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She's Big, She's Back, She's Jaq!

29 June 2021

Big, Back, with some new things in the Shack!
Big Jaq is back in the Queso Canyon with all sorts of spicy deals!

Jaqueline the Spice Merchant Returns to Queso Canyon

The travelling spice merchant Jaqueline, or "Big Jaq" as she's known to friends, has once again setup her Spice Shack in the Queso Canyon! Visit any General Store in the areas of the Queso Canyon region to browse her popup shop where all sorts of spicy deals are available.

While Big Jaq is visiting, there are also some unique loot drops to find! Boost your Bland Queso collection by recovering Kegs of Bland Queso from mice throughout the Queso Canyon region.

The Mobile App requires version 1.108.0 in order to use the new Cork Material exchange and purchase the new Blooming Rubber Plants.

This update is live on the Google Play store but unfortunately, this update is still pending approval from Apple and is not yet available on the App Store. We hope this update will be approved soon but in the meantime, iOS users can visit from a web browser in order to use the Cork Material exchange and purchase the new Rubber Plants.

Kegs of Bland Queso

Big Jaq's Bland Queso Kegs have been stolen! Catch mice in Queso Canyon for a chance to get a cheesy reward (she won't mind you keeping the kegs for yourself). The kegs come in three sizes and you can use Wild Tonic to shake loose double the kegs when mice drop them!

  • Small
250 Bland Queso
  • Medium
500 Bland Queso
  • Large
1,500 Bland Queso

150 Wild Tonic DOUBLE keg drops with Wild Tonic!

These Kegs of Queso can be collected anywhere in the region, including the Queso Geyser! Fortunately, the kegs are heat-resistant and buoyant enough to safely float in the liquid hot queso at the geyser. As a result, the kegs will appear as loot drops directly from mice and not in nests.

Spice Leaf and Cork Material Exchange

Big Jaq has expanded her wares this year and now offers a Cork Material Exchange in her shop in addition to the Spice Leaf Exchange! You can now exchange up your Nachore, Spice Leaves, AND Cork Materials for higher tier items! Make sure you don't miss out!

Spice Leaf Exchange

  • Mild Spice Leaf
Cost: 6 Nachore
  • Medium Spice Leaf
Cost: 3 Mild Leaves
  • Hot Spice Leaf
Cost: 3 Medium Leaves
  • Flamin' Spice Leaf
Cost: 4 Hot Leaves

NEW Cork Material Exchange

  • Cork Bark
Cost: 12 Nachore
  • Rubber
Cost: 4 Cork
  • Geyserite
Cost: 6 Rubber
  • Tungsten
Cost: 6 Geyserite

Blooming Spice Plants

Make sure to tap open the Queso Kegs as you find them to add to your inventory of Bland Queso. Visit Big Jaq's Spice Shack where you can fertilize the Bland Queso into Blooming Spice Plants of various sizes, heats, and materials.

Small Blooming Spice Plant When harvested, you are guaranteed to find Mild Spice Leaves. This blooming spice plant also contains a handful of either Medium or Hot Spice Leaves.

Medium Blooming Spice Plant When harvested, you are guaranteed to find Mild and Medium Spice Leaves. This blooming spice plant also contains a handful of either Hot or Flamin' Spice Leaves.

Large Blooming Spice Plant When harvested, you are guaranteed to find Mild, Medium, and Hot Spice Leaves. This blooming spice plant also contains a handful of Flamin' Spice Leaves, or, more rarely, Ember Roots or Ember Stones.

NEW Blooming Rubber Plant When harvested, you are guaranteed to find enough Cork Bark and Congealed Rubber for a Medium Cork along with either some Geyserite or Tungsten.

50 Wild Tonic Use Wild Tonic and Bland Queso to fertilize these plants!

Big Jaq's Bundles

Visit the Premium Shop to pick up two special one-time deals on some very spicy hunting supplies.

Pick up Big Jaq's Budding Bundle to receive 25 Wild Tonic, 10,000 Bland Queso and a Large Blooming Spice Plant. (Limit 1 per hunter)

Pick up Big Jaq's Blooming Bundle to receive 100 Magic Essence, 200 Wild Tonic, 20,000 Bland Queso, 3 Large Blooming Spice Plants, and 3 Blooming Rubber Plants. (Limit 3 per hunter)

These special offers are only available until Big Jaq leaves on July 13, 2021.

Big Jaq's Buddin' Bundle Tonic, Bland Queso, and a Large Plant!

Big Jaq's Bloomin' Bundle Tonic, Queso, and two plants!

Big Jaq is visiting Queso Canyon until Tuesday, July 13, 2021

-- Franco D'Auria


4 June 2021

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The Great Gnawnian Census Has Concluded

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The survey will be open for all players for just over one week, closing on Monday, June 14 at 3:00pm UTC, so don’t delay.

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