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Daily Advent Calendar

29 November 2018

The winter advent calendar returns in December!

Daily Chocolate Treats

From December 1 to December 24, hunters can open a door on their Advent Calendar to receive a tasty advent chocolate! For a bonus treat, open the door on the same day on which it unlocks to receive an additional item!

If your advent calendar has a reward waiting to be claimed, a banner will appear above your Hunter's Journal to remind you. Otherwise, the advent calendar can be accessed at anytime by clicking the "Advent Calendar" button at the very top of the game.

Advent Chocolate

These tasty chocolates are found behind each door in your Advent Calendar. Once the Great Winter Hunt arrives, you'll be able to trade these tasty treats in for a variety of trap skins. There will be a number of skins to choose from, so pick wisely!

Daily Bonus Rewards

If you open a door on your Advent Calendar on the same day that it becomes available, you'll find a special bonus reward! These items are different from previous years' rewards and cover a wide variety of items and uses such as Wild Tonic, Sand Dollars, Quantum Quartz, Rare Map Dust, and more! Make sure to check back and open a door every day!

Can you feel that chill in the air? That's the Great Winter Hunt approaching! Get in the festive spirit by opening your Advent Calendar every day and keep watching this space for an announcement when the Great Winter Hunt has begun!