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The Hunter's Profile consists of 4 tabs:

Finding Hunter's Profiles

There are a number of methods of finding your hunter's profile. The most common is by clicking on the MouseHunt shield (just above where it tells your rank). However, there are other methods of finding not only your own, but your friends' and other hunters' profiles.

  • Hunting Group
Go to your Hunting Group page (simply by clicking on the 'Friends'-Button)
You will get a list of all your friends that have the MouseHunt application installed which is by default sorted by last activity.
Clicking on a hunter's name gets you to their profile. You also have the option to 'Give Supplies' or 'Send a Message' to their Facebook Wall.
You can sort them by 'Location' when clicking the respective tab and choosing from a drop-down menu.
To find a certain friend, click the 'Search'-tab and start typing their name into the search box. This will produce a drop-down list depending on how specific you were. Then click on their name (arrow-key navigation is also possible) and then 'Submit' (or hit Return/Enter twice) to get their main stats.
  • Through the Scoreboard
Go to 'Lore' > 'Scoreboard'
In the 2 tabs you can either search for hunter's within your friends' list or among all players by typing their name in the respective search box. Then just click on their name and you'll get to their hunter's profile.
You can also do this for your own hunter's profile – but it does take longer.


During the 2010 Halloween Trick AND Treat Event, it was possible to visit a friend's profile to do Trick-or-Treating once per day, to get six more pieces of event-specific cheese. Each hunter could visit their own profile and choose whether they would give out Tricks (Ghoulgonzola cheese) or Treats (Candy Corn cheese) to any visitors. Hunters were limited to visiting ten friend's profiles for Trick-or-Treating per day.

Wishing Well

During the 2010 King's Giveaway Event, it is possible to visit a friend's profile to toss one Lucky Coin into the Wishing Well per day, giving both the giver and receiver 3 more Prize Power. If the friend has 5 or less Prize Power, then the prize power changes by 5. Hunters are limited to visiting ten Wishing Wells per day.