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Happy New Year

28 December 2020

Collect Firework Sugar Cookies
Capture the Giftnapper to unlock fireworks decorations and earn new rewards!

Fireworks Wrapping Paper

Ring in the new year with some celebratory wrapping paper! The Great Giftnapper has gotten his hands on some sparkly, shiny, explosion...y wrapping paper! Capture the Great Giftnapper Mouse to find a roll of this colourful wrapping paper and unlock a new decoration for your heads-up display.

When the New Year's decorations are active you'll attract a few New Year's event mice that drop Firework Sugar Cookies. These tasty cookies can be exchanged at the Festive Comet shops for new rewards!

  • 2021 Charm
Provides an impressive 2,021 power!
  • 2021 Lucky Codex
Provides a +1 Luck bonus until the end of 2021!
  • Rift 2021 Charm
Provides an impressive 2,021 power and benefits from the Riftwalker/Riftstalker set bonus!
  • 2021 New Year's Base
+10 Luck base with a chance to cause mice to drop 2021 Charms and Rift 2021 Charms!

Golem Party at the Festive Comet

Celebrations have reached new heights at the Festive Comet! Hunters can now send golems to the Festive Comet location itself where the golems will collect 2021 Charms, Rift 2021 Charms, Pecan Pecorino, Throwable Snowballs, and all sorts of other goodies! If you're running low on event supplies or want to stockpile some 2021 Charms, try sending a few golems to the Festive Comet!

The Great Winter Hunt comes to an end on January 6, 2021

The 2020 Great Winter Hunt

8 December 2020

The Great Giftnapper must be stopped!
Send Snow Golems on gift (and loot) recovery missions to stop the Great Giftnapper!

Gifts Missing Throughout the Kingdom!

'Twas the night before the Hunt, when all through the house, One creature was stirring, the Great Giftnapper Mouse. He was spiteful and mean and as greedy as can be, With an insatiable craving for more than just brie!

It was gifts that he wanted and certainly not to share, He wanted them all for himself, not a one would he spare! So he climbed down the chimneys of each house on the street, Stealing all of their gifts, very sneaky and discrete.

He made off like a bandit, into the cold winter night, So the residents would awake to an unfestive sight. He left those poor houses all empty and bare, Then hid himself away, no one quite knows where.

He travelled the kingdom, hiding every stolen gift, From Queso Geyser all the way to Furoma Rift. Without gifts, Gnawnia was turning dreary and glum, Until lo and behold, the Festive Comet had come!

The Magical Snow Golems had returned just in time, To recover the gifts and put a stop to this crime. These creatures are more than just friendly and cute, They're also amazing at gathering loot!

So send your golems on the journey of the year, And return all the gifts to spread holiday cheer. Once the gifts are returned, it will be time to confront, The Great Giftnapper Mouse and save the Great Winter Hunt!

Constructing Snow Golems

Visit the Festive Comet where the snow is not only the perfect packing consistency to create snow golems, but also magically enchanted to bring those golems to life! Start by gathering some Pecan Pecorino or Glazed Pecan Pecorino Cheese and then arm it to attract a variety of mice that drop snow golem parts. Once you find a Snow Golem Head, Snow Golem Torso, and four Snow Golem Limbs you'll be able to construct a golem to send out on a gift and loot recovery mission!

Once sent out, your golems will return in 25 hunts time not only with a bundle of loot from the areas you sent them to, but also with a stash of Recovered Gifts. Return these gifts to their rightful owners via the heads-up display and you'll find that they have left out a tray of M.I.L.K. and Cookies as a show of thanks for your part in playing Santa.

That cool glass of Mechanically Invigorating Liquid Krypton is just what your golems crave! You can use the M.I.L.K. and Cookies to upgrade your golem generators to create stronger golems capable of bringing back more Recovered Gifts along with a greater quantity and quality of loot items!

  • 100 Glazed Pecan Pecorino
Gather more Golem Parts!
  • Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hat
Adds 3 exceptional items to ANY golem
  • Festive Summoning Bell
INSTANTLY return a golem!
  • 15 Let It Snow Charms
Start looting the MOST Golem Parts!

Nabbing the Giftnapper

Keep returning Recovered Gifts to the houses along your route and you'll eventually catch the Great Giftnapper red-handed! Each time you apprehend this stealthy swindler you'll recover a piece of Plain Wrapping Paper. Although unremarkable at first, this Plain Wrapping Paper can be crafted into more festive varieties via the heads-up display. By decorating your camp site with these festive wrapping papers you can attract similarly themed breeds of Great Winter Hunt event mice.

There are four varieties of festive wrapping paper to create and decorate your camp with, each attracting different mice that drop Festive Sugar Cookies! These sweet treats are a favourite of the various festive shop keepers and as such, they are offering some very special rewards in exchange for Sugar Cookies.

S.S. Scoundrel Sleigher Trap

Hydro trap with a chance to instantly capture pirate-themed mice!

Gift of the Day Base

Provides a chance for mice to drop the current gift of the day as loot.

S.L.A.C. in a Box

Each hunt taken with the S.L.A.C. or S.L.A.C. II winds up this toy box which in turn provides power and luck bonuses to the S.L.A.C. and S.L.A.C. II traps.

Elixir Exchanger Base

Converts Gauntlet Elixir in your inventory into Tower Sigils. Works anywhere in the Kingdom.

M.I.L.K. and Cookies Journal Theme

A new festive journal theme to adorn your camp site and hunter profile with a warm fire and a tall glass of M.I.L.K.

Other Winter Festivities

Fortunately, the Great Giftnapper's mischief hasn't dampened the festive celebrations in Gnawnia so get in the holiday spirit with these wintry activities!

Snowball Showdown

Everyone's favourite snowball fight! You'll find Throwable Snowballs as loot drops while hunting at the Festive Comet. Your golems also return with Throwable Snowballs once they reach level four. Toss some snow to reveal shapes and earn prizes!

Take on a more rewarding version of the Snowball Showdown by using Snowball Showdown Dust when starting a new game. Have you got more snowballs than you can possibly throw? Visit the General Store where you can exchange Throwable Snowballs for Snowball Showdown Dust.

  • 50 Throwable Snowballs
Start tossing!
  • Snowball Showdown Dust
Better rewards!

Profile Gifting

During the Great Winter Hunt you can visit friends' profiles to leave gifts under their festive tree which they'll be able to open during the Grand Gift Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, December 23! Keep in mind that after the gift opening ceremony begins you'll no longer be able to send gifts, so don't delay, gift today!

Make sure to check your own Hunter Profile where you'll find at least three gifts: One from Larry, one from Ronza, and one from the King himself! These gifts, just like the ones given by friends, can be opened on December 23.

This year's Gift Opening Ceremony is on Wednesday, December 23. Gifts can no longer be sent after the ceremony begins.

Naughty and Nice Lists

Take playing Santa to the next level by completing Naughty and Nice List Treasure Maps. These unique lists of mice will have you track down Great Winter Hunt mice in search of Treasure Chests! The chests contain goodies to help you in your festive hunting endeavors and can even contain an Advent Chocolate. Using Rare Map Dust will result in a rare chest which always contains at least one Advent Chocolate!

Nice Lists are not as difficult and less rewarding. You and your map mates will have to track down a variety of event mice, but none that require HUD decorations. These are great when first getting started.

Naughty Lists are more difficult but also more rewarding! To complete these maps you'll potentially need to have unlocked all the unique HUD decorations by capturing the Great Giftnapper several times.

  • Rare Map Dust
Always find Advent Chocolate!

Passing Parcels

Back by popular demand! These parcels cost 50,000 gold and can be sent as gifts to friends via the gifting interface. Each Passing Parcel has been repeatedly wrapped an unknown number of times. Upon receiving a parcel, open it to either find an item or another wrapped gift that must be forwarded to another friend. The charms inside the Passing Parcel have been given a refresh and include varieties of Snowball Charms, Rift Charms, and Winter Charms, just to name a few.

Winter Aura

Each time a Snow Golem returns it will extend the duration of the Winter Aura. This festive enchantment adds +5 Luck to your trap and gives mice a chance to drop a variety of festive loot items, including Winter Hunt Gift Boxes depending on your Hunter Title. Looking for lower-tier gift boxes? Carefully use the Hunter's Hammer to crush the box into a lower tier and just hope there wasn't anything fragile inside!

Festive Supplies, Gift Baskets, and Kits

The King has assembled a variety of supply kits and baskets to give you a jump start on the Great Winter Hunt!

  • Golem Starter Pack
Three Full Golems! (Limit 3)
  • Snowball Starter Pack
Smash the Showdown! (Limit 3)
  • 500 Glazed Pecan Pecorino
Unique mice!
  • 100 Let It Snow Charms
More Golem Part drops!
  • 3 Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hats
Enhanced Golem rewards!
  • 6 Festive Summoning Bells
Instantly return a Golem
  • Snowball Showdown Dust
Amp up showdown rewards
  • Glazed Gift Basket
Great gift!
  • Glazed Snow Golem Supply Kit
Jump start festivities!
  • Glazed Snow Golem Supply Box
Stock up!