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Happy New Year!

28 December 2022

Ring in the New Year at the Taiga

Three new mice have joined the party and there are new rewards to earn!

2023 Celebrations!

Three new mice can now be found at the Great Winter Taiga! Frightened Fireworks mice are at Cinnamon Hill, Party Head mice at the Golem Workshop, and New Year's mice at the Ice Fortress. All three of these festive partygoers are carrying lots of Firework Sugar Cookies while most other mice drop a small quantity. These cookies can be can be exchanged at the Trapsmith, General Store, and Cartographer within the Taiga for new rewards!

2023 new Year's Base
Limited Edition
A party-powered base featuring +10 Luck and the ability to create 2023 Charms!
Cost: 30 Firework Cookies
2023 Lucky Codex
Limited Edition
Provides +1 Luck until the end of 2023!
Cost: 70 Firework Cookies
New Year's Party Scroll Case
A map with space for 10 Hunters!
Cost: 100 Firework Cookies

& 3 Ancient Relics

New Bundles for a New Year!

New bundles and supplies have arrived at the Premium Shop and are available until January 10.

New Year's Party Bundle
Includes a Map Scroll Case! (Limit 3)
Rowdy PartyBots Skin
Get Rowdy with the PrinceBot!
100 2023 Charms
Ring in the New Year!
100 Rift 2023 Charms
Massive Power!

Reminder: On Wednesday, January 4 2023, the Great Winter Hunt event will enter its shutdown phase. At this time, Pecan Pecorino, Golem Parts, and Sugar Cookies can no longer be found as loot drops. Forges will still work at the Golem Workshop and Cannons can still be fired at the Ice Fortress but Compressed Cinnamon will no longer drop in Cinnamon Hill.

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-- Dave Vanderburg

Snowstorm Approaching the Taiga!

13 December 2022

A blizzard of Animated Snow is on the way!

A powerful Animated Snow Storm is projected to strike the Taiga on December 15

Weather Event Approaching!

The Frost King's seemingly endless supply of Frost Globes continues to have a chilling effect on the Great Winter Taiga!

A movement of warm, humid air from the Tribal Isles is approaching the now chilled waters south of the Great Winter Taiga. When the moisture-soaked air strikes the frigid atmosphere of the Taiga a blizzard is certain to occur!

This weather event is forecasted to last all of Thursday, December 15 beginning at 12:00am UTC (same time the Advent Calendar can be claimed).

An Animated Snow Storm

Thursday will be no ordinary blizzard! There's still magic in the air from when the Festive Comet came crashing down causing this blizzard to be made of Animated Snow!

During the Animated Snow Storm ALL mice at the Great Winter Taiga will drop Animated Snow!

Most mice will drop 1 to 5 per catch but the Snowflake, Joy, and Glazy mice will each drop 1O Animated Snow!

Animated Snow Storm Forecasted!
Storm begins at 12:00am UTC on December 15 and lasts for 24 hours

While the storm is active all mice at the Great Winter Taiga will drop Animated Snow

The Snowflake, Joy, and Glazy mice will each drop 10 Animated Snow

As usual, Festive Spirit will add +1 Animated Snow whenever a mouse drops some

-- Dave Vanderburg

The Great Winter Hunt Has Begun!

6 December 2022

Help defeat the Frost King!

Travel to the Great Winter Taiga, storm the Ice Fortress, and prevent eternal winter!

The Frost King Cometh!

The King's research expedition into the Great Winter Taiga has returned with unsettling news: the construction of jagged ice and snow is in fact a massive Ice Fortress! A sinister and foreboding chill can be felt emanating from the structure and most concerning of all, its chilling effect is slowly creeping further and further south. Trees are frosting over, water is flash freezing, and the researchers' entire supply of Hot Cocoa has frozen solid!

From behind a massive shield of Reinforced Ice, a growling cackle echos from the belly of the Frost King who has proclaimed that soon all of Gnawnia will be made part of his frozen domain. Hunters must find a way to smash through this Ice Shield, confront the Frost King, and stop his plan to freeze of all Gnawnia forever!

Let the Great Winter Hunt Begin!

The Festive Comet has crashed into Gnawnia signalling the start of the Great Winter Hunt! With hunters needed at the Great Winter Taiga, the King has organized an ingenious plan to bring an abundance of the comet's snow to the taiga to help thwart the Frost King. At this very moment, a fleet of supply ships are ferrying mounds of unprocessed snow from the Harbour to a newly constructed Golem Workshop as part of a master plan to utilize Winter Hunt Snow Golems to assault the Ice Fortress.

At the Golem Workshop, a trio of droids are standing ready to operate deep-freeze forges to produce golem parts. Alas, all the droids need is a source of power and what better source than the delicious, clean, and efficient Compressed Cinnamon? Collect Compressed Cinnamon from the nearby Cinnamon Hill to power the forges so that the droids can manufacture more golem parts than ever before! Then, send your golems out on expeditions to collect an extremely dense and powerful new item known as a Hailstone which will make the perfect ammunition to blast through the Frost King's Ice Shield.

Golem Exploration

Hunters are better equipped than ever to construct, upgrade, and utilize Snow Golems! Use Pecan Pecorino or Glazed Pecan Pecorino anywhere in the Great Winter Taiga to collect Golem Parts as loot drops. Additionally, once you have a stash of Compressed Cinnamon you can power the forges at the Golem Workshop to produce additional heads, torsos, and limbs. Once you have a head, torso, and four limbs you can construct a golem and send it out on a loot collection expedition!

Send out golems to collect area-specific loot!

After 25 hunts your golems will return with a variety of loot from the location you sent them to. Additionally, no matter where you send a golem it will return with Reinforced Ice Shards which can be used to upgrade its loot collecting abilities. All golems also return with Hailstones which you can utilize to smash the shield at the Ice Fortress. The most renowned ballistics experts from Fort Rox have built and installed three powerful cannons that are capable firing Hailstones at the Ice Shield. Enable one, two, or all three cannons and start firing Hailstones until the Ice Shield shatters!

Golems return with Hailstones which you can use to destroy the Ice Shield!

All General Stores throughout the Great Winter Taiga are selling Festive Jingle Bells and Magical Holiday Hats. Festive Jingle Bells can be used to instantly return a golem and Magical Holiday Hats will add 3 especially valuable items to any golem's loot haul!

25 Festive Jingle Bells
Instantly return a golem!
Magical Holiday Hat
+3 loot to ANY level golem!

But wait... there must be some magic in that cozy-looking scarf around the Frost King's neck! After destroying the Ice Shield, you'll confront the Frost King who drops his Magical Holiday Scarf as loot. Dress one of your golems with this enchanted scarf and it will return with extraordinary treasure!

Loot the Frost King's scarf to create an extremely rewarding golem!

Uncork Festive Spirit

When all the warm and fuzzy feelings from the holiday season are condensed and coalesced by a crisp north wind it produces this truly miraculous vapour that is believed to be the physical manifestation of joy itself.

This powerful resource can be uncorked to provide a wide variety of benefits while hunting within the Great Winter Taiga, such as:

+1 Compressed Cinnamon anytime a mouse drops it!
+1 progress to all active forges in the Golem Workshop!
+1 shield damage if any cannon is fired (for a possible max of four)
Conjures 1 Throwable Snowball each and every hunt!
+1 loot for a wide variety of festive-themed loot drops at the Taiga!

You can obtain Festive Spirit by hunting with standard cheese, completing Naughty Maps, opening doors on your Advent Calendar, and by purchasing it from the Premium Shop.

25 Festive Spirit
More loot!
100 Festive Spirit
Storm the Ice Fortress!

Festive Spirit will add +1 to the following items dropped by mice:

Animated Snow Reinforced Ice Shards Compressed Cinnamon Pecan Pecorino Winter Hunt Gift Boxes Throwable Snowballs
Festive Jingle Bells Gift Wrapped Charms All types of Snowball Charms Festive Ultimate series charms Ultimate Charms
Festive Spirit will not add to the following items dropped by mice:
Golem Parts
Magical Holiday Scarf
Frost Globes
Festive Spirit itself

Seasonal Rewards

In addition to the hoards of treasure you can earn from golems, there are a few new and unique items to earn during this year's Great Winter Hunt!

Queso Cannonstorm Base
Limited Edition
While armed in the Queso Canyon region this base blasts Solidified Amber Queso into bonus items!
  • Power: 1,000
  • Power Bonus: 25%
  • Attraction Bonus: 0%
  • Luck: 8
Cost: 3 Frost Globes
Compressed Jet Stream
Opening these crates summons a Jet Stream Aura at the Floating Islands for 24 hours!
  • +1 Exploration Speed
  • +4 Storm Cells from Wardens
  • +8 Storm Cells from Paragons
Cost: 3 Frost Globes
Magical Scarf Journal Theme
Wrap your journal in this comfy and cozy magical scarf to keep you warm this holiday season!
Cost: 3 Frost Globes
Looking for more Solidified Amber Queso?
As of today Geyser Smolder Stones, Thermal Chisels, and Queso Thermal Springs can now be smashed to receive Solidified Amber Queso!
Stones give 1,000, Chisels give 300, and Springs give 150

Trap Skins

New trap skins are available for purchase in the Premium Shop! Last year's newly introduced Trap Skins can now be purchased from the Trapsmith for Advent Chocolates.

Chrome Gingerbread Thought Obliterator Trap Skin
For use with the Chrome Thought Obliterator Trap!
Glacial Geyserite Trap Skin
For use with the Gouging Geyserite Trap!
H.E.A.R.T.H. S.T.I.N.G.E.R. Trap Skin
For use with the S.T.I.N.G.E.R. Trap!
Angel of Apprehension Trap Skin
For use with the Circlet of Pursuing Trap!
Candle of the Mind's Eye Trap Skin
For use with the Tome of the Mind's Eye Trap!

Wintery Charms of the Past

The Snowflake and Snow Golem Architect mice no longer require any sort of special charm to encounter! The wide open space of the Great Winter Taiga doesn't have nearly as many places for these mice to hide. However, they do still have somewhat discriminating taste when it comes to cheese.

Snowflake mice are attracted to Pecan and Glazed Pecan Pecorino
Snow Golem Architect mice are attracted to Pecan and Glazed Pecan Pecorino in the Workshop
Special charms are no longer required to attract these mice

Should you have any Winter Charms or Let It Snow Charms from previous Great Winter Hunts, you can use your Hunter's Hammer to magically smash them into Pecan Pecorino and Glazed Pecan Pecorino, respectively.

Other Winter Festivities

While touring the Great Winter Taiga there's lots of festive fun to explore!

Snowball Showdown
It's time to showdown once again as everyone's favourite snowball fight is back! Your golems return with Throwable Snowballs once they reach level four so you can toss some snow to reveal shapes and earn prizes!
Take on a more rewarding version of the Snowball Showdown by using Snowball Showdown Dust when starting a new game! Have you got more snowballs than you can possibly throw? Visit any General Store in the Taiga to exchange 175 Throwable Snowballs for one Snowball Showdown Dust.
50 Throwable Snowballs
Start tossing!
Snowball Showdown Dust
Better rewards!
Profile Gifting
During the Great Winter Hunt you can visit friends' and teammates' profiles to leave gifts under their festive tree which they'll be able to open during the Grand Gift Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, December 21! Keep in mind that after the gift opening ceremony begins you'll no longer be able to send gifts, so don't delay, gift today!
Make sure to check your own Hunter Profile where you'll find at least three gifts: one from Larry, one from Ronza, and one from the King himself! These gifts, just like the ones given by friends, can be opened on December 21.
This year's Gift Opening Ceremony is on Wednesday, December 21.
Gifts can no longer be sent after the ceremony begins.
Naughty and Nice Lists
You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why: Naughty and Nice lists are coming back to MouseHunt!
These unique treasure maps will have you track down Great Winter Hunt mice in search of valuable treasure chests! The chests contain goodies to help you in your festive hunting endeavours and can even contain an Advent Chocolate. Using Rare Map Dust will result in a rare chest, which contains more Festive Spirit and increased quantities of other loot items, including at least one Advent Chocolate!
Nice Lists are less rewarding but not as difficult. You and your map mates will have to track down a variety of event mice using both standard cheese and Pecan Pecorino cheese. These are great when you're first getting started to bolster your stash of Pecan Pecorino.
Naughty Lists are more difficult but also more rewarding! To complete these maps you'll need to capture the Frost King himself meaning you'll need an ample supply of Hailstones at your disposal. The treasure chest at the end of these maps contains Festive Spirit!
Rare Map Dust
Always find Advent Chocolate!

New Year's Celebrations at the Winter Taiga

The appearance of the Frost King surely can't spoil a grand celebration to ring in the new year! As the new year approaches the New Year's, Party Head, and Frightened Fireworks mice are sure to join the celebration! You'll encounter one of each of these mice in each location at the Great Winter Taiga where they'll be carrying Firework Sugar Cookies which can be exchanged for special New Year's rewards including a new type of Treasure Map Scroll Case!

The New Year's event will begin on Wednesday, December 28, 2022!

Festive Supplies, Gift Baskets, Kits, and Skins!

The King has assembled a variety of supply kits and baskets to give you a jump start on the Great Winter Hunt!

Golem Body Builder Bundle
Get huge gains with one entire golem! (Limit 1)
Animated Snowball Starter Bundle
Arm yourself with snowballs! (Limit 3)
Golem Gang Bundle
Golems, Pecorino, Charms, and more! (Limit 3)
100 Festive Spirit
Super charge the Taiga!
500 Pecan Pecorino Cheese
Gather Golem Parts!
500 Glazed Pecan Pecorino
Unique event mice!
3 Magical Holiday Hat
Enhanced Golem rewards!
25 Festive Jingle Bells
Speed up your golems!
Snowball Showdown Dust
Amp up showdown rewards
Winter Taiga Gift Basket
Great gift!
Winter Taiga Small Supply Kit
Jump start festivities!
Winter Taiga Large Supply Kit
Stock up!
The Great Winter Hunt will enter shutdown phase on
Wednesday, January 4, 2023
On Wednesday, January 4 2023, the Great Winter Hunt event will enter its shutdown phase. At this time, Pecan Pecorino and Golem Parts can no longer be found as loot drops. Forges will still work at the Golem Workshop and Cannons can still be fired at the Ice Fortress but Compressed Cinnamon will no longer drop in Cinnamon Hill.
The Great Winter Hunt will end completely on
Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Hunters can continue to send out Snow Golems until the event ends completely.
After the event ends, the following items will melt away and be removed from your inventory:
  • Golem Parts
  • Animated Snow
  • Reinforced Ice Shards
  • Compressed Cinnamon
  • Frost Globes
  • Hailstones
  • Firework Sugar Cookies
  • Magical Holiday Scarf
Make sure to use up all of these resources before January 10!
Travel to the Great Winter Taiga!

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-- Dave Vanderburg