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Happy New Year!

27 December 2019

Tasty, Tasty Fireworks Sugar Cookies!

Put on Some Explosive Shorts!

Ring in the coming New Year by capturing the Shorts-All-Year Mouse another time to obtain a fancy pair of Festive Fireworks Shorts! The next time you capture the scheming Shorts-All-Year Mouse, he'll drop a new pair of one-size-fits-all, fireworks-patterned shorts for you to wear.

Covering your keister with these fashionable shorts will help lure the New Year's Mouse, Party Head Mouse, and Frightened Flying Fireworks Mouse to your trap. All three of these mice have a chance of dropping Fireworks Sugar Cookies which you can exchange at the Festive Comet Trapsmith for a new 2020 Base and 2020 Lucky Codex.

Loot Missions at the Festive Comet

The celebrations at the Festive Comet are reaching new heights as fireworks blast into the night sky! Hunters can now send their golems to the Festive Comet itself to loot items including Pecan Pecorino, Throwable Snowballs, Snowball Charms, and the all-new 2020 Charms and Rift 2020 Charms!

Place a Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat on your golems to send them to the party in style! Golems sent to the Festive Comet with a Magical Hat return with more unique items such as SUPER|brie+, Let It Snow Charms, Glazed Pecan Pecorino, and various types of Festive "Ultimate Tier" Charms.

The 2019 Great Winter Hunt Begins

10 December 2019

...And the epic Loot Golems are BACK!

Festive Comet Smashes Into Gnawnia

The yearly celestial event known as the Festive Comet has crashed into Gnawnia just south of the Town of Gnawnia Castle with a snowy kaboom! The collision instantly transformed the Kingdom into a wintery wonderland full of festive snow and holiday cheer! However, it seems one mouse is bent on destroying the snowy ambience by using several over-sized space heaters to melt the lovely festive landscape into a slushy and disgusting mess. Yuck!

Building Golems to Destroy Heaters

Explosive Christmas Crackers

Luckily, the blast of winter weather has also brought with it beloved Winter Snow Golems. These powerful friends can be sent out to any location you've mapped and gained access to in order to retrieve all sorts of useful goodies! Where you send your golems will determine the type of loot which with they return. However, no matter where you send them, they'll bring back Explosive Christmas Crackers. These festive ordnance are just what you'll need to demolish the space heaters which are trying to turn the Great Winter Hunt into the Great Muddy Waterfront. Again I say: Yuck!

Pecan Pecorino

Collect Pecan Pecorino to attract mice carrying golem parts and assemble a golem to send on a loot mission. Once dispatched, your golem will return, after you take 25 hunts, with valuable loot and Explosive Christmas Crackers. Carefully pull the tab on your crackers to detonate its cheer in the direction of a space heater, obliterating both in the process. The Shorts-All-Year Mouse has setup 10 heaters in a row, each larger the the last, requiring more and more explosives to destroy.

  • 15 Pecan Pecorino Cheese
Start collecting Golem Parts
  • 15 Glazed Pecan Pecorino
Attract the Glazy Mouse which always drops Golem Parts

Repurposed Heat Exchanger Coils

The Explosive Christmas Crackers provide a powerful, yet precise, bombardment. In the rubble of a demolished heater, you'll find useful Heat Exchanger Coils which you can re-purpose to upgrade your Golem Generators! Level up your golems to have them return with a greater quantity of more valuable loot, including more Explosive Christmas Crackers. Keep on upgrading and your loot collection abilities will really start to snowball!

  • Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat

Upgrade your Golem Rewards

  • Festive Summoning Bell

Instantly returns a golem

Brief Fashion Lesson in Shorts

If you manage to destroy all of the heaters setup by the Shorts-All-Year Mouse, you'll be able to confront him in the cold. In this weakened state, you'll be able to catch him with his pants down... so to speak. Capturing the Shorts-All-Year Mouse will recover a pair of Plain Shorts which you can then fashion into a much more elaborate festive version using the heads-up display.

Each time you capture the Shorts-All-Year Mouse, he'll drop another pair of Plain Shorts. Collect four to fashion each variety of festive shorts available. These shorts not only look amazing but are also incredibly itchy decorative!

Once fashioned into festive shorts, you can wear them to attract mice with a similar theme to your shorts. These themed mice in turn drop themed Sugar Cookies which you can spend at the various Winter Hunt shoppes for all sorts of rewards!

Sweet, Sugary Rewards

Make sure to cycle through each variety of shorts while hunting to attract all of the Great Winter Hunt mice and collect each variety of Sugar Cookie. Visit the shop and trade your cookies for SWEET rewards!

Father Winter's Timepiece Trap Increases in power with each Acolyte Mouse Catch, adds bonus loot to Chrono Mouse This carefully tuned timepiece is capable of siphoning power from the Acolyte Mouse within the Acolyte Realm. Each time you capture an Acolyte, the trap's power within the Acolyte Realm will increase by 2,000! The Chrono Mouse is the only mouse capable of rewinding the timepiece, releasing bonus items in the process! The more Acolytes you capture with this trap before capturing a Chrono Mouse, the more loot the Chrono Mouse will drop, but doing so will also revert the trap to its original power.

Desert Heater Base Generate loot in the Sandtail Desert by consuming Flameshards A repurposed heater salvaged from the wreckage and adjusted to run on Flameshards. Each hunt taken with this based equipped while in the Sandtail Desert will consume a Flameshard and generate bonus loot when capturing a mouse. You'll find all sorts of desert-related loot including Essences, Petals and Herbs, Ionized Salt, Scrap Metal, Warpath Charms, Aromatic Oil, and on very rare occasion, valuable Warmonger loot!

Treasure Seeker Base Chance to transform clues into Treasury Clues The treasure that is the holiday season has been ram-jammed into this tinsel-clad base! While equipped in the Labyrinth, this base has a chance to transform any clue other than Dead Ends into a Treasury Clue! This base is also adorned with the navigational know-how of Saint Nicholas, giving it a chance to navigate you away from Dead Ends, just like the Labyrinth and Minotaur Bases.

Rift Glacier Gatler Chance to produce Rift Snowball Charms Win snowball fights across multiple dimensions with the power of the Rift Glacier Gatler! Capturing a mouse with this trap adds a chance for the mouse to drop a Rift Snowball Charm.

Snowy Journal Theme A keepsake to remember your restoration of a wintery wonderland Mark the occasion with this delightfully snowy journal theme! Adorned with a giant snowman and an igloo decorated with festive lights!

Snowball Showdown

Everyone's favourite snow-chucking mini-game is BACK! The mini-game can be accessed from the HUD. Collect Throwable Snowballs as loot drops from mice, snow golem loot rewards, and tournament rewards, then toss them into the field in search of festive shapes.

The shape you uncover will determine the reward. Use Snowball Showdown Dust to UPGRADE your board rewards! Each upgraded board will contain the Magical Hat shape which rewards a Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat when uncovered! You'll be rewarded with one Snowball Showdown Dust for completing this year's adventure and can grab more from the Premium Shoppe or via the Marketplace.

Changes To Tournament Prizes

3 December 2019

Tournament Prize Claim Limit

Some players noticed that they were unable to claim prizes from older tournaments. We have since reverted this change to give players the chance to claim these old tournament prizes for one week.

Players have until December 10, 2019 to claim these old tournament prizes. Going forward, tournament prizes will need to be claimed within one month of the tournament end date.

This change will allow us to better manage rewards for event tournaments and archive old data. Thanks for your support and understanding!

Be sure to claim old tournament prizes from your Team page by December 10, 2019! After December 10, all tournament prizes will expire one month after the tournament has ended.