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Admiral Arrrgh Invades Gnawnia

17 October 2018

Spooky Ghostships sail above the Kingdom!

Loot Filled Ghostships Threaten the Kingdom

The cooler weather and spooky season has brought with it the return of ghostships sailing above the Kingdom! This year, however, the fleet is led by a scoundrel known as Admiral Arrrgh.

The ethereal ships cannot be harmed by conventional means. In order to inflict enough damage to ground the ship and loot its hold for treasure, you'll need to first visit one of several haunted locations throughout the Kingdom to collect Ghastly Galleon Gouda which will in turn attract Halloween mice that drop Ethereal Cannonballs to fire at the ships!

There are ghostships flying above several regions in the Kingdom. Once you have your hands on some cannonballs, you can fire them from your Camp to inflict damage on the ghostships equal to the point value of the mice you capture. Do enough damage to bring down the ship and loot its hold!

Inflicting Double Damage with Ghostfire Cannonballs

With the appearance of Admiral Arrrgh has also come a new high-powered type of cannonball. Collect Ghostfire Cannonballs by hunting either Admiral Arrrgh or Captain Cannonball using Lockbox Limburger Cheese, which you'll find when looting any ghostship.

Arm your cannon with Ghostfire Cannonballs to inflict DOUBLE damage against any ghostship! These cannonballs can be a bit scarce, so make each shot count by capturing high-point value mice!

Ghoulishly Good Rewards

Shooting down a ghostship will have it crash into the ground, allowing you to loot its cargo hold for valuable treasure! You'll find different treasure in each ghostship depending on which region the ship is located in.

Each ship you shoot down will also contain a few pieces of Lockbox Limburger Cheese, which will attract Admiral Arrrgh, Captain Cannonball, and other fearsome (and rewarding) Halloween mice.

Looking to boost your fire power? Visit friends' profiles to collect new Pointy Charms as treats! While armed, Pointy Charms will boost the point reward of mice by 10%, up to a maximum of 10,000 additional points. This point boost is taken into account while firing at ghostships, meaning you'll do 10% more damage!

Throughout the event you'll also find familiar Spooky Charms. However, their stats and effect have been altered by the arrival of Admiral Arrrgh. Spooky Charms now have slightly better stats, especially when paired with any Halloween trap. All Spooky Charms also have a chance to transform into a spookier version with each hunt. With a little ghostly luck, you may even find Ultimate Spooky Charms with an impressive +20 Luck!

Spooky Aura

Defeating a ghostship grants the Spooky Aura, which provides bonus loot and a 30% Power Bonus to your trap!

When the aura is active, hunters will receive...

  • 30% Power Bonus
  • Chance to find Wealth Charms
  • Chance to find Cursed Gold

The amount of time the aura will remain active depends on the regional ghostship that was defeated. Each time you defeat a ghostship, the aura will be extended. It cannot be extended beyond December 1, 2018.

Defeating Admiral Arrrgh

A new adventure has been added to the adventure book to capture Admiral Arrrgh himself. During and after the adventure, there are plenty of rewards to earn, including new limited edition items!

Admiral's Galleon Trap (Limited Edition)

Command your very own undead ship of shadowy power! This +15 Luck Shadow Trap will have mice walking the plank.

Earned by defeating 1 ship

Deadwood Plank Base (Limited Edition)

A perfect plank-themed base to accompany the Admiral's Galleon Trap!

Earned by defeating 2 ships

Goody Galleon Trap Skin (Limited Edition)

Looking for something to show off your sweet tooth? This skin transforms the spooky looking Admiral's Galleon Trap into a sugar-overloaded sweet ride!

Earned by defeating 3 ships

Admiral's Ship Journal Theme

Comprised of three scraps which you'll find during your adventure as well as a scrap found within the fourth ghostship you loot.

Earned by finding three scraps: Defeat 4 ships, capture Admiral Arrrgh, and complete the adventure

Spooky Shuffle Dust

Carefully sealed within a haunted urn, this volatile dust can be used to enchant a single Spooky Shuffle board, increasing many of its rewards by 10x. You'll also need Spooky Shuffle Tickets to play the upgraded board, which are found in daily loyalty chests and as a reward for looting a ghostship.

Can be purchased with 50 Spooky Shuffle Tickets in haunted locations, and earned by completing the Halloween adventure

Ghostly Gifts and Spooky Supplies

The King has assembled an arsenal of cannonballs and cheese to help you in your adventure!

  • 15 Ghastly Galleon Gouda
Loot cannonballs!
  • 100 Ghastly Galleon Gouda
Find more cannonballs!
  • 100 Ethereal Cannonballs
Bombs away!
  • 100 Ghostfire Cannonballs
Double damage!
  • Spooky Shuffle Dust
Boosts rewards!
  • 25 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
Keep on matching!
  • Ghastly Gift Basket
Ghostly gifting!
  • Spooky Supply Kit
Cannonballs and cheese
  • Ethereal Treasure Hunting Kit
Includes Rare Map Dust
  • Spooky Supply Ghostship
Stock up with everything!
  • 15 Spooky Charms
Bonus stats with spooky traps
  • 250 Pointy Charms
More points!
  • Soul Searching Turbine Trap Skin
Hunt in shadow style
  • Spooky Chrome Temporal Turbine Trap Skin
Bling bling boo!

Burroughs Adventure Overhaul

In other spooky news, Mousevina von Vermin has now taken up a permanent resting place within the Mousoleum. Master level hunters working through the ranks will have to slay Mousevina to find their way beyond the Burroughs and into Furoma.

The zombies in the Mousoleum have become even more ravenous, now requiring a barricade to be built to hold them at bay and allow hunters to hunt the more lucractive vampire breeds using a new craftable Crimson Cheese.

The previous adventures "Find a Way Out of the Laboratory" and "Survive the Mousoleum" have been both replaced with "Slay Mousevina von Vermin". Any hunters who already completed the Survive the Mousoleum adventure have automatically been granted completion of the adventure to Slay Mousevina von Vermin.

Finally, several adventures have had the amount of title progression they reward upon completion boosted. We are currently in the process of rewarding hunters who have already completed these affected adventures with the additional title progression, meaning you may see your title increase slightly as we reward you with this additional progression.

If you're curious to check out the new challenges in the Laboratory and Mousoleum but are also eager to take aim at Halloween Ghostships, fear not! A ghostship has appeared in the Burroughs region.