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Charm Conduit
Charm Conduit Info
Cost: ?? gold
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ??
Image: ??


Simple table template to maintain consistency between Charm Conduit pages. All fields are required.

{{ Charm
 | cost       = 
 | mhinfo     = 
 | imglink    = 
 | desc       = 


Use numbers only for Bonus fields; the % is added automatically by the template. If there is no stat for a given field, use 0 (zero) in its place.

For the mhinfo field, list only the portion of the Larry's Loot Lexicon link after the item_type= in the link. For example, Charm Conduit would list mhinfo = charm_level_1_trinket_slot.

The description is to be copied from the official MouseHunt page.