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Ongoing Stability Issues

26 September 2019

Update on recent game instability and scoreboard issues

Game Instablity

As most hunters have likely noticed there have been a number of stability issues currently affecting the game.

Problems include the following:

  • Having to continiously log back in
  • Gift of the day frequently resetting
  • Missing or inaccurate scoreboard data
  • Tournament trophies and badges missing/reset on team profiles
  • Tournament ranking history missing
  • Some map stats such as number of maps dusted reset

These issues are a result of an infrastructure problem affecting the system used for scoreboards and various other "ranked" types of data. The problem resulted in data being corrupted and upon noticing the issue we put the game into maintenance to restore from a recent backup. Unfortunately, the backups were also corrupted putting us in a tough spot.

We've used the last several hours to audit the affected parts of the game, research our options, and come up with a plan which we'd like to share with everyone.

What We're Working On

Thursday, September 26: We'll be spending the remainder of today to finish working on refactoring how the game keeps you logged in. We're making this a priority since it greatly affects game stability and how easily you can play. We'll also be keeping an eye on the stability of the scoreboard server throughout the day.

Over the next several days: We'll be continuing research in an attempt to restore scoreboard data from a corrupted backup. Additionally, if the scoreboard server is still showing signs of instability we'll be replacing the server and ensuring the software is up to date. New tournament scheduling will also be running at a minimum while we resolve these issues.

Long Term Plans

If scoreboard data can be recovered there will likely be a few days of missing data including any stats recorded while we were in the process of recovering. Unfortunately we will not be able to apply stats incrementally, meaning some scoreboard data registered during this period of instability will be lost.

If scoreboard data cannot be recovered several scoreboards will unfortunately be need to be taken down. However, we will be able to rebuild some scoreboards using hunters' inventories and hunting statistics. Additionally, with the input of players we'll need to decide how best to handle the loss of team trophy records.

Mobile App: iOS 13 Issues

Unrelated to the stability issues addressed above, hunters who have updated to iOS 13 have likely noticed issues with some buttons not working in the app. We're looking into the problem and hope to have it fixed in the next app update.

We understand this instability and data loss is frustrating. We're doing our best to get the game running smoothly again as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you may wish to stick to hunting in areas where your trap needs minimal oversight. We appreciate everyone's ongoing patience.

Discovering The Valour Rift

25 September 2019

Uncover Rift Distortions to map a new section of the Rift Plane

Hidden Valour Rift

The Cartographer at the Bristle Woods Rift has uncovered a plot by the Absolute Acolyte Mouse to hide a menacing Valour Rift. Using their ability to influence the passage of time, the Absolute Acolyte has hidden the Valour Rift slightly out of phase with our timeline.

Charting the Valour Rift

Unraveling the Absolute Acolyte's plan will require a sophisticated piece of equipment called a Rift Chronometer. Purchase one from the Bristle Woods Rift Cartographer for 100 Tiny Sprockets, 1 Battery Fragment, 1 Raw Rift Crystal, and 200,000 gold.

Once in possession of a Rift Chronometer you'll be able to uncover Rift Distortions by capturing any Riftwalker or Riftstalker mice. These distortions are a key piece of information the Cartographer needs to successfully chart a map of the Valour Rift.

The Cartographer requires 2,000 Rift Distortions to unlock the Absolute Acolyte Mouse's cryptographic method and supply an accurate map of the Valour Rift itself.

Stabilizing Valour Rift's Entrance

Although with your help the Cartographer will be able to provide a map of the layout of the Valour Rift, more extensive research is required to find a means of stabilizing the entrance. The stabilization research will take nearly two weeks to complete. Until then, Archduke/Archduchess and above hunters are encouraged to obtain a Rift Chronometer and Valour Rift Map Piece ahead of time to be able to hunt within the Valour Rift once a means of entering it is discovered.

The Valour Rift opens on Tuesday, October 8

Hunter Profile Overhaul

4 September 2019

All new look for hunter profiles!

Overhauled Hunter Profiles

Hunter Profiles have been given a complete overhaul to give them a new look and feel. We've streamlined some features as well as added a few new ones! Visit your own profile or a friend's profile by clicking their name in a variety of places throughout the game (most predominantly in your friend list).

When playing from a web browser, you can visit your own profile by clicking the MouseHunt shield in the top left of the game, "My Profile" at the very top of the game, or by clicking the newly added player avatar just to the left of your title progress in the blue marble section above the heads-up display.

When playing from the mobile app, you can now visit your profile by clicking "My Profile" within the main navigation menu or by clicking the newly added player avatar just to the left of your title progress below the horn timer. Note: The app update may take a while to propagate throughout the App Store and Google Play. If version 1.82.0 or higher is not available, check back tomorrow.

New profiles display a lot of the same information as they did before but have been given an extensive layout overhaul to make the profile more visual and display stats, current trap setup, and accomplishments much more predominantly.

Platinum and Diamond Crowns

As part of the Hunter Profile overhaul, two new tiers of King's Crowns have been added! The Platinum King's Crown is earned after capturing a single mouse 1,000 times and the Diamond King's Crown is earned at 2,500 catches. The other King's Crowns have also had a bit of a shine and polish and are looking pretty snazzy, so check them out!

Visit your own profile and check out the changes for yourself!