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Ronza is Here!

25 June 2019

What to buy? What to buy?!?!
Ronza has returned with wondrous new items to surprise and amaze!

Ronza is HERE!

After a long journey discovering new and powerful equipment, Ronza has returned! Her shoppes are stocked with new, exotic and Limited Edition items as well as bringing back some of the classics. Her legendary Chrome Upgrade Kits have made an epic return! However, due to the Chrome Bit spill, there is a maximum limit of two kits per hunter, each which require an ample supply of gold and a Chrome Kit Voucher to purchase.

Ronza also has a whole slew of items available as rewards for collecting and returning all of her Chrome Bits that dislodged during her initial descent. So grab your gold, count up your Chrome Bits, head to her shoppe, and grab everything you can before she is gone!

Ronza will be leaving on July 9, 2019!

New Items

Ronza has brought these wonderful new toys for your enjoyment! Anything marked as Limited Edition will not return, so make those a priority on your shopping list.

Moonbeam Barrier Trap (Limited Edition)
A mystical trap that closely resembles a segment of a fort wall at Fort Rox, this trap immediately opens up when it detects a Battering Ram Mouse coming at it. Too many lenses have been destroyed during initial testing so it no longer takes any risks.

This trap has a 100% catch rate against the Battering Ram Mouse.

Aurora Base (Limited Edition)
This captured phenomenon from the Living Garden is a swirling vortex of light and energy which is where Living Garden essences grow from.

The Aurora Base has a chance to generate a random essence while hunting in the Living Garden, Lost City, Sand Dunes, and their twisted counterparts!

Living Grove Mould
A clump of extraordinary mold extracted from the Living Garden and seeded with Nightshade.

Combine this with Soiled Base parts to create the Living Grove Base.

Living Grove Base
Click image for more info!

Stalemate Charm
One of the most powerful charms hidden away by Zugzwang himself. This charm forces the perpetual game of chess to be in an unwinnable state.

Use this charm to avoid ending the game of chess in Zugzwang's Tower when catching either King or Chessmaster mice!

Super Wax Charms
Get your base waxed up! Hunters who want to travel even faster through the treacherous Iceberg should equip this Super Wax Charm! It gives double the move speed bonus that a regular Wax Charm does!

Catching Bergling mice with this charm equipped will move you +2 feet further through the Iceberg.

Extreme Queso Pump Charm
This design improves upon the Super Queso Pump Charm by harnessing an extra dose of Wild Tonic. Like their namesake charm, they will allow you to operate your Queso Pump from nearly anywhere in the Kingdom.

The Extreme Queso Pump Charm will pump QUADRUPLE the quantity of Bland Queso!

This charm seems to have no effect when used in otherwordly areas, such as the Acolyte Realm and from within The Rift.

Royal Chrome Ballista Skin
Detailed with a Royal Blue finish and trimmed in gold, this Chrome version of the Storm Wrought Ballista Skin is used by the highest ranking royalty and only the wealthiest of hunters.

This is a trap skin for the Chrome Stormwrought Ballista Trap.

Glittering Geyserite Skin
A peaceful looking grove that masks the overhanging deadly, yet colorful stalactites. The beautiful and serene waters lend an inviting sense of comfort toapproaching mice that end up make easy targets as they relax in the clear spring waters.

This is a trap skin for the Gouging Geyserite Trap.

Ronza's Special Donation Rewards

Not only has Ronza brought back her specialized fleet of Supply Ships for purchase, this time she also comes with two new exclusive limited time offers! A Chrome Slayer Scroll Case Bundle AND a 100 SUPER|brie+ Bundle at a limited time low price!

  • 100 SUPER|brie+ Bundle
100 SUPER|brie+ Bundle: $1
  • Chrome Slayer Scroll Case Bundle
Chrome Slayer Scroll Case Bundle: $30

Ronza's Supply Ships

  • Ronza's Diving Supply Ship
Oxygen, jets, and more!
  • Ronza's Fort Rox Supply Ship
Moon Cheese, mana, and more!
  • Ronza's Gauntlet Supply Ship
Up to Tier 5 Potion!
  • Ronza's Living Garden Supply Ship
Includes 100 Aleth!
  • Ronza's Tribal Supply Ship
Includes Havarti!
  • Ronza's Fungal Supply Ship
Has gemstones!
  • Ronza's Labyrinth Supply Ship
Cubes, oil, and more!
  • Ronza's Moussu Picchu Supply Ship
Includes Dragonbane Charms
  • Ronza's Queso Canyon Supply Ship
Spices, tonic, and more!
  • Ronza's Rift Supply Ship
Something for all Rifts!

Travel to Ronza's Traveling Shoppe!

Chrome Bits will stop dropping on July 5, 2019!
Ronza will be leaving on July 9, 2019!

Chrome Bits and Chrome Vouchers Will Be Removed at the End of the Event
Make sure you spend your Chrome Vouchers and your Chrome Bits before July 9. After that date, they will be removed from your inventory.

-- Franco D'Auria

Ronza is almost here...

19 June 2019

Help Ronza recover her lost Chrome Bits!
Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... bits of chrome falling from an airship?!

Something in the sky...

Ronza is on her way and it looks like some unusual turbulence has knocked a rather large crate of her Chrome Bits overboard, scattering them across the Kingdom of Gnawnia! Ronza needs these bits in order to produce her fabulous kits of Chrome for all of your wondrous traps. She won't be able to produce any Chrome Kits without her Chrome Bits!

Ronza is currently circling Gnawnia and doing her best to recover most of what she lost but she has announced that she would be forever grateful for those that help her gather them back up and is offering special, unique rewards for the recovery of her lost Chrome Bits!

Recover Chrome Bits to Earn Vouchers

Help Ronza recover her Chrome Bits by hunting throughout Gnawnia. Recover enough and you will be rewarded with two 2019 Chrome Kit Vouchers! These vouchers can then be turned in with enough gold to purchase a Chrome Upgrade Kit of your choice when Ronza lands!

2019 Chrome Kit Voucher
This voucher can be exchanged along with gold to purchase one Chrome Upgrade Kit of your choice during Ronza's visit in 2019.

Ronza will award you one for every 100 Chrome Bits you recover, up to a maximum of two vouchers. Each Chrome Kit requires a single voucher to purchase along with a quantity of gold specific to each kit.

  • Chrome Oasis Upgrade Kit
1 voucher, 11.25m gold
  • Chrome Sphynx Wrath Upgrade Kit
1 voucher, 12m gold
  • Chrome Storm Wrought Ballista Upgrade Kit
1 voucher, 12m gold
  • Chrome MonstroBot Upgrade Kit
1 voucher, 12.5m gold
  • Chrome Temporal Turbine Upgrade Kit
1 voucher, 39.99m gold

Chrome Bit Rewards

Chrome Bits can be used to purchase valuable items and unique rewards once Ronza lands!

Ronza will be landing and opening her shop on June 25!

Note: With Ronza on her way, we will be freezing Marketplace items involved with her arrival until Thursday, June 20 @ 3:00 PM (UTC). This is in order to give players a chance to cancel their listings in preparation for the return of these items to her shop. When she arrives, all related items will be automatically canceled.

-- Franco D'Auria