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New Year's Party!

29 December 2016

Collect New Year's Fireworks and set them off while flying!

New Year's Party Zones

While exploring the Great Winter Hunt you may now come across a New Year's Party zone where New Year's and Partyhead mice have been spotted! Both of these mice drop celebratory Festive New Year's Fireworks that are sure to bring in 2017 with a BANG!

You'll attract these event mice most often by using Arctic Asiago while your sleigh is within a New Year's Party zone. Collect the Fireworks from both of these mice then take flight to set them off and ring in the new year!

For even more Fireworks, try arming either Festive Anchor or Winter charms within a New Year's Party zone to attract the Snowflake Mouse which can also drop fireworks!

If you have Festive New Year's Fireworks in your inventory while flying, you'll automatically set off one firework with each hunt. The more fireworks you ignite from the sky, the more rewards you'll unlock!

While setting off fireworks, you'll also have a chance to encounter the Frightened Flying Fireworks Mouse. When you capture this mouse, you'll find 2017 Charms as loot!

While New Year's Party Zones are the best place to find Festive New Year's Fireworks, you can also find them while flying! Two Festive New Year's Fireworks are attached to each Floating Reindeer Crate and will be placed directly in your inventory each time you find one of these crates.

Collect fireworks, then take flight to deploy one with each hunt!

New Year's Rewards

Each firework you set off in the sky will get you closer to explosive rewards! Remember: You'll find fireworks most often in New Year's Party zones, but you can also collect them while flying whenever you find a Floating Reindeer Crate or from Snowflake mice. Make sure to have Arctic Asiago armed for the best hunting results!

  • 2017 Charms (limited edition)
Found as loot drops
While flying through the air and lighting off fireworks, you'll occasionally attract the Frightened Flying Fireworks Mouse, which drops 2017 Charms! These limited edition charms add an extremely capable 2,017 Power to your trap while armed!
  • New Year's S.L.A.C. II Skin
Required: 25 Deployed Festive New Year's Fireworks
Bring law and order to Varmint Valley in 2017 with this handsome looking trap skin!
  • 2017 New Year's Base (limited edition)
Required: 50 Deployed Festive New Year's Fireworks
200 Power, +10 Luck, 7% Power Bonus + Chance to drop 2017 Charms
This stable base not only boasts some impressive hunting stats but has the special effect of a chance of finding a 2017 Charm as loot from mice! The magical enchantment will last throughout 2017, after which it will not longer add a chance of finding 2017 Charms, but its other stats will remain intact.
  • Grand Fireworks Trap (limited edition)
Required: 100 Deployed Festive New Year's Fireworks
6,000 Power, +23 Luck, 12% Power Bonus
This capable physical trap delivers an intense party directly to any mice that approach it by unleashing an explosion of fireworks!
  • Intergalactic Isolinear Positioning Chips (limited edition)
Required: 200 Deployed Festive New Year's Fireworks
Think you're the ultimate party planner? Obtain this upgrade by going above-and-beyond to call of party duty and light up the night sky by deploying 200 fireworks.
The upgrade part is a collection of mysterious chips that seem to slot into the Event Horizon Trap and provide coordinates to a so-called "Party Dimension". The upgrade itself seems to open a portal stretching across the universe, pulling together black holes surrounded by colourful nebulae. Upon closer inspection, the nebulae are actually billions and billions of fireworks exploding all at once!
Carefully (carefully!) smash your Event Horizon Trap and combine it with this upgrade, along with an Arcane Crystal, some Scrap Metal and Scholar Scrolls to create the ultimate Arcane hunting weapon!
The New Horizon Trap claims the title of best known Arcane Trap with 6,217 Power, 15% Power Bonus, and with +26 Luck!

New Year's Supplies and Kits

Say goodbye to 2016 and look forward to an exciting 2017 with these stylish supplies and gift basket!

  • 15 2017 Charms
Add 2017 Power!
  • 2017 Party Pack
Great for giving!
  • 100 Sleigh Nitro
Full Speed Ahead!
  • 15 Festive Anchor Charms
Anchor for more Fireworks!

New Year's Event

  • Find New Year's Party zones at the Great Winter Hunt
  • Collect Festive New Year's Fireworks
  • Take flight to ignite the fireworks!
  • Earn Limited Edition rewards!

Great Winter Hunt

13 December 2016

Spread joy and holiday cheer and decorate the Kingdom in a Festive Turbine-Powered Sleigh Ride!

The Great Winter Hunt Impostor

A troublesome mouse is masquerading as a certain jolly fellow, going house to house to steal gifts and tear down decor! The antics of this pesky mouse has been dampening everyone's holiday spirit and the King needs your help to track down this villain, restore the decor, and transform the Kingdom back into a Winter Wonderland!

Larry and the King have just the right tool to help hunters transform the Kingdom into a wonderland: A high-powered sleigh pulled by a Twin Temporal Turbine* engine, complete with the magical ability to fly! Take to the air in this magic sleigh to transform the ground below into a Winter Wonderland!

The sleigh's magical ability to fly is powered by joy and holiday cheer, something that's in short supply at the moment. Before you can take to the sky, you'll need to spread some good cheer by wrapping gifts for the citizens of Gnawnia.

*NOTE: Twin Temporal Turbine engine cannot be dismantled.

Wrap Gifts and Spread Joy and Holiday Cheer

To lift the spirits of the citizens of Gnawnia and power your sleigh's ability to fly, you must wrap gifts by recovering special items from mice throughout various zones at the Great Winter Hunt. The heads-up display will show what gift items are currently at the top of everyone's wish list.

Each hunt you take where you encounter a mouse will move your sleigh forward through the snow to explore various zones within the Great Winter Hunt. The mice you encounter and the loot you find will change depending on which zone you're currently exploring.

You can speed up your sleigh by using Sleigh Nitro and slow it down by using any type of anchor charm, including a new Festive Anchor Charm that also attracts the Snowflake Mouse who carries special loot. These charms also work in the Sunken City and Balack's Cove!

Hunt with any festive-themed cheese to attract mice that drop gifts, however, Arctic Asiago has a near-perfect attraction rate and will bring around the best gift-dropping mice!

Toy Lot
While exploring the Toy Lot, you'll find Simple Toy Tops from mice and occasionally Deluxe Toy Blocks.

Toy Emporium
This zone is bursting with toys! You'll find tops and blocks most often while exploring this zone.

Decorative Oasis
While exploring the Decorative Oasis you'll find Simple Tree Ornaments from mice and occasionally Deluxe Tree Ornaments.

Tinsel Forest
Decorations as far as the eye can see! You'll find simple and deluxe ornaments most often while exploring this zone.

Bunny Hills
While exploring the Bunny Hills you'll find Simple Pairs of Skis and occasionally Deluxe Riding Sleds.

Frosty Mountains
Amongst the steep slopes and hairpin turns you'll find skis and sleds most often while exploring this zone.

Winter Wasteland
These relatively barren wastelands are not much more than snow drifts and pretty drab. You won't find gift items very often while exploring these zones.

Snowball Storm
Take cover! This zone has some of the toughest mice in the Great Winter Hunt, making it difficult to navigate. You'll find Throwable Snowballs as loot while exploring this zone, however, you won't find any gift items.

  • 15 Arctic Asiago Cheese
Find gifts as loot
  • 100 Arctic Asiago Cheese
Stock up!
  • 15 Sleigh Nitro
Speed boost!
  • 15 Festive Anchor Charms
Anchor down!

Decorating the Kingdom from the Air

Once you've wrapped 10 gifts, click the "Take Flight" button on the heads-up display and have your sleigh take to the air! While flying, watch as your sleigh transforms the ground below into a magical winter wonderland! How beautiful and heart-warming!

Your sleigh will have enough joy to remain in flight for 20 hunts, so keep your sleigh moving through the air as quickly as possible to cover as much ground as you can!

While cruising through the winter sky you'll also find the Great Winter Impostor Mouse himself! Capturing the impostor will spread joy and holiday cheer and extend your flight time by two hunts!

Although any bait will attract festive mice while your sleigh is airborne, the chilly scent of Arctic Asiago will bring around festive mice most often, including the Great Winter Hunt Impostor.

While airborne, Festive Anchor Charms will have nothing to grip onto and as a result, no longer slow down your sleigh. However, most festive charms will still attract the Snowflake Mouse to find special loot drops!

When your sleigh returns to the snowy surface, you'll be back where you left off, ready to recover more gifts and spread more joy and holiday cheer so you can take flight again!

  • 100 Sleigh Nitro
Speed boost!
  • 300 Sleigh Nitro
Maximum speed!
  • 300 Arctic Asiago Cheese
More event mice!
  • 15 Winter Charms
Find Snowflake Mice

Festive Rewards

Larry has a variety of festive rewards for hunters who have flown great lengths above the skies of Gnawnia and have transformed the Kingdom into a Winter Wonderland. The further you spread joy and holiday cheer, the more rewards you'll unlock!

Festive SUPER|brie+ Supply Pack
10,000 meters

This festive supply pack contains 30 SUPER|brie+ and provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 5 days from date of opening.

Holiday Hydro Hailstorm Trap (limited edition)
40,000 meters

3,500 Hydro Power, 20% Power Bonus, +20 Luck This inconspicuous looking Hydro trap spreads winter by throwing as much of it as it can at mice in the form of snowballs and hail.

Joyous Journal Theme
80,000 meters

A most festive looking journal theme! Show off your mastery of the Winter Wonderland with this snowy theme!

Festive Forgotten Fir Trap (limited edition)
130,000 meters

7,000 Forgotten Power, 20% Power Bonus, 5% Attraction Bonus, +10 Luck This festive looking trap is the home of a long-forgotten holiday spirit infused with just the right amount of festive fuel to fight off the humbug.

Floating Reindeer Crate
1 crate each additional 10,000 meters

These crates vibrate and shake, barely able to contain the pure festive power within! Inside each crate you'll find a random item including: Festive Ultimate Power and Luck Charms, SUPER|brie+, King's Credits, or other items!

Festive Gift Baskets and Kits

To help you collect gifts, take flight, and transform the Kingdom into Winter Wonderland, the King has assembled some handsome supply kits and gift baskets!

100 Arctic Asiago Cheese

Event mice!

300 Arctic Asiago Cheese

Collect gifts!

100 Sleigh Nitro

Speed up!

300 Sleigh Nitro

Boost your speed!

15 Festive Anchor Charms

Slow down!

50 Festive Anchor Charms

Anchor down!

15 Winter Charms

Find Snowflake Mice!

100 Winter Charms

Loot more gifts!

Great Winter Hunt Supply Kit

Great for giving!

Large Great Winter Hunt Supply Kit

Stock up on everything!

Great Winter Hunt

  • Collect Arctic Asiago
  • Recover gift items
  • Wrap gifts to spread joy and holiday cheer
  • Take flight and decorate the Kingdom!
  • Decorate far and wide to earn Limited Edition rewards!