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Slay the Geyser Dragon

30 April 2019

Explore Queso Geyser and uncover powerful new traps!

Explore Queso Geyser

The King's Royal Geologists have completed their survey of Queso Geyser, allowing hunters with the Queso Geyser Replica Clay Model to access the geyser as a new hunting location!

The frequent eruptions of molten queso have attracted all sorts of powerful Draconic mice to the area! Working with Larry, the King's Geologists have devised a plan for luring these high-flying beasts towards a trap. Three words: Massive. Geyser. Corks.

Collect Cork Bark held by various mice native to the geyser to construct an impressively-sized cork to stick in the geyser. Then, defend your newly constructed cork from mice to allow the pressure to build to massive levels and trigger impressive eruptions of liquid cheese.

Once an eruption occurs, powerful breeds of Draconic mice will swoop down from the sky towards the airborne queso and come within range of your trap. The constant flow of molten cheese will make collecting loot too dangerous, however, each item a dragon drops will go into a nest that you can safely loot once the eruption subsides.

Some members of the King's Royal Council have expressed concern over the idea of constructing enormous corks to temporarily seal the geyser and build cheesy pressure in an already unstable section of ground, but the geologists have assured us that it's *perfectly* safe...

Types of Geyser Corks

There are four different varieties of cork you can construct to withstand different levels of pressure and, as a result, trigger differently-sized queso eruptions. The larger the eruption, the larger (and more lucrative) Draconic mice you'll attract!

Using spicier flavours of queso cheese will attract more powerful dragons that drop more cork, increase pressure more, and are more lucrative to hunt. With a little experimentation, you will find which flavour of queso works best for each circumstance.

Small Cork
Made from Cork Bark
Collect Cork Bark in the area to construct this lightwight cork capable of withstanding a pressure of 35 kPA to trigger a small eruption.

Medium Cork
Made from Cork Bark and Rubber
Collect a single Congealed Rubber during a small eruption to create a medium-sized cork. These corks can withstand pressures up to 175 kPA to trigger a medium eruption.

Large Cork
Made from Cork Bark and Geyserite
Collect a unique rock-like material called Geyserite during a medium eruption to create a large-sized cork. These corks can withstand a much greater pressure of 1,000 kPA to trigger a large eruption.

Epic Cork
Made from Cork Bark and Tungsten
Tungsten is an extremely dense material that can be collected during a large eruption to create an epic-sized cork. These corks can withstand a whopping 3,000 kPA to trigger an epic eruption!

Looting a Dragon Nest and Rewards

During an eruption, the flow of molten queso makes it too dangerous to collect loot. Instead, a nest fills with loot with each capture. After each eruption subsides you can collect all the loot dropped by the various Draconic mice inside the nest and find all sorts of rewards. You'll find Bland Queso, various Spice Leaves, trap components, and other supplies!

Amber Queso
Purchase Trap Parts
This valuable fossilized queso is highly sought after by the General Store owner at Queso Geyser. Collect the greatest quantities during epic eruptions by hunting the most powerful Draconic mice.

Geyser Smolder Stone
Purchase a Physical Trap
Collect or purchase three of these stones to purchase the Smoldering Stone Sentinel Trap. This impressive trap has an astonishing 12,000 Power, making it the most powerful trap in the entire Kingdom!

Thermal Chisel
Purchase a Tactical Trap
Collect or purchase three of these chisels to purchase the Gouging Geyserite Trap. This trap boasts 9,000 Power, making it the most powerful Tactical trap ever created!

Queso Thermal Spring
Purchase a Hydro Trap
Collect or purchase three springs to purchase the Queso Fount Trap. With 11,000 Power, the Fount Trap is the most powerful Hydro trap ever discovered!

Kalor'ignis Rib
Research a Draconic Trap
This mysterious item exists only as a rumor spread by the local trapsmith. The trapsmith at Queso Geyser claims this rare and powerful item could be used to create an extremely powerful and high-luck Draconic trap. However, the exact design remains a mystery.

Should you uncover the Kalor'ignis Rib, be sure to visit the Trapsmith where you can offer to help and begin a quest to research this mysterious Draconic trap design.

Magic Nest Dust
Adds +5 items to each nest
Before looting a nest, you can sprinkle this dust to magically add 5 items to the nest! Dusting a nest will add Cork Materials, Amber Queso, Bland Queso, Spice Leaves, and final random item. Dusting nests after larger eruptions will reward greater quantities of higher-tier items.

  • 1 Magic Nest Dust
Adds five items to nests!

Magical Properties of Wild Tonic

The powerful elixir native to Queso Canyon has a number of unique effects on the geyser that you can use to your advantage!

Double Cork Bark
Enable your Wild Tonic while collecting Cork Bark to double each drop! Pair your tonic with spicier flavours of Queso to maximize your drops!

Double Pressure Gain
Once you construct a cork you'll have a limited amount of time to reach its maximum pressure before the cork degrades. Enable your Wlid Tonic while building pressure to froth up the underground queso and double the pressure gained with each hunt!

Bonus Nest Loot
Enable your Wild Tonic during an eruption to shake loose some extra loot with each catch and increase the size of the loot nest!

  • 150 Wild Tonic
Endless uses!

Queso Geyser Supply Kits and Baskets

  • Queso Geyser Gift Basket
Tonic, Dust, and Medium Spice
  • Queso Geyser Starter Pack
Tonic, Dust, and Pump Charms
  • Queso Geyser Supply Kit
Tonic, Dust, Pump Charms, Bland Queso, and Hot Spice!

Dragonshard Eggs No Longer Available

With the Spring Egg Hunt coming to an end and the geyser eruptions now more predictable, mice throughout the Kingdom have stopped dropping Dragonshard Eggs. Make sure to open all of your eggs and then visit any General Store, Charm Shoppe, or Cartographer where you can spend your remaining Dragonshards. The various shopkeepers will stop accepting Dragonshards in a few days time, so make sure to spend them now!

Hunt at Queso Geyser

  • Collect Cork Bark
  • Build a cork to place in the geyser
  • Hunt mice to build pressure
  • Cause an eruption to lure powerful dragons
  • Fill the nest with loot!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Dragonshard Eggs

23 April 2019

Queso Geyser eruptions!

Mice everywhere dropping Dragonshard Eggs

A particularly massive eruption from the Queso Geyser has filled the Kingdom with a light mist of delicious queso, causing mice everywhere to occasionally drop a new type of Spring Hunt Egg: The Dragonshard Egg.

Dragonshard Eggs can be looted anywhere throughout the Kingdom by hunters with the rank of Initiate of above. More difficult to catch mice drop the egg a bit more often.

Each Dragonshard Egg contains some modest Queso Canyon hunting supplies along with a valuable piece of its shell called a Dragonshard. These exotic fragments are sought after by a variety of tradespeople and can be exchanged at any General Store, Charm Shoppe, or Cartographer for various rewards.

  • Queso Geyser Replica Clay Model

Costs 1 Dragonshard
Requires completion of the adventure: Extinguish Inferna, The Engulfed

Make sure to pick up this important replica model of the Queso Geyser! It is a physical representation of the geological survey information collected by the King's Royal Geologists thus far. Once their survey is complete, hunters of rank Count/Countess and up will be able to access Queso Geyser as a hunting location with the aid of this model.

After the survey is fully completed, the model will be available for a substantial gold and Nachore cost from the Cartographers of Queso Canyon, so get it now while you can on the cheap!

  • Hot Spice Leaf

Costs 1 Dragonshard
Stock up and make some Hot Queso to use in Queso Canyon and the Queso Geyser.

  • Flamin' Spice Leaf

Costs 5 Dragonshards
Craft a particularly spicy queso to use in Queso Canyon and the Queso Geyser.

  • Super Dragonbane Charm

Costs 10 Dragonshards
Prepare for the impending Draconic invasion with these charms that pack an impressive 600% power bonus against dragon mice!

  • Extreme Dragonbane Charm

Costs 25 Dragonshards
Get ready to take on the strongest Draconic invaders with these new charms that have an incredible 900% power bonus against all sorts of dragon mice.

  • Super Queso Pump Charm

Costs 20 Dragonshards + 1 Wild Tonic
Pump more Bland Queso with each hunt, from anywhere in the Kingdom!

  • Sparkling Dragonshard Nest

Costs 30 Dragonshards + 10 Wild Tonic
These mysterious nests sparkle with magic and contain more impressive Queso Canyon hunting supplies. Inside you'll always find a generous quantity of Bland Queso, a couple Super or Extreme Dragonbane Charms, one or two Super Queso Pump Charms, and the spiciest of queso spices, including some Wildfire ingredients!

Dragons are well known for hoarding gold and, as such, you can expect to find some in each Dragonshard Nest. How much you find can vary wildly, though!

Spring Hunt Ends Next Week

The Spring Egg Hunt will come to an end on Tuesday, April 30. This is the same day that the King's Royal Geologists will complete their survey of Queso Geyser, allowing Count/Countess and up hunters with the area model to access the location as a hunting area.

Prepare for the impending Draconic Invasion, hunters!

-- Dave Vanderburg

The Spring Egg Hunt Begins!

09 April 2019

It's that time of the year again! The Spring Egg Hunt is back in town!

Hidden Spring Hunt Eggs

Mice throughout the Kingdom are carrying special eggs containing tasty treats of bonus loot! Travel throughout the Kingdom and hunt mice in search of these hidden eggs, then crack them open to see what's inside!

To get started, you'll need a special egg-finding piece of equipment called an Eggscavator. If you do not already own one, you can purchase one from the King for 10,000 gold from the special Spring Egg Hunt heads-up display. Or, you can track down the Eggscavator Mouse in areas throughout the Kingdom to find one for free.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpiles and Spring Hunt Event Mice

The changing of the season has attracted several event mice to certain locations. These hunting spots are home to "stockpiles" of Marshmallow Monterey -- a special cheese that will lure event mice to your trap.

To collect Marshmallow Monterey, visit one of the stockpile locations (listed below) and hunt as you normally would there to collect Marshmallow Monterey as loot.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpile Locations:
 • Town of Gnawnia (Recruit)
 • Laboratory (Master)
 • Town of Digby (Master)
 • Great Gnarled Tree (Master)
 • Dojo (Grandmaster)
 • Catacombs (Legendary)
 • S.S. Huntington (Legendary)
 • Cape Clawed (Legendary)
 • King's Gauntlet (Hero)
 • Claw Shot City (Lord/Lady)
 • Muridae Market (Baron/Baroness)
 • Queso River (Count/Countess)
 • Gnawnia Rift (Count/Countess)
 • Fungal Cavern (Duke/Duchess)
 • Moussu Picchu (Grand Duke/Duchess)

Once you've obtained some Marshmallow Monterey, you can use it in any stockpile location to attract Spring Egg Hunt event mice! These mice can drop 10 especially valuable eggs that each hunter can loot only once. Event mice also drop special charms to boost the power of your Eggscavator!

  • 15 Marshmallow Monterey

Tasty Spring Cheese

  • 250 Marshmallow Monterey

Hunt for event mice

Eggscavator Charge Charms and Eggstra Charms

You can obtain special charms to boost your Eggscavator by exchanging Marshmallow Monterey at the Charm Shoppe in any Stockpile location, or you can hunt for event mice in those locations to obtain charms as loot drops. Charging up your Eggscavator will allow you to find special Charge Eggs and using Eggstra Charms will double your egg drops! These special charms can also be purchased in the Premium Store.

Eggscavator Charge Charm

Capturing a mouse with this charm armed will add a charge to your Eggscavator. You'll lose a charge each hunt taken without a charge charm equipped. Depending on the charge level of your Eggscavator, you'll find Low, Medium, and High Charge Eggs that contain Spring Hunt loot!

Eggstra Charm

The Eggstra Charm will double the quantity of any eggs found while hunting! The charm is only consumed when you find an egg.

Eggstra Charge Charm

This special charm combines the abilities of the Eggscavator Charge Charm and the Eggstra Charm both charging your Eggscavator and doubling the quantity of any eggs found! This charm is consumed upon each successful capture of a mouse.

New Eggs for 2019 Spring Egg Hunt

  • Barricade Egg

Sitting safely behind a large, wooden barricade.

  • Crimson Egg

Dropped by those that only crave Crimson Cheese.

  • Experimental Egg

Scientists and chemists have been keeping this one under wraps.

  • Explorer's Egg

A well-traveled egg for a well-traveled hunter.

  • Over 9,000 Egg

A powerful egg that can only be found with powerful trap setups.

  • Spiced Egg

Home on the plains, where the leaves all grow in a range... of spices.

  • Nachore Egg

Encrusted in Nachore. Bring a pickaxe!

  • Wild Tonic Egg

Someone's been sleeping on this egg! It also seems to show up when the tonic is flowing...

  • Queso Pump Egg

Found bobbing along a river of cheese.

  • Lightning Storm Egg

When rain and wind create lightning, here you will find this egg.

The Eggsweeper Fields Have Opened

This year something new comes to the Spring Egg Hunt: The MouseHunt Eggsweeper Mini-Game! How Eggs-ilarating!

Eggsweeper is a brand new mini-game made in the spirit of Minesweeper. You have 10 eggs hidden somewhere in the field and you need to reveal them all to earn rank-specific rewards!

Each tile you reveal costs 1 Eggsweeper Shovel. When you reveal a tile, you will either be shown a number or an egg. The number shown is a clue representing how many eggs are hidden in nearby tiles (diagonals included). If you reveal an egg, you get a special Eggsweeper Egg added to your inventory based on your hunter rank.

Eggsweeper Egg Tiers by Title Range:

 • Tier 1: Novice to Journeyman/Journeywoman
 • Tier 2: Master to Lord/Lady
 • Tier 3: Baron/Baronness and Count/Countess
 • Tier 4: Duke/Duchess and up

These eggs will contain loot appropriate for areas in the Kingdom tied to the hunter ranks.

You can find 10 Eggsweeper Shovels inside of this year's Golden Egg. You can also find them in your Daily Loyalty Chest or purchase them from the Premium Store.

  • 10 Eggsweeper Shovels

Dig, dig, dig!

  • Eggsweeper Starter Pack

Get Eggscavating!

Spring Egg Hunt Supply Kits and Gift Baskets

Eggscavating and egg hunting is a lot of work! Here are this year's supplies, gift baskets, and kits to help you on your journey to Egg Master!

  • Spring Hunt Gift Basket

75 Marshmallow Monterey, 5 Eggstra Charms and 25 Eggscavator Charge Charms

  • Eggsweeper Starter Pack

50 Eggsweeper Shovels and 3 Magical Fertilizer

  • Eggfinder Supply Kit

125 Marshmallow Monterey, 20 Eggstra Charge Charms, 15 Eggscavator Charge Charms, 5 Eggstra Charms, 150 Eggsweeper Shovels and 5 Eggsweeper Fertilizer

General Interface Changes

The Unfilled Spring Egg Carton has been retired and can no longer be filled with eggs. Due to this, we have temporarily frozen trade for it on the Marketplace. It can now be smashed with your Hunter's Hammer for 150 SB+.

In addition to the Spring Hunt release, we have also done some quality of life updates to sending supplies. You are now able to send and receive supplies to and from all hunters, regardless of friend status! There is a new setting in the Game Settings tab of the User Preferences page that will allow you to receive supplies from anyone. By default, this setting is disabled.

You may also notice some changes to how your "Special" inventory is organized. Some older event currencies and equipment have been moved to a new "Vintage" section, and others may have been shuffled around to more accurately organize your inventory.

Spring Egg Hunt!

  • Find eggs throughout the Kingdom!
  • Collect Marshmallow Monterey in major hunting hubs
  • Hunt event mice for Eggscavator Charms
  • Charge your Eggscavator to find Charge Eggs!
  • Play Eggsweeper!

-- Franco D'Auria