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The 2020 Spring Egg Hunt is upon us!

08 April 2020

The eggs are back in town!

Spring Hunt is Here!

It's that time of the year again! The Spring Hunt is back in town and with it comes some brand new eggs and the return of the Eggsweeper mini-game. Eggs have been hidden throughout the entire Kingdom of Gnawnia! Look high, look low, and look under every mouse you catch to find special eggs containing bonus loot! Travel throughout the Kingdom and hunt mice in search of these hidden eggs, then crack them open to see what's inside!

To get started, you'll need a special egg-finding piece of equipment called an Eggscavator. If you do not already own one, you can purchase one from the King for 10,000 gold from the special Spring Egg Hunt heads-up display. Or, you can track down the Eggscavator Mouse in areas throughout the Kingdom to find one for free.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpiles and Spring Hunt Event Mice

The changing of the season has attracted several event mice to certain locations. These hunting spots are home to "stockpiles" of Marshmallow Monterey -- a special cheese that will lure event mice to your trap. To collect Marshmallow Monterey, visit one of the stockpile locations (listed below) and hunt as you normally would there to collect Marshmallow Monterey as loot.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpile Locations

  • Town of Gnawnia (Recruit)
  • Town of Digby (Master)
  • Dojo (Grandmaster)
  • S.S. Huntington IV (legendary)
  • King's Gauntlet (Hero)
  • Muridae Market (Baron/Baroness)
  • Gnawnia Rift (Count/Countess)
  • Laboratory (Master)
  • Great Gnarled Tree (Master)
  • Catacombs (Legendary)
  • Cape Clawed (Legendary)
  • Claw Shot City (Lord/Lady)
  • Queso River (Count/Countess)
  • Fungal Cavern (Duke/Duchess)
  • Moussu Picchu (Grand Duke/Duchess)

Once you've obtained some Marshmallow Monterey, you can use it in any stockpile location to attract Spring Egg Hunt event mice! These mice can drop 10 especially valuable eggs that each hunter can loot only once. Event mice also drop special charms to boost the power of your Eggscavator!

  • 15 Marshmallow Monterey
Tasty Spring Cheese!
  • 250 Marshmallow Monterey
Hunt for event mice!

Eggscavator Charge Charms and Eggstra Charms

You can obtain special charms to boost your Eggscavator by exchanging Marshmallow Monterey at the Charm Shoppe in any Stockpile location, or you can hunt for event mice in those locations to obtain charms as loot drops. Charging up your Eggscavator will allow you to find special Charge Eggs and using Eggstra Charms will double your egg drops! These special charms can also be purchased in the Premium Store.

Eggscavator Charge Charm Capturing a mouse with this charm armed will add a charge to your Eggscavator. You'll lose a charge each hunt taken without a charge charm equipped. Depending on the charge level of your Eggscavator, you'll find Low, Medium, and High Charge Eggs that contain Spring Hunt loot!

Eggstra Charm The Eggstra Charm will double the quantity of any eggs found while hunting! The charm is only consumed when you find an egg.

Eggstra Charge Charm This special charm combines the abilities of the Eggscavator Charge Charm and the Eggstra Charm both charging your Eggscavator and doubling the quantity of any eggs found! This charm is consumed upon each successful capture of a mouse.

New Eggs for the Spring Hunt Season!

16 brand new eggs have appeared this year for you to collect! You will need your trusty Eggscavator to find them so make sure you pick one up before you head out!

  • Cork Egg
  • Elixir Egg
  • Puppet Floor Egg
  • Magic Floor Egg
  • Pressurized Egg
  • Tower Sigil Egg
  • Thief Floor Egg
  • Noble Floor Egg
  • Geyser Egg
  • Tower Secret Egg
  • Melee Floor Egg
  • Dust Floor Egg
  • Kalor'ignis Egg
  • Super Siphon Egg
  • Bard Floor Egg
  • Tower Umbra Egg

The Eggsweeper Has Returned!

MouseHunt Eggsweeper is a mini-game about finding eggs which is only available during the seasonal event about finding eggs. That's a lot of eggs!

There are 10 eggs hidden somewhere in the field and you need to reveal them all to earn rank-specific rewards! Each tile you reveal costs 1 Eggsweeper Shovel. When you reveal a tile, you will either be shown a number or an egg. The number shown is a clue representing how many eggs are hidden in nearby tiles (diagonals included). If you reveal an egg, you get a special Eggsweeper Egg added to your inventory based on your hunter title.

Eggsweeper Egg Tiers by Title Range

  • Tier 1: Novice to Journeyman/Journeywoman
  • Tier 2: Master to Lord/Lady
  • Tier 3: Baron/Baronness and Count/Countess
  • Tier 4: Duke/Duchess and up

These eggs will contain loot appropriate for areas in the Kingdom tied to the hunter ranks. You can find 30 Eggsweeper Shovels inside of this year's Golden Egg. You can also find them in your Daily Loyalty Chest or purchase them from the Premium Shop.

Pro egg tip: Remember to use an Eggstra Charm to get TWO Golden Eggs and thus 60 shovels!

  • 10 Eggsweeper Shovels
Dig, dig, dig!
  • Eggsweeper Starter Pack
Get Eggscavating!

Spring Egg Hunt Supply Kits and Gift Baskets

Eggscavating and egg hunting is a lot of work! Here are this year's supplies, gift baskets, and kits to help you on your journey to Egg Master!

  • Spring Hunt Gift Basket
75 Marshmallow Monterey, 5 Eggstra Charms and 25 Eggscavator Charge Charms
  • Eggsweeper Starter Pack
50 Eggsweeper Shovels and 3 Magical Fertilizer!
  • Spring Hunt Trap Skin Bundle
All new Spring Hunt skins in one bundle!
  • Egg Seeker Special Bundle
Charms, Cheese, Shovels and Fertilizer all in one!
  • Eggfinder Supply Kit
125 Marshmallow Monterey, 20 Eggstra Charge Charms, 15 Eggscavator Charge Charms, 5 Eggstra Charms, 150 Eggsweeper Shovels and 5 Eggsweeper Fertilizer

Eggciting Changes!

The Tier 4 egg in the Eggsweeper has been updated with new rewards for Queso Geyser and Valour Rift. This year's Golden Egg now has 30 shovels up from last year's 10! Make sure to use an Eggstra Charm when you nab it! Daily rewards have more shovels added to them for the Eggsweeper mini-game!