Venus Mouse Trap

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Venus Mouse Trap
Power Type: Tactical
Weapon Statistics Weapon Info
Power: 1,900 Title Required: ??
Power Bonus: n/a% Cost: 299,650
Attraction Bonus: 5% Limited Edition: ??
Luck: 5 Crafted: ??
Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh Smashable: ??
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ?? Image: ??
The carnivorous plants that grow near the Lagoon of Whisker Woods are often harvested by Trapsmiths and grown to supernatural size by unnatural means. The result is a highly effective and well-camouflaged mouse adversary.

The Venus Mouse Trap was added to the Whisker Woods region trapsmith on 8 April 2009.

Purchasing Info

The Venus Mouse Trap will be available for purchase for 299,650 from a Trapsmith in an unknown location of Whisker Woods.

Trap Effectiveness

The Venus Mouse Trap, being a Tactical type is known to be very effective against Tactical type mice while being of normal effectiveness against Physical type mice. It also performs less effectively against all other power types.