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Marketplace Updates

28 May 2019

Improvements suggested by players

Before getting into Marketplace news, let us welcome you to the all-new news system! This new format makes it much easier for us to create news posts with a consistent look and feel for both desktop and mobile versions of the game. Our hope is this new system will make it easier to keep players up to date with everything going on in the game.

Marketplace Updates and Improvements

Since launching the new version of the Marketplace earlier this year, we've had lots of great suggestions on how to improve things. We've been hard at work for several weeks implementing suggestions and ironing things out, and these improvements are now ready!

Handling Tariffs

The new Marketplace system allows for partial order completion which certainly improves the fluidity of items, however, it also made the tariff harder to understand.

To address the confusion with tariffs, a few changes have been made:

  • Unit prices now include tariff. The only time you'll see a value without a tariff is while choosing how much you want to receive when selling an item.
  • When selling an item, you can either set your price based on what you want to receive or what you want the buyer to see. When choosing how much they'll pay, the price already includes tariff. Whichever field you choose to use, the other will automatically update to give you a much better understanding of where your offer will land in the listings.
  • If your active buy/sell offer appears in the list, your display picture will be listed beside it.

These changes make it much easier for hunters looking to beat the best buy or sell offer. When buying, simply enter a value higher than the current best offer in the "I'll pay" field. When selling, simply fill in the "They'll pay" field with a value lower than the current lowest sell offer and your listing will then appear at the very top with the lowest price!

Marketplace History

The history section of the Marketplace has been given a number of improvements based on feedback from players.

  • Added a link to view your "old" Marketplace history of trades made in the legacy Marketplace system.
  • You can now repeat a completed buy or sell listing.
  • Item images now link to their respective item detail pages.
  • Summary table now shows "gold spent" and "gold earned".

Viewing Prices and Browsing Items

We've updated how average price is calculated and tweaked where it's displayed. This makes it easier to see and understand the price that hunters have been paying for an item.

  • The average price now more heavily weighs recent Marketplace transactions which should have it be more responsive to changes in supply and demand.
  • High Value and Frequently Traded items are now chosen from the last two weeks of data.
  • Added a filter to hide items with no recent Marketplace activity.

Viewing a Specific Item

A few updates and tweaks have been made when viewing a specific item, its Marketplace history, and average price.

  • During the offer creation confirmation step, Larry will warn you if your unit price is 25% more or 25% less than the current best prices.
  • The current average price of an item is displayed more prominently when viewing an item as well as creating an offer to buy or sell that item.
  • Removed quick buy and sell buttons due to feedback that they were confusing.
  • Various listings and values update upon navigating the Marketplace instead of requiring the Marketplace to be refreshed. You should find that prices update more often while actively using the Marketplace without the need to close and re-open the interface.

Bug Fixes and Small Updates

  • Fixed a rounding error when displaying prices which caused some gold values to be off by one gold.
  • Added a new user preference to choose when to be notified about your Marketplace listings. You can be notified only when a listing is completed, every time a listing is updated, or not notified at all.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Queso Geyser Treasure Maps

22 May 2019

Take on a Grand Tour, or just the geyser!

Two New Treasure Maps

The Cartographer at Queso Geyser now stocks two new Scroll Cases that will have hunters embark on a search for clues throughout the geyser and even the greater canyon region itself!

Queso Geyser Treasure Map
Costs 5 Ancient Relics
Pick up a Queso Geyser Scroll Case to embark on a Treasure Hunt at the Queso Geyser. You'll be tasked with finding 16 Treasure Map Clues from mice located only at the geyser.

This map leads to a treasure chest containing some modest rewards to help your hunting endeavours at the geyser.

Queso Canyon Grand Tour Map
Costs 10 Ancient Relics + 1,000 Nachore
This lengthy map will have you and your mapmates track down 40 Treasure Map Clues throughout the entire Queso Canyon region! Truly a grand tour of epic proportions!

Make sure to have a good stash of the various flavours of spicy Queso Cheese ready and then spread out to divide and conquer!

This lengthy and challenging map comes with more generous rewards, especially when dusted! You'll find Hot and Flamin' Spice Leaves, some Wildfire ingredients, 50,000 Bland Queso, plenty of Wild Tonic and Queso Pump Charms, Cork Bark, Dragonbane Charms, and a bonus item including Amber Queso, Nest Dust, trap parts, and more! Phew, that's a jam-packed treasure chest!

Special One-Time Deal

To commemorate the beginning of Treasure Hunting within Queso Geyser, the King is offering a special one-time deal on a stash of Queso Canyon hunting supplies.

Visit the premium shoppe to pick up a bundle: 500 Wild Tonic, 100 Super Queso Pump Charms, 80 Flamin' Queso, 5 Rare Nest Dust

Due to limited supply, there's a limit of one bundle per hunter and this deal is only available until June 5. Note that this is a bundle of items and not a supply kit. Upon purchase the items will be directly placed into your inventory.

Geyser Discoveries

The constant hunting endeavours of hunters at the Queso Geyser have taken their toll on the morale of the invading Draconic hordes. Bruticus, the Blazing and Stormsurge, the Vile Tempest have both weakened their grip over their stashes of loot. Bruticus now drops Bland Queso and Stormsurge drops a larger quantity than before.

During your next eruption, you'll notice an increased quantity of Bland Queso in the nest if you're using Flamin' Queso, as well as more Wildfire ingredients than before to aid you in future confrontations with Kalor'ignis of the Geyser.

Additionally, after a brief sabbatical at Moussu Picchu, the Queso Geyser Trapsmith has fine-tuned the design of the Dragon Slayer Cannon to provide the same +1 Dragon Scale effect as the Storm Wrought Ballista.

-- Dave Vanderburg