Year of the Ox Journal Theme

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An elegantly crafted journal theme to celebrate the Year of the Ox!
Rewarded to those who raised their lantern to great heights during the Lunar New Year 2021 Celebration.

The Year of the Ox Journal Theme is a Theme that changes a Hunter's journal's appearance on the Camp page to one with elements from Lunar New Year 2021.

To equip this theme, a Hunter needs to have at least 1 Year of the Ox Journal Theme Collectible in their inventory.

Current Way of Unlocking

Lunar New Year 2020
Larry's Loot Lexicon Top Image Bottom Image Thumbnail Image
Theme can be purchased from: See current Lunar New Year event
Item Cost (Each)
Lunar New Year 2021 Hit 270ft during Lunar New Year 2021
Total: N/A

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History and Trivia

9 February 2021: The Year of the Ox Journal Theme was introduced as part of Lunar New Year 2021