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Happy Lunar New Year

17 January 2023

Celebrate the new Year of the Rabbit and earn DOUBLE or TRIPLE loot!

Raise your Lantern to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!

Year of the Rabbit


The Year of the Rabbit is upon us and it's time to kick off the new year with heaps of luck and loot! The Lunar Lantern has returned along with the lunar event mice at thirteen locations across Gnawnia!

Claim the Rabbit Lantern to collect and light Lunar Lantern Candles and join the celebration to earn double or triple loot anywhere in the Kingdom!

How to Celebrate

Stockpile Locations

Travel to any one of these stockpile locations. You can refer to the Lunar New Year Heads-Up Display to view this list along with a travel button to take you to a specific location immediately. This year we have added the Foreword Farm as a new stockpile location!

Town of Gnawnia Laboratory Great Gnarled Tree Dojo
S.S Huntington IV Claw Shot City Muridae Market Gnawnia Rift
Fungal Cavern Moussu Picchu Queso River Islands' Launch Pad
Foreword Farm
Claim the Rabbit Lunar Lantern!

Upon arrival at a stockpile location you can claim the Rabbit Lunar Lantern immediately via the event Heads-Up Display!

Gather Dumpling Cheese

At stockpile locations, you can gather Dumpling Cheese by hunting as you normally would in that location. The mice in stockpile locations have a chance of dropping Dumpling Cheese.

Gather Lantern Candles from Lunar Event Mice

Gather Lunar Lantern candles from any of the event mice while hunting with Dumpling Cheese at Stockpile Locations. If you hunt with Nian Gao'da cheese you will also find some of the coveted Red Lunar Lantern Candles!

This year, Nian Gao'da will exclusively attract event mice including the Lunar Red Candle Maker Mouse making it easier to get Red Lunar Lantern Candles!

Light the Candles and soar into prosperity!

With the Rabbit Lantern you claimed, you can begin lighting these candles and reaping their rewards!

When your lantern is lit with Lunar Lantern Candles, you will find DOUBLE loot from mice anywhere in the Kingdom! If you're lighting Red Lunar Lantern Candles you'll find TRIPLE loot!

The amazing power of the lantern and candles doesn't end there. While you hunt with your lantern lit, it will rise into the air in search of more rewards. Each hunt with a Lunar Lantern candle lit will raise your lantern by one foot and each hunt with a Red Lunar Lantern candle lit will raise it by two feet!

Every ten feet that your lantern ascends, you'll receive a +1 Luck bonus to your trap that will apply whenever the candles are burning. The bonus is cumulative so the higher you go, the more luck you'll get!

Every thirty feet that your lantern ascends, you'll receive an extra reward in addition to the +1 Luck! Be sure to check out the Heads-Up Display to get a glimpse of all the valuable items that await you along the reward track!

Lunar New Year Items

The various shops at stockpile locations now stock Lunar New Year themed items that can be purchased after the Lunar New Year adventure is completed. Keep an eye out for some unique and festive airship parts and trap skins!

The Lantern Lighter Scroll Case is also returning to cartographers at stockpile locations. Use it to speed up your candle collecting!

Celebration Supplies

The King has expanded his collection of offerings with a variety of bountiful bundles to help you raise your lantern to new heights!

All candles are sold in packs that can be given to friends or bought and sold on the Marketplace. Grab them now to kick-start your celebration!

Lunar Starter Bundle
A lucky way to start off!
Lunar Mega Bundle
Mega Luck!
Year of the Rabbit Gift Basket
Give to friends!
Year of the Rabbit Supply Kit
Stock up!
Year of the Rabbit Large Supply Kit
The biggest celebration!
10 Pack of Lunar Lantern Candles
Start burning!
10 Pack of Red Lunar Lantern Candles
These burn the brightest!
100 Pack of Red Lunar Lantern Candles
Rocket to the top!
The Lunar New Year event will end on January 31, 2023

As of January 31, you will no longer be able to collect Dumpling cheese or Lunar Lantern Candles at stockpile locations.

You will no longer be able to light any Lunar Lantern candles and therefore won't receive the Lantern luck bonus, loot bonus, or be able to make any more progress on the reward track.

You will still be able to claim any unclaimed track rewards and purchase Lunar New Year items at stockpile location shops until February 7.

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-- Christopher Korolyk

Mobile Premium Shoppe Revamp

10 January 2023

Check out the new mobile facelift!

A fresh Premium Shoppe experience

Mobile Premium Shoppe Revamp

Out with the old, in with the new! The Mobile Premium Shoppe interface has been updated to make it feel smoother than ever before. Stop by and check it out for yourself.

New Tiles & Tabs!

The Mobile Premium Shoppe works the same as we all know, but now with a cleaner design. Use the tabs to swap between different categories. Use the search bar on the top to find whatever you're looking for.

These changes apply to mobile app version 1.138.0 and above.

We hope you enjoy these updates and we look forward to bringing you more improvements in the future!

Happy Hunting!

-- Christopher Korolyk

Winter Hunt Ends Soon

4 January 2023

Use up those golem parts!

Golem Parts, Pecan Pecorino, and other items can no longer be found as loot

The Frost King Retreats!

After undergoing a relentless barrage of hailstones from thousands of MouseHunters, the Frost King is showing signs of organizing a retreat from the Great Winter Taiga! Due to the steadfast effort of hunters, the Frost King's plan to plant Frost Globes throughout the Kingdom to create an eternal winter has been successfully thwarted!

As the Frost King signals retreat, the frosty conditions at the Great Winter Taiga are letting up and the first signs of spring are beginning to be felt. With the rise in temperature, golem parts can no longer be found as loot drops, and any Pecan Pecorino being carried by mice has fallen apart into a sticky mess.

Pecan Pecorino, Compressed Cinnamon, Golem Parts, and Firework Sugar Cookies can no longer be found as loot drops.

Sending Out Final Golems

Hunters can continue to send out Snow Golems until Tuesday, January 10. Have more parts than you think you'll be able to use before January 10? Smash extra Golem Parts into Animated Snow which can be spent at the General Store to purchase Festive Jingle Bells. These magical, one-time-use bells will help hastily return a golem, allowing you to quickly use up those excess parts!

25 Festive Jingle Bells
INSTANTLY return a golem!
Magical Holiday Hat
Make final golems count

Reminder: Spend Scarves and Frost Globes!

When the Great Winter Hunt officially comes to an end, the magic of Holiday Scarves will expire and the scarves will fade from existence. Similarly, the rise in temperatures will cause any Frost Globes to become unstable and safely crumble to dust.

The Great Winter Hunt will end completely on
Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Hunters can continue to send out Snow Golems until the event ends completely. After the event ends, any Golem Parts, Animated Snow, Reinforced Ice Shards, Hailstones, and Frost Globes in your inventory will melt away, Magical Holiday Scarves will fade from existence, and any Compressed Cinnamon and Sugar Cookies will be collected by the King.
Make sure to use up all of these resources before January 10!
Next Seasonal Event
The Lunar New Year event will begin on Tuesday, January 17!

-- Dave Vanderburg