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Item Cost Requirement Refund
Charmbit 25 Gold None 20 Gold
Spore Charm 1,000 gold
25 Pond Penny
None N/A
Super Spore Charm 1,000 gold
2 Spore Charm
None N/A
Extreme Spore Charm 2,000 gold
2 Super Spore Charm
1 Outwrite the Mythweaver N/A
Ultimate Spore Charm 2,500 gold
2 Extreme Spore Charm
20 Gnawbel Prize for Literature
1 Outwrite the Mythweaver N/A
Super Lucky Power Charm 2,500 Gold None 750 Gold
Extreme Power Charm 1,500 Gold None 450 Gold
Extreme Luck Charm 4,500 Gold None 1,350 Gold
Extreme Lucky Power Charm 12,000 Gold None 3,600 Gold