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MouseHunt is a popular application on Facebook that uses passive gameplay to help the player, referred to as the hunter, catch mice with a variety of traps in order to earn experience points and gold. MouseHunt was developed by members of HitGrab, Inc. and sampled for Beta testing in early 2008. On March 7, 2008, MouseHunt was officially released on Facebook to the general public.

The MHWiki (as it will be referred to from here on out) is intended to inform the populace of Mouse Hunters and those who have any interest in the MouseHunt world and its intricacies.

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Where to Begin?

To begin your MouseHunt adventure, you must first purchase a trap, which consists of a base and a weapon. You will also need cheese to be used as bait.

  1. Hover over Shops,
  2. Click on Trapsmith,
  3. Select a base,
  4. Select a weapon,
  5. Click on Cheese Shoppe,
  6. Select the type and quantity of cheese you wish to purchase,
  7. Sound the Hunter's Horn.
  8. When you have enough gold and you have reached the required Hunter's Title, you may Travel to new Locations.

Upcoming Events

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Here is where you'll find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. I have been away for the weekend and just got home now. I have checked my hunting log and it seems I’ve not hunted since 9am yesterday. I’m not talking hunters horn, I mean no trap checks. So since yesterday at 9am I’ve caught a white mouse and I caught that at 18.35 just as I signed in and sounded the horn. Is there anything you can do about this? I mean it’s more than 24hrs out of action.

A. You only get trap checks for the first 24 hours after your last activity.

Q. It seems that searching in the discussion boards always gives no results?

A. The search function doesn't work. The forums/message boards are not MouseHunt/HitGrab programs/software, but are in fact Facebook's and are very limited in their capabilities, you can however look at your posts from the drop down menu.

Q. I've added this application, but it doesn't appear on my application list so each time I have to search for mouse hunt, select application then click on join the hunt. Is there any way to add this application to my list?

A. When you are in the Mouse Hunt app an icon should appear on your application bar at the bottom of your page - it will be to the right hand side of any other apps you have book marked and it will have a green cross on it. Just click on it and it will book mark Mousehunt - so it will always be on your application bar at the bottom of the page.

More info...
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