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Mythweaver is a breed of mouse found in Table of Contents.

Mouse Group: Storytellers (Folklore Masterminds)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 1,000,000 Gold: 70,000
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Forgotten Other Requirements: 4,000+ words when writing
Cheese: Final Draft Derby Cheese Charm: None
Locations: Table of Contents Loot: See below
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
Many a cautionary tale has been written about the dangers of hubris but few are as poignant or consequential as the one being penned by the Mythweaver.

This once meek and meager mouse began its story as a simple Bookborn willed into existence by the maniacal Zurreal the Eternal. There was something unique about this particular manifestation however and it caused Zurreal to take special notice. This Bookborn exhibited more intelligence, intuition, and understanding than the rest of its kind and so Zurreal decided to share small fragments of his immense knowledge with this curious creature. As the Bookborn consumed more knowledge, its abilities began to grow and so too did its usefulness. Zurreal recognized an opportunity to mold and shape this exceptional creation into a powerful assistant capable of expediting his plans to conquer humans and mice alike.

Unbeknownst to Zurreal, this creature was consuming knowledge at an unimaginable rate and before long, its intelligence and understanding had begun to surpass even its master's. This nameless creation eventually sought to have an identity of its own and, having developed a particular fascination with the countless volumes of folklore contained in the Crystal Library, began calling itself the Mythweaver. The Mythweaver began to recognize that he was merely a servant to an insane and tyrannical leader, a mere cog in a broken machine. And with that profound realization, this ethereal creature transformed into a unique and extraordinarily powerful mouse! On that day, the Mythweaver vowed to turn against his creator and become a true leader of mice; dedicated not only to their survival but to their supremacy in the land of Gnawnia!

So the Mythweaver scoured every inch of the great library in search of a means by which he could conquer the kingdom on behalf of his kind and one day he found what he had been searching for. Hidden inside a forgotten book on a forgotten shelf, the Mythweaver discovered a single page that Zurreal had missed all these years. This enchanted page was written by Zugzwang himself and on it he learned of a secret place of unprecedented power: the Folklore Forest!

He learned that deep in the Folklore Forest there exists a magical Book of Lore which contains the entire history of Gnawnia scribbled throughout its pages. What is special about this book however, is that if the words on these pages are changed then so too will history itself be changed. And thus began the Mythweaver's quest to rewrite history by writing the mice as the glorious champions and the humans as the vanquished foes!

Mouse ID#: 1113

Cheese Preference

Mythweaver is only attracted to Final Draft Derby Cheese.

Hunting Strategy

Mythweaver is only available when the stage is writing and the Hunter has written at least 4,000 words in the current writing session.

Forgotten power type is very effective against Mythweaver.
All other types are ineffective.


Mythweaver can drop:

With Leather Bound Cover, the following loot is added to the pool:

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