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December Advent Calendar

27 November 2019

Delicious chocolates and bonus items!

Advent Calendar Coming December 1

The Winter Hunt Advent Calendar will be available on December 1 where hunters can collect a daily Advent Chocolate and a unique bonus item if they open the door on the same day!

Every day from December 1 to December 24, a new door on the Advent Calendar will be able to be opened. Opening a door always rewards an Advent Chocolate which you will be able to exchange during the Great Winter Hunt for a variety of unique trap skins, journal themes, and more.

If you open the door on the same day which it unlocks, you'll also receive a bonus item in addition to the Advent Chocolate! There are a wide variety of bonus items including SUPER|brie+, Magic Essence, Wild Tonic, and Champion's Fire (just to name a few). Make sure to check in each day and see what the calendar has!

Each new Gnawnian Day occurs at midnight UTC.

Upcoming Great Winter Hunt

Feel that slight chill in the air in stark contrast to the warm holiday thoughts of hunters throughout the Kingdom? That can only mean one thing -- a massive frosty comet is nearing the end of its annual collision course with Gnawnia!

The Festive Comet has entered the Gnawnian solar system and the fine astronomers employed by the King predict the comet will land just southeast of the Windmill where the Vacant Lot resides. For real this time.

As the news spreads through the Kingdom, so do rumours of a warm-weather loving mouse filling with spite and rage over the impending blast of winter. Once the comet lands and brings with it a winter wonderland, hunters are warned to keep an eye out for an all-year shorts-wearing mouse bent on ending any sort of celebrations involving snow and holiday cheer.

Make sure to check back on December 1 to open the first door of the Advent Calendar! Keep an eye out for the v1.87 mobile update to be able to view the 2019 Advent Calendar from the mobile app!

Relic Hunter Season 7 Begins

6 November 2019

New Updates and New Seasonal Rewards

Welcome to Season 7!

Season 7 of the Relic Hunter has arrived! Prepare yourself for new rewards, new features and new updates.

This year we have spruced up the Treasure Maps interface, added new Seasonal Rewards, new Gilded Trap Skins, new features and some special Limited Time promotions!

Gather your treasure hunting team and get ready for the new season of Relic Hunter maps!

Treasure Maps Interface and Feature Updates

Interface Improvements The new Treasure Maps browser interface has been overhauled and is now easier to use, putting more treasure hunting prowess at your fingertips! Check out the changes to the interface and let us know what you think.

Invite Requests Map owners are now able to set the privacy level for maps to allow hunters to request an invite. By default, all maps are invite-only, which is how they've always been. However, now owners can set their maps to allow a range of hunters from friends, teammates, or anyone in the Kingdom to request an invite.

To do this, map owners can either share their map link directly or post it on the forums or Discord. Additionally, those who wish to request an invite can do so from their Friend List or by visiting the map owner's Hunter Profile page.

Note that the map owner will still be required to accept the invite request, but this makes it a lot easier to get your map filled with hunters in a jiffy!

Other New Features

  • Cancel Invites
Map owners can now cancel invites sent to hunters that have yet to reply to them in case one was sent by accident. However, once a hunter accepts an invite, it cannot be canceled.
  • Transfer Ownership
Map owners can now transfer ownership to any other follower of a map from the Hunters subtab when viewing map details.
  • Easily Buy Scroll Cases
Map owners can now buy scroll cases directly from the Scroll Shop tab inside the new Treasure Maps interface from anywhere in the kingdom without having to travel there!
  • More to come!
We're always continuing to improve the Treasure Maps interface for hunters in order add great new features and adapt to feedback from the community. Keep sharing your thoughts with us and look forward to new additions to the Treasure Maps interface in the future!

New Relic Hunter Rewards for Season 7

Two new bases have been added to this year's seasonal rewards.

Vegetation Base

The fertile, arable soil in this base has a magical effect when seeds land upon its surface. While hunting in the Tribal Isles, any pepper seed that drops from a mouse onto this base will instantly cause a pepper to bloom without destroying the seed!

Electromagnetic Meteorite Base

Composed of a solar panel, battery pack, and strange, almost alien technology, this base has the chance to find Meteorite Pieces during the night in Fort Rox.

These bases are Limited Edition and only available inside of Relic Hunter Treasure Chests during Season 7.

Updated Gilded Treasure Chests and Gilded Coins

Gilded Treasure Maps have been updated to now award a new treasure chest with Gilded Coins inside of them. Existing Gilded Treasure Chests from previous seasons have been renamed to make them distinct. These chests still contain a chance of rewarding a skin.

  • Gilded Scroll Case
Award new Gilded Chests!
  • Gilded Chests
New Gilded Chests now award Gilded Coins!
  • Gilded Coins
Collect these new coins to purchase gilded skins!

The new Gilded Treasure Chests will reward 10 Gilded Coins, and Rare Gilded Treasure Chests will reward 20 coins! Gilded Trap Skins can now be purchased from the King's Cart for Gilded Coins, including one previous unavailable skin and two brand new ones!

  • Gilded M.Y.N.O.R.C.A. Skin
20 Gilded Coins
  • Gilded Sandtail Sentinel Skin
25 Gilded Coins
  • Gilded NVMRC Forcefield Trap Skin
30 Gilded Coins
  • Gilded Interdimensional Crossbow Trap Skin
60 Gilded Coins
  • Gilded Ember Prison Core Trap Skin
100 Gilded Coins
  • Gilded Chrome Storm Wrought Trap Skin
100 Gilded Coins

Gilded Scroll Cases and 20-for-20 Rare Map Dust

  • Gilded Scroll Case
Find Gilded Chests!
  • Gilded Scavenger Scroll Case
Supports up to 6 hunters!
  • Rare Map Dust
Dust for bonus rewards!
  • 20 Rare Map Dust
The 20-for-20 deal is back!
  • Rare Map Dust Crafter's Kit
Dust and Magic Essence!

Grab one while they're here! Available until November 20, 2019.

The Halloween event has officially ended! You can no longer fire cannonballs to collect Spooky Ship Parts, however, you can still claim rewards and exchange leftover ship parts for spooky rewards in the Charm Shoppe and General Store until November 13!