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Hydra Mouse
Points: 9,640
Gold: 5,760
Loot: Bolt of Cloth
Ship Blueprints (Lagoon only)
Scrap Metal
Simple Orb
Splintered Wood
Locations: Lagoon
S.S. Huntington III
Mouse Group: Aquatic Order
Weaknesses: Hydro
Bait Pref: Gnarled
Wicked Gnarly
More Info: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link

When it comes to eating cheese off a trap, three heads are better than one! Quick and agile, the three headed Hydra mouse furiously attacks a hunter's trap in search of a morsel of cheese. Their regeneration abilities make them especially hard to catch. This mouse was designed by Mousehunt fan Neilson Cheng!

The Hydra Mouse is a breed of mouse found in the Lagoon and S.S. Huntington III. It is known to drop Bolt of Cloth, Rope, Scrap Metal, Simple Orb and Splintered Wood in both locations, and Ship Blueprints in the Lagoon.

Preferred Cheese

Hydra mice in the Lagoon have been found to be especially attracted to Gnarled, Wicked Gnarly to the point that any other kind of cheese will simply not suffice. Although in the S.S. Huntington III location Hydra mice can be attracted by standard cheese, they have a distinct preference for SUPER|brie+.

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