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"The power bonus of both weapon and base are added together and then applied to the total power of the trap, increasing its power."

The power bonus attribute on certain bases, weapons, charms, and cheese increases the power of a trap. The power bonus from the components are first added together, and is then applied to the combined power of a trap. Fractional power is rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Using the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, Stone Base, and Power Charm as an example:

Component Power Power Bonus
Swiss Army Mouse Trap 1,200 2%
Stone Base 150 10%
Power Charm 120 1%
Total 1,470 13%
Total Power: 1,470 * 113% = 1,662

Trap setups

The maximum power bonus historically attainable was 88%, achieved by pairing the event-only Birthday Party Piñata Bonanza (35%) with either the Tiki or Tribal Base (18%) and an Ultimate Power Charm (20%), and while hunting in the Festive Snow Fort with a 15% bonus from the Snow Cannon; this setup pre-dated the bonus from Toxic Brie. Without relying on limited edition components or events, the highest power bonus possible is 80%, using the Chrome MonstroBot (22%), the Tiki Base (18%), an Ultimate Power Charm (20%), and Empowered Brie Cheese (20%). However, please note that while these setups yield the highest power bonuses in the game, they do not always provide the highest possible power. It is also possible to use the Tower Amplifier to increase power by up to another 75%, although this is generally only useful with Tactical traps, or when using Physical traps to hunt the M400 Mouse.

The following items offer an additional Power Bonus when used in combinations or in correct locations:

The Physical Brace Base adds a 25% Power boost when paired with a Physical weapon, although this boost is computed more like the Tower Amplifier rather than a Power Bonus (for example, Physical Brace Base, Tacky Glue Trap, and Mobile Charm provide 370 Power and 5% Power Bonus; this is then scaled by 25% from 389 to 486, whereas 370 Power and 30% Power Bonus would be 481).

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