Wizard Zugzwang

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Wizard Zugzwang is a mysterious figure first mentioned in the description of Zugzwang's Last Move. He is apparently responsible for the various traps traded in the Gnawnia region. He lives in a tower overrun by "clever" mice. While he originally created Zugzwang's Last Move to combat the tower mice, hunters have found it to be equally effective in the Furoma region.

A page from Plankrun's Journal reveals that Plankrun had personally received Zugzwang's Last Move from Zugzwang.

Zugzwang's pet octopus, Bubbles, guards the entrance to the Seasonal Garden and Zugzwang's Tower.

The Chess Master has obtained Zugzwang's socks. This mouse will occasionally drop Zugzwang's Left Sock as loot, and is pictured wearing a matching sock on his right foot.

According to the book carried by the Walker Mouse, the wizard's first initial is "N."

On 14 Nov 2012, Zugzwang's Leftover Rock became available as a rare result of poking an Unstable Gourd; it is also tradeable on the Marketplace.