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The Tribal Isles are home to three tribes of mice: Elub, Nerg, and Derr. The mice within each tribe are of the same power type, wear color-coordinated clothes, prefer a particular cheese, and perform specific parallel tasks or serve a specific function.

Of the three tribes, the Elub mice are worth the most points, the Derr mice provide the most gold rewards, and the Nerg are balanced.

According to the story line, the tribes used to be ruled by Balack.

Tribe Nerg Derr Elub
Power Type Tactical Physical Hydro
Tribal area Nerg Plains Derr Dunes Elub Shore
Charm Nerg Power Charm Derr Power Charm Elub Power Charm
Basic cheese Cape Clawed
Tribal area
Narrator Wordsmith Taleweaver
Pathfinder Trailblazer Scout
Caretaker Healer Alchemist
Tribal area only Finder Seer Mystic
Beast Tamer Grunt Pack
Alnilam Mintaka Alnitak
Conjurer Spellbinder Soothsayer
Conqueror Renegade Vanquisher
Drops Savoury Vegetables Delicious Stone Seashell
Special cheese Type Gumbo Crunchy Shell
Cape Clawed Grandfather Aged Elder
Drops Thorned Vine Rhino Horn Ancient Spear
Tribal area Defender Guardian Protector
Slayer Gladiator Champion
Nerg Chieftain Derr Chieftain Elub Chieftain
Drops Yellow Pepper Seed Red Pepper Seed Blue Pepper Seed
Chieftain drops Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece