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About Me

Hello! I finally decided to sign-up after lurking here for the past 4 months. This is my first time doing editing in a Wiki so bear with me. I'm still relatively new to the world of MouseHunt, but I hope what I do know will still be helpful to the newbies here. If you need another companion in the game, just add me up anytime.


Bases and Weapons Table Generator

This tool automatically generates code for the Bases and Weapons tables here in MHWiki to make an editor's job easier. Usage is pretty much self-explanatory. Just input the statistics of the Base or Weapon you're using, press Generate, and the code should be ready before you know it. Alternatively, you can also select your desired Template and all the statistics will automatically be inserted. Hurray for laziness! Please leave comments and feedback here. Bug reports are most welcome.


  • Implemented Templates
  • Various fixes (sorting, etc.)
  • Major code clean-up

To-Do List

  • Add own Hunt Statistics somewhere around here.
  • Find more things to do.
  • Play MouseHunt some more.