzzle Box has returned, powerful underwater magma flows have spawned, and students in both Furoma and the Furoma Rift have increased their stockpile of tokens! AND the Lucky Mouse has also come out of hiding and is spreading +5 Bonus Luck everywhere! Good golly!

Travel the Kingdom to explore the magnitude of events, or pick a single spot to setup camp! You'll have +5 Bonus Luck no matter where you hunt and while hunting in an area where a mini-event is active, you'll see a banner above your journal with more information about that area's specific event.

• Assemble the mysterious Puzzle Box in the Labyrinth and Zokor
• Explore the ocean floor in search of rare treasures in the Sunken City
• Fend off hordes of zombies in the Mousoleum, Catacombs, and Burroughs Rift
• Collect double student tokens in the Dojo and Furoma Rift
• Put +5 Bonus Luck to use ANYWHERE and encounter the Lucky Mouse in specific areas

Mini-Event Madness lasts for two weeks, ending on Tuesday, June 19.

The Premium Shoppe is also stocked with special deals available only during Mini-Event Madness!

A-MAZE-ing Aura

The six pieces of the mysterious Puzzle Box has been once again spotted in the Labyrinth. Explore Tech, Scholar, and Fealty hallways to recover the six pieces and assemble the box. The more of a specific type of clue you have the more likely you are to find that piece as a loot drop. You can track your progress via a banner above your journal while hunting at the Labyrinth or Zokor.

Upon opening the assembled box you'll activate the A-MAZE-ing Aura which will remain active until Tuesday, June 19. The sooner you open the box the longer you'll have the aura!

• Additional +5 Luck Bonus in both the Labyrinth and Zokor
• Bonus chance of preventing Dead End Clues in the Labyrinth
• The Manaforge Smith Mouse will drop an extra Powercore Hammer
• The Soul Binder Mouse will drop an extra Sacred Script
• The Paladin Weapon Master Mouse will drop an extra Infused Plate
• The Retired Minotaur will drop one of the following: Powercore Hammer, Sacred Script, Infused Plate
• All three district leaders and the Retired Minotaur have a chance of dropping the Puzzle Box Infinite Labyrinth Skin

  • Labyrinth Puzzle Box Recovery Kit
Gruyere, Oil, Cubes!
  • 150 Lantern Oil Charms
Rare find!

Sunken City Bonus Treasure

Underground activity deep below the Rodentia Ocean floor has opened up underwater magma flows causing all sorts of effects in the various diving zones of the Sunken City! You'll find two special crates and all Sand Dollar drops are doubled!

Sunken Treasure Crates
Dropped by mice in Sunken Treasure zones
The activity of the magma eruptions has unearthed a stash of special crates inside of Sunken Treasure zones. These crates are dropped by Treasure Keeper and Treasure Hoarder mice found in Sunken Treasure Zones and contain lots of Sand Dollars as well as a few fishy crafting items. If you're lucky, you may even find something a little more... "Ultimate".

Ancient Dive Crates
Dropped by Ancient of the Deep mice in Monster Trenches
These glowing crates drifted downstream directly from the massive Magma Flow itself. They were quickly grabbed by Ancient of the Deep mice within Monster Trenches and are now being closely guarded by those fearsome mice. Inside you'll find loot similar to that found during Magma Flows including Unstable Charms, Anchor Charms, and orbs. If you're lucky, you may also find something even more valuable including Ultimate Charms, Fire Salt, or even a Predatory Processor!

Treasure Trawling Charms
Found inside Sunken Treasure and Ancient Dive Crates, Loyalty Chests, and as free Daily Gifts
Use these charms while diving at the Sunken City to scrape the ocean floor for treasures! Each hunt taken with a Treasure Trawling Charm will dig up some sort of loot including Oxygen Canisters, Sand Dollars, Barnacles, Mousescales, and Coral Fragments. If you're lucky, these charms may even unearth something even more valuable such as Anchor Charms, Water Jet Charms, and more!

  • Trawler Gift Basket
SUPER|brie+ and Trawling Charms!
  • 500 Treasure Trawling Charms
Discover treasure!

Zombie Invasion

Once again fearsome Zombies in the Mousoleum, Catacombs, and Burroughs Rift have risen to new undead proportions, launching a full blown ZOMBIE INVASION! The corrupted dead energy has tainted potions in the area, causing mice to drop Undead Emmental Potions. Collect these special potions to brew Undead Emmental and lure some special breeds of zombie to your trap!

Undead Emmental Potion
Can be collected at the Mousoleum and Catacombs.

Undead String Emmental Potion
Can be collected at the Burroughs Rift.

Undead Emmental Cheese
Works at the Mousoleum and Catacombs. Has a chance of attracting the Grave Robber Mouse!

Undead String Emmental Cheese
Works at the Burroughs Rift. Has a chance of attracting the Tomb Exhumer Mouse!

  • 125 Undead String Emmental Cheese
Attract Tomb Exhumer!
  • 15 Undead Emmental
More zombies!

Furoma Double Loot (Includes the Rift!)

Student mice in the Furoma Dojo as well as the Furoma Rift's Pagoda have increased their stockpile of tokens! Capturing a student will yield DOUBLE the quantity of tokens!

Furoma Student Tokens and Rift Chi Tokens

Tokens drops are doubled in both the Furoma Dojo and the Furoma Rift!

  • 500 Maki String Cheese
Special deal!
  • 150 Super Enerchi Charms
More Enerchi!

+5 Bonus Luck and the Lucky Mouse

The Lucky Mouse has been spotted spreading good luck! For the entirety of Mini-Event Madness your trap will have a +5 Luck Bonus!

If you're looking to encounter the Lucky Mouse you'll need to hunt in one of 29 locations using standard cheese types: Meadow, Town of Gnawnia, King's Arms, Tournament Hall, Windmill, Harbour, King's Gauntlet, Mountain, Calm Clearing, Laboratory, Town of Digby, Great Gnarled Tree, Bazaar, Lagoon, Training Grounds, Dojo, the S.S. Huntington, Cape Clawed, Elub Shore, Nerg Plains, Derr Dunes, Claw Shot City, Seasonal Garden, Crystal Library, Slushy Shoreline, Fiery Warpath, Muridae Market, Living Garden, or the Fungal Cavern.

Lucky Mouse
Found in specific locations scattered throughout the Kingdom and drops one of four varieties of Luck Charm!

  • Lucky Hunting Kit
SUPER|brie+ and charms!
  • Lucky Rainbow Kit
Includes Rainbow Charms!