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About Me

I'm just a normal MouseHunt player who neglects schoolwork to play quite a bit.

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So, what's with the nickname?

Well, nothing really apart from it being my student number at school. I'm literally the only 's18067' there is, so why not?

What I'm Currently Doing

* Updating the Timeline whenever I'm on when there's an update
* Creating new trap or mouse pages when need be, and also updating the main Traps and Mice page when it is out of date
* Updating the Traps pagebr/> * Adding image links for traps and mice

  • So real life caught up with me, and 2nd year of Med school is a little too hectic to keep up with this... I'll be taking a break this year... Sorry to all my fellow editors.

Past Contributions

  • Creation of Charms template and Charm Conduit template
  • Started a few weapons and mice pages

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