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Current: Update individual Location pages.

DONE: (May 2015) Create new Cheese Table/Master Cheese page and individual Cheese pages.
DONE: Updated Charms page/relocated it to own page.
DONE: GWH Mice updated on individual pages and master list.
DONE: Halloween 2014 location page, mice
DONE: Figure out a better way to list the areas of the King's Party Zone at this page: Location
DONE: Updated master Mice page.
DONE: Updated Mouse pages with Event Participation sections and making edits as needed to other areas of each Mouse page.
DONE: Implementing Templates for new InfoBoxes
DONE: (6/24/14): Updated InfoBoxes for Charms/Charm Conduit
DONE: (6/22/14): Updated InfoBoxes for Weapons
DONE: (6/21/14): Updated InfoBoxes for Skins and Bases
DONE: (6/1/14): Updated Cheese Formula Tables to include Recipe Task and Source info.
DONE: (6/1/14): Updated Charm Formula Tables to include Recipe Task and Source info.
DONE (5/30/14): Updated Trap and Base Formula tables to include Source and Recipe Unlock information.
DONE (5/29/14): Creating Template:Source/Item pages for all crafting items.