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A New Draft of the Folklore Forest!

27 September 2022

Many exciting new things have arrived in the Folklore Forest!

Treasure Maps, New Rewards, and lots of quality-of-life improvements!

There is More to the Story

The story of the Folklore Forest has been edited, updated, and embellished with many exciting new plot points, details, and even a brand new character!

A Foreboding Foreword

The serene soil of the Foreword Farm has been disrupted by a new and very lucrative type of plant: the Twisted Parable Papyrus Plant! Twisted Parable Papyrus Plant

This new plant requires Crop Coins to plant but will yield even more Parable Papyrus when harvested! Open the "Manage Plots" popup in the Foreword Farm to see all the details of this valuable new plant.

However, farmers should be warned that there is something... not quite right about these new plants. There is a warning in the Gnawnian Farmer's Almanac that planting too many of these in your field may attract a new and very dangerous kind of pest to your farm!

A Tale to Tell for Treasure Hunters

The Cartographers throughout the Folklore Forest now sell two new scroll cases that lead to valuable treasure hidden in this storied region!

Fishing and Farming Scroll Case

This inexpensive scroll case will unveil a treasure map that takes you on a short trip through the Foreword Farm and Prologue Pond and will result in a chest that rewards several useful items including Draft Derby Curds. This map offers a unique opportunity to save an Encyclopedia run should you end up writing longer than you anticipated and have run out of Final Draft Derby cheese. You no longer need to give up on that lucky run, just do one of these maps and you'll be able to pick right up where you left off!

Folklore Forest Prelude Scroll Case

This costly but lucrative scroll case will take you and your map-mates on a journey through all three locations in the Folklore Forest including having you face off against the Mythweaver! The treasure chest that you'll find at the end of that journey will contain a variety of very powerful charms including a brand new one!

A Powerful New Charm Has Arrived

The recently improved Ultimate Spore Charms have combined their power with Rainbow Charms to make a brand new charm that is more than the sum of its parts! The new Rainbow Spore Charm can be obtained from Folklore Forest Prelude Treasure Chests and the Unstable Magnum Opus.

Rainbow Spore Charm
The awesome power of a rainbow focussed through a Crystal Crucible!
  • Power: 3,000
  • Power Bonus: 25%
  • Attraction Bonus: 25%
  • Luck: 25
  • Cheese Effect: No Effect

Unstable Rewards for Accredited Authors

Successful authors who have earned many prestigious accolades in the Table of Contents can now choose to spend their hard-earned Gnawbel Prizes for Literature on two highly unstable but very lucrative works of fiction! These two items can both be purchased from any General Store in the Folklore Forest.

Unstable Manuscript
This raw, unedited work of fiction contains Draft Derby Curds, Spore charms, loot from the Farm or Pond, and a chance at the new Stormy Clamembert Potion!
Costs 5 Gnawbel Prizes
Unstable Magnum Opus
This avant-garde masterpiece contains a selection of powerful charms including the new Rainbow Spore Charms (guaranteed) in addition to a sum of gold, either Condensed Creativity or Magic Essence, and a rare chance at Ember or Ultimate Charms!
Costs 1,000 Gnawbel Prizes

A Lucrative Aquatic Concoction

There is now a powerful new option for creating Stormy Clamembert Cheese directly from Grubbeen Cheese! This valuable potion can be obtained from Folklore Forest Prelude Treasure Chests and the Unstable Manuscript.

Stormy Clamembert Potion
Converts 100 Grubbeen Cheese into 10 Stormy Clamembert Cheese!
Tradeable on the Marketplace!

Lofty Ideas Take to the Skies

There is now a Table of Contents themed airship cosmetic available for use in the Floating Islands! The pieces can be purchased from any General Store in the Folklore Forest.

Floating Bookmobile Airship
Soar through the Floating Islands with this "Library in the Sky"!
Costs 1.5m Gold and 300 Gnawbel Prizes per piece

Demonstrate Your Literary Prowess with a Journal Theme

The most esteemed authors in the Kingdom can now show off their literary accomplishments with a new Table of Contents Journal Theme! It can be purchased from any General Store in the Folklore Forest.

Table of Contents Journal Theme
An additional goal for the most dedicated writers!
Costs 2.5m Gold and 3,000 Gnawbel Prizes

New Quality-of-Life Improvements

A variety of exciting new changes and improvements have made their way into the Folklore Forest!

New Look for the Manage Plots Popup

The Manage Plots popup in the Foreword Farm has been restyled to add more information while taking up less space and the plant selections have been reordered so that they appear in the same order on both Browser and Mobile.

Brainstorm Chum Can Now be Scattered Without Cheese Armed

Previously Brainstorm Chum could only be scattered if Grubbeen, Clamembert, or Stormy Clamembert Cheese was already armed. Now you can scatter your Brainstorm Chum with any cheese armed or even no cheese at all! The chum still only functions with the above-mentioned cheeses so you will now see a warning on the Heads-Up Display if you arm an incompatible cheese but you now can activate your Chum first and arm your cheese afterwards. Furthermore, if you do activate your Chum with an incompatible cheese such as Gouda or SUPER|brie+ and you accidentally take a hunt, you will NOT lose any Chum during that hunt and it will automatically deactivate itself afterwards.

Loot Per Catch on the Pond HUD

An indicator has been added to the Heads-Up Display in the Prologue Pond (on both Browser and Mobile) to show which item is currently being looted based on your cheese and chum state and the quantity range that you can earn per catch!

Mobile Camp Page Improvements

The Mobile camp page has been made much more informative when hunting in the Foreword Farm and the Prologue Pond. While hunting in the Foreword Farm, the camp page now tells you which plant types are in each plot (via their thumbnail) and how many catches are remaining until your next plant finishes. While hunting in the Prologue Pond, the camp page now tells you whether Brainstorm Chum is currently being scattered (blue is inactive, magenta is scattered) as well as your quantity of Chum and the quantity of the item you're currently looting.

Choose What Happens to your Bait After Publishing

In the Table of Contents, you can now choose what happens to your bait after publishing a book. You can choose between the default behaviour which is to automatically arm your standard bait of choice or you can choose to have your bait disarm completely. This way you can easily prevent valuable charms from being wasted after an Encyclopedia run ends by simply choosing to have your bait disarm automatically. Whenever you start writing a new book, you'll be presented with this option but you can also change it at any time directly from the Table of Contents Heads-Up Display.

New Treasure Hunting Kit

With the discovery of the new treasure maps, the King has created a Folklore Forest Treasure Hunting Kit packed with Condensed Creativity, SUPER|brie+, and Rare Map Dust!

Folklore Forest Treasure Hunting Kit
Great Price on Rare Map Dust!
Go Forth and Tell your Tale!

-- Norman Hussey

Premium Shop Updates and Improvements

13 September 2022

Browser Premium Shoppe has new functionality!

Improvements to the Premium Shoppe

The Premium Shoppe on and Facebook has received a variety of improvements to make it easier than ever to use!

  • An improved layout for easier navigation!
  • Larger item images!
  • A simplified cart!
  • No more need to leave the game when using PayPal!
  • An all-new order summary after completing a purchase!
  • And much, much more!

For a full list of changes please see today's patch notes.

Checkout with or without PayPal

After reviewing your cart you now chose to checkout using a debit or credit card. Alternatively, players using PayPal are no longer directed away from the game and can complete their checkout within a window to get them back to the hunt quicker than ever!

Improved Order Summary

After completing a purchase you'll now see an improved order summary where you can easily view and access newly purchased items. Click "View" to quickly open Supply Kits and Gift Boxes, smash SUPER|brie+ into Magic Essence, or view more information about rewards! This same order summary can be accessed via a link that has been added to the journal entry a hunter receives upon completing a purchase.

These changes do not affect the Premium Shoppe within the mobile app. However, the team is working hard on improvements to make finding and comparing items easier within the app.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Last chance for Limited Time Bundles in the Folklore Forest!

2 September 2022

Take advantage of these incredible deals while you still can!

Take advantage of these incredible deals while you still can!

Last chance for these amazing deals in the Folklore Forest!

These incredible Limited Time Bundles will be leaving the Premium Shop on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 3:00pm UTC. So if you haven't taken advantage of these deals yet then make sure to visit the Premium Shop for your last chance at getting a head start to your literary career in the Folklore Forest!

Writer's Apprentice Bundle
Pennies, Coins, and more!
Master Wordsmith's Bundle
Includes Condensed Creativity!

Fairy Tale Flourish Bundle
Three new trap skins †

Limited Time Bundles will be gone from the Premium Shop on Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 3:00pm UTC

† The three skins in the Fair Tale Flourish Bundle will be available after Sept. 6 at full price ($4.99 each).

-- Dave Vanderburg