Eggscavator Charge Charm

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Eggscavator Charge Charm
Category: Spring Egg Hunt
Charm Statistics Charm Info
Power: 0 Cost: See current
Spring Egg Hunt
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Power Bonus: 0% Limited Edition: No
Attraction Bonus: 0% Crafted: No
Luck: 0 Smashable: Yes
Cheese Effect: None Tradeable: No
Consumed Upon: Successful Catch Giveable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
When you hunt with Eggscavator Charge Charms equipped, you build up 1 charge per catch on your Eggscavator. When you have charges in your Eggscavator, each catch will expend a charge.

Based on the number of charges, you have a chance to find a Low, Medium, or High Charge Egg! Keep your Eggscavator charged at all times for the best chance to find these extra-special Charge eggs!

Note: Eggscavator Charge Charms will only work when your Eggscavator has been re-calibrated!

Obtained Via

The Eggscavator Charge Charm may be made available during the annual Spring Egg Hunt.

Special Properties

The Eggscavator Charge Charm is used to charge the Eggscavator during the annual Spring Egg Hunt.

  • Each successful hunt with an Eggscavator Charge Charm armed raises the charge by 1, up to a maximum of 20.
  • Each subsequent catch without an Eggscavator Charge Charm armed drops the charge by 1.
  • While the Eggscavator is charged, the hunter has a chance of obtaining one of three different Charge Eggs, according to the current charge available on the Eggscavator.
  • Charge Eggs can be caught in any location and dropped by any mouse.
I'm running out of charges for my Eggscavator.
I should equip Eggscavator Charge Charms to build up more charges!

Related Charms

Hunter's Hammer

Smashing an Eggscavator Charge Charm with the Hunter's Hammer yields 5 Dark Chocolate Charms.

History and Trivia

  • Based on the typical contents of Charge Eggs in 2013, a hunter that repeatedly cycled between a charge of 12 and 20, while using Eggstra Charms on the way down and Eggscavator Charge Charms on the way up, could generally obtain enough Marshmallow Monterey cheese and Eggstra Charms to purchase more charge charms and sustain the cycle indefinitely in any location.