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Rare Breed/Prize categories

I've noticed that the Master Burglar is still listed in Category:Rare Breeds Mice and Category:Prize Mice. What are other's thoughts on keeping or removing either of these categories from this article? I can see a certain historical value in keeping the Prize Mice category, but I also worry about misleading newer players as (to the best of our knowledge at the moment) the Master Burglar no longer meets the criteria of a prize mouse (i.e. giving "a real world prize to hunters when caught"). As far as the Rare Breeds category goes, does anyone know if Rare Breeds are even being calculated in 3.0? I've noticed that the Bonus Mice Badge is gone (although that might be temporary). Even still, if Rare Breeds are still a part of the game do we know if the Master Burglar continues to be one of them? This could be a repeat of the Dumpling Chef Mouse, which started out as a Rare Breed and later became part of the regular total as it was permanently integrated into the game. I suppose I'm just looking for input on the matter, so what are everyone else's thoughts? —MearsMan talk 22:44, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

It seems a good idea to me to remove those from Master Burglar. By the way, there's already someone who has his Bonus mice badge back, due to catching 203/201 mice. Not sure if the Rare Breeds will return at some point or not. I vote let's wait and see. We can always delete that category later. -- camomiletea 22:52, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

I've gone ahead and removed the Prize Mice, but I've left the Rare Breeds Mice category for now. I've seen a little evidence on the boards that rare breeds are still being calculated (as you pointed out, the badge still exists), and some speculation that the Master Burglar is still being included in that calculation for the moment. I figured it wouldn't hurt to leave it until there's a little more input or we know more about the state of Rare Breeds in 3.0. —MearsMan talk 18:41, 16 June 2010 (UTC)