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Item Cost Requirement Refund
Bamboozler Base 75,000 Gold None 13,500 Gold
Aqua Base 115,000 Gold None 20,700 Gold
Tribal Base 240,000 Gold None 43,200 Gold
Molten Shrapnel Base 720,000 Gold
50 Scrap Metal
1 Dragon Ember
None N/A
Item Power Type Cost Requirement Refund
Net Cannon Hydro 450,000 Gold None 81,000 Gold
Harpoon Gun Hydro 450,000 Gold None 81,000 Gold
Ancient Spear Gun Hydro 160,000 Gold
1 Ancient Spear
1 Launcher Parts
None N/A
Heat Bath Hydro 2 Launcher Parts
1 Heat Bath Blueprints
6 Scrap Metal
6 Coal
None N/A