Spooky Aura

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The Spooky Aura is a trap bonus that can be earned by taking part in the 2017 Halloween event, Creepy Carl's Cursed Cruise. It is represented by a green skull icon in the upper left of the main trap image on the Camp page.

Spooky Aura Effect

When the aura is active, hunters will receive:

Obtaining a Spooky Aura

The duration depends on the Ghostship destroyed.

  • The Gnawnian Ghoul: 15 hrs
  • Martial Mayhem: 18 hrs
  • The Soul of the Sea: 20 hrs
  • The Demon of the Desert: 22 hrs
  • The Ancient Apparition: 24 hrs
  • The Phantom of the Plane: 30 hrs

All Spooky Auras could not be extended beyond Nov 30th 2017.

When Hunter's cannons are armed with an Ethereal Cannonball, catching a mouse will damage the [Creepy Carl's Cursed Cruise#Destroying Ghostships|Ghostship]] by the same number of points of the captured mouse. The more valued the mouse, the more damage your cannon deals. The Ghostship they damage is based on the location from which hunters attack.

The HP of the Ghostship are as follow:

  • The Gnawnian Ghoul- 8,000 HP
  • Martial Mayhem- 85,000 HP
  • The Soul of the Sea- 560,000 HP
  • The Demon of the Desert- 630,000 HP
  • The Ancient Apparition- 1,575,000 HP
  • The Phantom of the Plane- 1,620,000 HP

For example, the Martial Mayhem can be attacked from the Training Grounds, Dojo, Meditation Room, or Pinnacle Chamber. In that particular region (Furoma), only the Dojo itself is "Haunted". This means that Ghastly Galleon Gouda and Ethereal Cannonballs can only be found in the Dojo, but cannonballs can be fired from any other location in Furoma as well to bring down the Martial Mayhem.

History and Trivia

  • 17 October 2017: The Spooky Aura was introduced with the release of Creepy Carl's Cursed Cruises.
  • 30 November 2017 The last Spooky Aura ended.