Enraged RhinoBot

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The Enraged RhinoBot is a Physical type weapon that can be upgraded from the RhinoBot weapon.

Enraged RhinoBot
Power Type: Physical
Weapon Statistics Weapon Info
Power: 5,900 Title Required: ??
Power Bonus: 10% Cost: 1,300,000+
Attraction Bonus: 0% Limited Edition: No
Luck: 20 Crafted: Yes
Cheese Effect: Insanely Stale Smashable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
Digby scientists were hard at work trying to improve upon the already amazing RhinoBot when a fluke of chance led to the creation of the Enraged RhinoBot! The pure platinum cogs make it practically indestructible and a machine of pure raging power! It is hard to say whether the scientists think their masterpiece a success or a failure because since the Enraged Rhinobot has emerged from their labs, no one has been able to discover their whereabouts.

Obtained Via

The Enraged RhinoBot is not sold by any Trapsmith. It can only be crafted given the proper ingredients.


Hunters must have 13,000,000 points to craft the Enraged RhinoBot.

Formula: Enraged RhinoBot
Recipe can be unlocked by: Capture an Aged Mouse
Item Qty Cost (Each) Source
RhinoBot Parts 1 940,000+
Rhino Horn 3 N/A
Stale SUPER|brie+ 48 N/A
Tiny Platinum Bar 6 60,000
(360,000 total)
Total 1,300,000


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History and Trivia

  • 22 March 2011: The first Enraged RhinoBot was crafted.
  • 29 July, 2015: The point requirement for the Enraged RhinoBot was lowered from 17,000,000 to 13,000,000.