Ancient (cheese)

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Ancient (cheese)
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Cheese Info
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These tender morsels spark with electric energy that bind together dust-like particles of stale cheese. Ancient cheese expels a strong stale scent and is extremely volatile.

The Ancient Cheese is a Crafted cheese. It is one of the main bait used in the Acolyte Realm, the Catacombs and the Forbidden Grove.

Crafting Ancient Cheese

The main ingredients to create Ancient Cheese are the Stale Cheese and Ionized Salt. The former is a by-product of baited cheese going stale from a trap's cheese effect. The latter is bought in the General Store of the Bazaar for 450 gold.

Three pieces

The first way provides 3 pieces for 3 Stale Cheeses.

Formula: Ancient (3 pieces)
Description Qty Cost
Stale Cheese 3 Loot
Ionized Salt 6 450
Total 2,700

Six pieces

As the Stale Cheese is somehow laborious to gather, one can also consider making 6 pieces instead of 3, for the 'same' amount of Stale Cheese and of Ionized Salt. The counterpart is that one needs to use 3 SUPER|brie+ which has been preliminary smashed into Magic Essences.

Formula: Ancient (6 pieces)
Description Qty Cost
Magic Essence 3 Crafting
Stale Cheese 3 Loot
Ionized Salt 6 450
Total 2,700

Imbuing Ancient Cheese

Using an Ancient Cheese Curd Potion converts either Brie or SUPER|brie+ cheese into Ancient cheese.

The hunter's title and the type of cheese used in the conversion both determine the amount of Ancient cheese generated and the gold required per piece.

Using SUPER|brie+ Using Brie
Hunter's Title Gold (ea) #
Total Gold (ea) #
Legendary 800 6 4800 1900 3 5700
Hero 800 6 4800 1900 3 5700
Knight 800 8 6400 1900 4 7600
Lord/Lady 800 9 7200 1900 5 9500
Baron/Baroness 800 10 8000 1900 5 9500

Ancient Cheese Curd Potions are dropped by these mice:
   – by Scavenger mice in the Catacombs and the Forbidden Grove.
   – by Keeper mice in the Catacombs.
   – by Keeper's Assistant mice in the Catacombs.


Ancient cheese is known as the preferred bait of Gargoyle, Gate Guardian, Ghost, Golem, Gorgon, Keeper, Keeper's Assistant, Lycan, Mummy, Ooze, Ravenous Zombie, Reaper, Scavenger, Skeleton, Spectre, Spider, and Vampire mice.