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Page cleanup

Would someone PLEASE clean up this page ASAP? The weapons are all named incorrectly throughout and it's embarrassing. Holidays are over and I need to get some real work done, but if someone can't get to it by tonight then I'll have to do it myself. Seriously, people, it's not THAT hard to edit your work before posting it. If you've been playing the game long enough to be interested in weapon theory, you should at the very least be familiar with the names of the weapons you're trying to discuss. Sorry to be so darn direct, but this just creates a lot more work for those of us who care about quality and perception. :-( -- B.Rossow talkcontr 14:43, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

  • Did it myself. Too much of a mess to have out there for the public to see. Page still needs cleanup, however. -- B.Rossow talkcontr 15:44, 2 January 2009 (UTC)
I am planning on doing some clean up of the stats section of this page. -- Ralphminer 12:21, 20 April 2009 (UTC)