Spring Egg Hunt

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The Spring Egg Hunt is an annual event that celebrates the beginning of the Spring season in March.

Each year the mice found during the Spring Egg Hunt event may require special cheese or charms to attract. This information can be found on the event location page.

Mice throughout the Kingdom begin to drop Eggs during these events.

Spring Egg Hunt Event History

Spring Egg Hunt Event Mice

These are the Event mice that may be encountered during the annual Spring Egg Hunt event.

Carefree Cook 2,200 1,200
Chocolate Gold Foil 7,000 2,500
Chocolate Overload 1,200 350
Coco Commander 6,900 500
Egg Painter 6,500 900
Egg Scrambler 2,750 850
Eggscavator 6,500 1,200
Eggsplosive Scientist 6,200 800
Eggsquisite Entertainer 2,500 1,350
Hardboiled 3,200 125
Hare Razer 7,000 3,200
Onion Chopper 5,000 5,000
Pan Slammer 7,200 1,000
Sinister Egg Painter 5,000 1,200
Spring Sprig 3,300 2,350

Spring Egg Hunt Event Cheese

Marshmallow Monterey may have special attraction effects during the annual Spring Egg Hunt.

Spring Egg Hunt Event Charms

These Charms may have special effects during the annual Spring Egg Hunt.

Spring Egg Hunt Event Bases

Chocolate Bar Base

Spring Egg Hunt Event Weapons

Darkest Chocolate Bunny Trap

Spring Egg Hunt Event Skins

Egg Masters

Egg Masters are those Hunters who have gathered 1 of each Egg available in the game. If new Eggs are added to the game, Hunters must find them before they can again be called Egg Masters. Eggs found during previous events will count toward the Egg Master goal for the current year.

Egg Masters can access a hidden forum section called the Egg Master's Guild.


  • 30 March 2015: A hidden forum section is created exclusively for those who have collected all the Spring Eggs (110 in 2015). They are called "Egg Masters".
  • 5 May 2015: As of the end of the 2015 event, there are 621 Egg Masters.
  • 3 February 2016: "Egg Master" appears as a forum title for those who have collected all the Spring Eggs.
  • 23 March 2016: Egg Masters lose access to the hidden forum section (as well as their forum title) on the day the 2016 event begins. Hunters who have found all 128 eggs will regain access (and their title).
  • 19 April 2016: As of the end of the 2016 event, there are 1,084 Egg Masters.
  • 30 April 2019: As of the end of the 2019 event, there are 1,677 Egg Masters.
  • 07 May 2020: As of the end of the 2020 event, there are 2,058 Egg Masters.