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Simple table template to maintain consistency between mice pages. All fields shown here are required:

{{ Mouse
 | id =
 | maxpoints =
 | mingold =
 | mgroup =
 | subgroup =
 | habitat =
 | loot =
 | traptype =
 | bait =
 | charm =
 | other =
 | mhinfo =
 | image =
 | desc =

Additionally, there is an optional parameter:

  • "title" to change the title of the infobox when needed to be modified.


The traptype attribute refers to the mouse's weaknesses to various power types.

  • If there are trap power type(s) which are Very Effective against the mouse, list those.
  • If there are no Very Effective types, list the Effective types instead.
  • If there are no Very Effective or Effective types, list the Less Effective types.
  • If the Effective types are, in fact, all types except the one-off Parental trap, enter "All types" (this applies to Indigenous Mice, for example).

Many mice have a subgroup. An example of one with a subgroup is Eclipse, which would be listed with:

 | mgroup   = Gauntlet Gladiators
 | subgroup = Tier Eight: The Eclipse

See more notes in the Manual of Style.