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Master the Magic of the Boiling Cauldrons

12 October 2022

Halloween has begun in the Kingdom of Gnawnia!

Travel to the Gloomy Greenwood and put a stop to Baba Gaga!

Attention Android Players

Unfortunately due to unforeseen delays with Google, the Android update is not yet available.

You will still be able to play the event but you won't see a button to toggle your Insidious Incense until the update is released.

Please check the play store periodically for the new update to arrive, version 1.133.0.

Check the Google Play store Here.

Attention iOS Players

Please make sure you check for the latest update from Apple for version 1.133.0, it should now be available for download.

Check the Apple store Here.

You can check your current application version in the "Settings" tab in your mobile application.

There is More to the Story

The story of the Folklore Forest has been edited, updated, and embellished with many exciting new plot points, details, and even a brand new character!

The Gloomy Greenwood Returns...

The harrowing hut has returned to nest in the Gloomy Greenwood for this year's Halloween celebration and with it, the spine-tingling siren song of the spooktacular Baba Gaga!

Are you brave enough to travel back to the Gloomy Greenwood, conquer her collectors, command her cauldrons, and capture the most ghoulish performer of all time?

Collect Ingredients, Load the Cauldrons, and Start Brewing =

The only way to defeat Baba Gaga and her monstrous minions is to use her own enchanted cauldrons against her! You'll need to collect ingredients from the mice in the Gloomy Greenwood and then put those ingredients into the cauldrons in order to start brewing up spooky flavours of cheese!

Click on either cauldron to open up Baba Gaga's Recipe Book where you'll find all the information you need to start brewing her sinister concoctions.

Start by using any basic bait to catch the least spooky mice in the Gloomy Greenwood and collect the Pungent Pumpkins that they are carrying. If you have any leftover Halloween event cheese from previous years then you can use that instead of basic bait.

Add these Pungent Pumpkins into a cauldron based on Baba Gaga's recipe to brew a batch of Monterey Jack-O-Lantern. With Monterey Jack-O-Lantern armed, you'll be able to attract spookier mice who drop spookier ingredients.

Each tier of mice will drop the ingredient you need to make the next tier of cheese. There are four different types of cheese and each one will attract a unique pool of Halloween event mice. Work your way up to Scream Cheese in order to attract the villainous Baba Gaga herself!

When hunting with any of the new types of cheese, mice will also drop a very valuable ingredient called Mousedrake Root. Use this potent component to distill Baba Gaga's most powerful brew: Evil Extract!

Evil Extract can be traded in at the Apothecary (General Store) for a wide selection of existing potions as well as some brand new and extremely powerful ones that were created by Baba Gaga herself! Open up the "Shops" tab in Baba Gaga's Recipe Book to get a detailed look at all the available potions and what each of them can do.

Get a head start with these delicious delights!
15 Bonefort Cheese
Seek out scarier mice!
100 Bonefort Cheese
A big, boney bundle!

50 Bonefort Cheese
A spooky stockup!

Same Cauldrons, New Potions!

Two new potions have bubbled up from the bottom of Baba Gaga's cauldrons! These potions can be purchased from the Gloomy Greenwood Apothecary in exchange for Evil Extract.

Liquid Oxygen Potion
Converts Fishy Fromage directly into Oxygen Canisters!
Cost: 5 Evil Extract
Promotion Potion
Instantly converts spooky, snowball and party charms up to their next tier!
Cost: 10 Evil Extract
Stormy Clamembert Potion
The latest aquatic concoction from the Prologue Pond is available in the Apothecary!
Cost: 30 Evil Extract

Useful Utilities for Better Brewing

Insidious Incense

A new, foul smelling incense from the insidious mind of Baba Gaga is an extremely useful motivational tool for anyone gathering ingredients this spooky season. This incense was designed to increase the productivity of her followers while being free to pursue other more sinister schemes. Igniting this incense will add +1 to all ingredients dropped by a mouse in the Gloomy Greenwood, including Mousedrake Root! This incense can be ignited from the Gloomy Greenwood Heads-Up Display and is available from the Reward Track and the Premium Shop.

25 Insidious Incense
Gather more ingredients!
100 Insidious Incense
Cauldrons overfloweth!
Reactive Reagent

This potent chemical compound can be used to instantly finish any cauldron brew! Just add one for each hunt you have left in your brew and the cauldron will complete itself instantly! This wondrous powder is available from the Gloomy Greenwood Apothecary, the Reward Track, and the Premium Shop.

15 Reactive Reagent
Finish a brew!
100 Reactive Reagent
More than a pinch!

Reap the Rewards

The Gloomy Greenwood has rewards in store for diligent hunters. Every time you brew a batch of Evil Extract, you will make progress on the Halloween Reward Track. There are many useful and exciting rewards awaiting you including Cursed Skulls, Spooky Shuffle tickets, Insidious Incense, and more!

Cursed Skulls
Crush this skull to receive one week of the Spooky Aura which gives you a 30% power bonus and a chance at finding Cursed Gold and Wealth Charms!
Cursed Skulls can be crushed anytime you want!
Earn FOUR on the reward track!
Spooky Reward Box
A special spooky box of rewards!
  • 25 x Ultimate Spooky Charms
  • 10 x Spooky Shuffle Tickets
  • 250 x SUPER|brie+ Cheese
  • 500 x King's Credits
  • Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 3 Days from date of opening!
Earn yours on the reward track!
Stewing Cauldron Trap Skin
"You'll attract more spooks with stew!". Capture all those spooky mice this haunting season with a big, delicious, wholesome cauldron of spooky stew!
Earn yours on the reward track!

Baba Gaga's Boon

The Boiling Cauldron Trap has been given a boon by Baba Gaga's evil magic! While hunting in the Gloomy Greenwood, the Boiling Cauldron Trap will automatically receive the following bonuses: +1,000 Power, +10% Power Bonus, +15% Attraction Bonus, +5 Luck Bonus and an increased chance to produce specialty potions!

Boiling Cauldron Trap
The cauldron trap is back and better than ever!
Stats with Baba Gaga's Boon:
  • Power Type: Arcane
  • Power: 5,500
  • Power Bonus: 25%
  • Attraction Bonus: 15%
  • Luck: 25
  • Increased chance to produce specialty potions!
Buy it in the Gloomy Greenwood Trapsmith
Alchemist's Cookbook Base
When armed with the Boiling Cauldron Trap, this base will duplicate any potion the trap produces, including the specialty ones!
Stats with Baba Gaga's Boon:
  • Power: 350
  • Power Bonus: 10%
  • Attraction Bonus: 10%
  • Luck: 10
  • Cheese Effect: No Effect
Buy it in the Gloomy Greenwood Trapsmith

Light from the Darkness

Baba Gaga's Riftifier potion now has the ability to transform Rainbow Spore Charms into these brand new Rift Rainbow Spore Charms!

Rift Rainbow Spore Charm
Obtainable from the Riftifier potion!
Stats with Baba Gaga's Boon:
  • Power: 3,000
  • Power Bonus: 25%
  • Attraction Bonus: 25%
  • Luck: 25
  • Cheese Effect: No Effect
  • Provides the Riftwalker/Riftstalker Set Bonus!
Tradeable on the Marketplace!

The Spooky Shuffle is Back

The Spooky Shuffle is returning this year with quite a shake up!

The Baron/Baroness and Count/Countess reward tier has been replaced by a Baron/Baroness to Duke/Duchess reward tier.

The Duke/Duchess and Up reward tier has been replaced with a Grand Duke/Duchess and Up reward tier and has been stocked with rewards from the Floating Islands and Folklore Forest!

Spooky Shuffle Rewards
Bottled Wind Dragonbane Charms Storm Cells Draft Derby Curds
Ingenuity Grubs Papyrus Seeds
Upgraded Rewards
Use Spooky Shuffle Dust to upgrade your board for a chance at these new rewards!
Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake Cleverness Clams Mythical Mulch
25 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
Match for rewards!
Spooky Shuffle Dust
Unique rewards!

Terrifying Treasure Awaits

Visit the Cartographer in the Gloomy Greenwood and you'll find these two scroll cases for those who dare to embark on a terrifying treasure hunt!

Sealed Treat Scroll Case
You'll need Monterey Jack-O-Lantern as well as any Standard Bait to treat all of the mice on this list!
Cost: 1 Ancient Relic
Sealed Trick Scroll Case
Take on this tougher challenge after brewing a few batches of Bonefort, Polter-Geitost, and Scream Cheese!
Cost: 3 Ancient Relic

Gloomy Gathering Charm No More

The Gloomy Gathering Charm has lost some of its magic and will no longer cause mice to drop bonus ingredients. You can still use them to boost your Halloween themed traps or you can use your Hunter's Hammer to smash them into one Insidious Incense each!

Ghoulishly Good Deals for a Limited Time

The King has procured a sizeable collection of baskets, kits, and bundles to assist the hunters brave enough to venture into the Gloomy Greenwood.

Insidious Brew Bundle
Sample all the new potions! Limit three.
Spooky Trap Skin Bundle
New spooky trap skins! Limit one.
Spooky Shuffle Starter Pack
Start shuffling for only $0.99! Limit one.
Spooky Shuffle Mega Bundle
For the serious shuffler! Limit three.
Insidious Gift Basket
A gift for a frightened friend!
Apothecary Supply Kit
A kit for ingredient collection!
Alchemist Supply Box
For the ultimate alchemist!
15 Bonefort Cheese
Hunt some very spooky mice!
25 Insidious Incense
Gather more ingredients!
15 Reactive Reagent
Instantly finish a brew!
Brew as much Evil Extract as you can before the event ends!

Shutdown Phase One: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

During this one week shutdown phase, mice will stop dropping all ingredients but you can still brew any ingredients that you've already collected. Brew as many of your ingredients as you can or cash them out in the shops before the cauldron's lose their magic!

Shutdown Phase Two: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

During this one week shutdown phase, cauldrons will no longer brew potions without the help of Reactive Reagent! Make sure you finish off any remaining brews and shop purchases!

The Gloomy Greenwood Closes: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Boiling Cauldrons Halloween event ends completely and the Gloomy Greenwood location will disappear until next year.

After the event ends all unused ingredients and Evil Extract will rot away and disintegrate!

Travel to the Gloomy Greenwood and start brewing now!

-- Franco D'Auria