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Preferred Cheese
Mouse Sub-Group
I Iceberg Sculptor Mouse Great Winter Hunt 32,017 4,000 See current Great Winter Hunt location Event Mice Great Winter Hunt
Iceblade Mouse Iceberg 14,560 3,850 Icewing's Invasion Zealot
Iceblock Mouse Iceberg 7,425 1,265 Icewing's Invasion Bergling
Icebreaker Mouse Iceberg
Slushy Shoreline
5,850 1,320 Icewing's Invasion Tunnel Rat
Icewing Iceberg 51,250 11,295 Icewing's Invasion Misc
Icicle Mouse Seasonal Garden 11,980 3,840 Seasonal Soldiers Winter
Ignatia Mouse Queso Geyser 50,000 8,000 Hot Queso
Flamin' Queso
Queso Canyoneers Geyser Hunter
Ignis Mouse King's Gauntlet 4,490 1,000 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 5 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier Five:
Magic Mice
Impersonator Mouse King's Gauntlet 120 180 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier Two:
Thief Mice
Incompetent Ice Climber Mouse Iceberg
Slushy Shoreline
5,230 750 Icewing's Invasion Bergling
Industrious Digger Mouse Town of Digby 3,510 890 Limelight Digby Dirt Dwellers
Inferna, The Engulfed Prickly Plains 150,000 18,000 Flamin' Queso Queso Canyoneers Spice Mice
Inferno Mage Mouse Fiery Warpath
(Wave 2)
26,500 1,000 The Marching Flame Mage
Infiltrator Mouse Crystal Library 15,800 1,900 Zurreal's Breed
Itty-Bitty Burroughs Mouse Town of Digby 10,000 4,000 Limelight Digby Dirt Dwellers
Itty Bitty Rifty Burroughs Mouse Burroughs Rift 36,000 4,600 Terre Ricotta Rift Walkers Burroughs Rift