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My early experience here tells me that if you have the patience, nothing beats Cheddar. I figure, for the price, I'd have to catch mice 5 times as frequently, or 10 times as frequently, to justify spending more. I just haven't seen catch rates go up like that. -Elliott

OK - I have to amend my earlier advice. I still say Cheddar is the best until you can afford the Swiss Army trap and explosive base - because your catch rate before then is so poor there's no point baiting with anything else - the mice will just steal it.

Attraction Rates

Cheddar should have an attraction rate of about 30% in the region of Gnawnia. -- Grexx 16:52, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

Mice dropping cheddar

It is not useful information to have here, because it's not a reliable way to obtain cheddar. Additionally, it's covered in individual mice pages, and we don't need to have the info in various places - will be troublesome to maintain. -- Camomiletea 16:14, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

While it is not a reliable way to obtain cheddar I think that this is good information for the novice hunter who is consider hunting in the Meadow or in the Town of Gnawnia. Yes the information is available elsewhere - but one of my goals is to cut down the need for people to look through the Wiki for information. Most other loot pages include the mouse the drops the loot and the location where the loot is dropped. Yes cheddar is not very important loot to most mouse hunters - but when you are first starting out you have to decide which kind of cheese to use - and if you go to the wiki to learn about cheddar cheese I think it would be cool if the learned about how they can get free cheese in the meadow. -- Ralph 11:44, 18 April 2009