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Archive for updates taken place in June 2013 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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The Law has come to town

27 June 2013

The Law has come to town

Howdy, y'all! Looks like the Old West has rolled into town... With it has come some of the toughest, nastiest varmints Gnawnia has ever seen. These lawless mice have no regard for the rules, and it'll take a new type of trap to bring these mice to justice!

Don't be discouraged when you first arrive. The Trapsmith has some new Law traps for hunters to use against the mice of the Wild Bunch gangs, and there's more to come.

Be warned when you mosey on into town... These mice are not to be trifled with!

New Power Type

The Trapsmith in Claw Shot City has seen the need for Law in this new place. You can find new traps for sale with this new Law power type.

This is the only thing that will work to stop these lawless mice in their tracks!

Rumor has it that Law traps have also been observed having an effect against other thieving, burglaring, robbing mice in the Kingdom.

Bounty Hunter

If you manage to capture this mouse you might just get lucky enough to find a Sealed Wanted Poster. If you do, there is sure to be a valuable reward at the end of it! However, he won't stick around if you're already chasing down a bounty or have a Sealed Wanted Poster in your inventory.

This mouse will bend to the authority of the local Sheriff. Hunters with a Sheriff's Badge Charm equipped will find catching the Bounty Hunter Mouse and collecting a Wanted Poster from him is easier than licking dust off of a barn.

Wanted Posters

The local Marshall in Claw Shot City needs the help of MouseHunters! He is offering bounties for the capture of the dangerous Wild Bunch gangs. Find Wanted Posters on Bounty Hunter mice to hunt down one of the gangs. The ringleader is in hiding and will not show up until you've caught the rest of his crew first.

When you've caught the gang, you'll receive a Bounty Reward which comes with some Fool's Gold! Use this incredibly rare and valuable mineral to buy a better Law trap from the Trapsmith.

The Marshall is still investigating the gangs operating in the city, so keep looking for more posters in the meantime until new bounties are revealed!


Prospector's Charm
The Prospector's Charm provides a needed power boost of to your Law trap. That extra +200 power comes in handy against the Wild Bunch mice.

It also increases the chance to encounter a Prospector Mouse, who will sometimes drop a bit of Fool's Gold when caught!

Sheriff's Badge Charm
The Sheriff's Badge Charm is the key to bringing the Bounty Hunter Mouse to justice. When you encounter a Bounty Hunter Mouse with this charm equipped, you are guaranteed to catch him and he will drop a Wanted Poster every time. You can find these charms in the Marketplace, within one of the kits below, or rarely from the Bounty Hunter Mouse himself if you're lucky!

Fool's Gold

This super-rare mineral, much more valuable than common gold, is given as a reward to hunters for completing a Wanted Poster and capturing a Wild Bunch gang. Collect it to purchase a stronger Law trap in order to fare better in the capture and arrest of the lawless mice in Claw Shot City.

Look for new traps and charms in the shops as the city grows!

The Prospector Mouse sometimes drops a small handful, so use Prospector's Charms to increase your chance in encountering this mouse. The Pyrite Mouse is guaranteed to drop a small fortune in Fool's Gold, but he is extremely rare and elusive! He is attracted to rare and valuable things, so use SUPER|brie+ to slightly increase your encounter chance.

Kits, Chests, and Charms

Perfect for trailblazers that like to travel light, this Bounty Trail Kit will help you stay on the heels of your quarry and track down the Wild Bunch gangs found on Wanted Posters. Inside you'll find 125 SUPER|brie+, 2 Rare Map Dust, 2 Sheriff's Badge Charms, and 1 month of Lucky Golden Shield!

The Old West is dangerous, and hunting without the right supplies can be even more dangerous! Get some help from this Claw Shot Chest filled with everything you need to hunt for the bounties of the Wild Bunch gangs. Inside you'll find 550 SUPER|brie+, 5 Rare Map Dust, 5 Sheriff's Badge Charms, and 2 months of Lucky Golden Shield!

With a Sheriff's Badge Charm equipped, hunters who encounter a Bounty Hunter Mouse are guaranteed to catch him and bring him to justice, finding a Sealed Wanted Poster in his possession!
This item can be traded on the Marketplace.

The Law has come to town

  • Claw Shot City has opened up and tough lawless mice have taken over
  • Check out the new Law power type traps
  • Catch a Bounty Hunter Mouse, find a Wanted Poster, and capture Wild Bunch gangs
  • Complete Wanted Posters to receive Fool's Gold and upgrade your Law trap
  • Use Prospector's Charms or Sheriff's Badge Charms for a needed boost

Travel to Claw Shot City | Buy a special kit or some Sheriff's Badge Charms for yourself or a friend

-- Giorgio Sintichakis