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Throughout this site you'll find information normally discovered through gameplay. If you prefer to discover everything on your own, this site may affect your enjoyment of the game.
Welcome to the MouseHunt Wiki, where users contribute their knowledge of the MouseHunt world for the benefit of the community.

MouseHunt is a popular game in which players, referred to as hunters, catch mice with a variety of traps and cheeses in order to earn experience points and virtual gold through passive gameplay. From time to time the developers add new locations and mice as well as sponsor thousands of dollars for periodic giveaways and tournaments. MouseHunt was developed by HitGrab Inc. as a Facebook application and released to a small group for beta testing in early 2008. On 7 March 2008, MouseHunt was officially released to the general public. Just nine months later, MouseHunt earned its creators a $250,000 development grant from Facebook and the game continues to grow in popularity.

This wiki exists to inform and to educate the community of MouseHunters and those who have an interest in the MouseHunt world and its intricacies.

If you have suggestions for improvements to the wiki, spot an error, or can fill in missing information, please post a note in the Official Wiki Suggestion Thread.

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Current Events

Toxic Spill Cleanup Crew

04 November 2015

Working with the Scientists of Digby, the King has assembled a new cleanup team dedicated to monitoring and cleaning up any Toxic Spills which occur when the Laboratory filtration systems fail due to mouse activity!

New Toxic Spill Cleanup Crew

The new cleanup crew assembled by the King will cleanup the Toxic Spill at a much more predictable pace, however, they still need the help of hunters to provide protection from the dangerous mice at the Toxic Spill! While hunting powerful mice during a spill and protecting the cleanup crew you'll still find all the same loot items as before, including Crude Pollutinum.

Each phase of a Toxic Spill will now be cleaned up at a steady, predictable rate ranging from 18 to 32 hours. Upon the completion of a phase's cleanup, the pollution level will lower, making it safer for the the next rank of hunters to venture in.

Cleanup Times by Pollution Level:
This new cleanup crew has studied each of the mutated mice and trained well to clean each stage of the spill efficiently.
The following is how long they take to mop up the mess for each level of the spill:

  • Archduke/Archduchess: 32 hours
  • Grand Duke/Duchess: 24 hours
  • Duke/Duchess: 24 hours
  • Count/Countess: 24 hours
  • Baron/Baroness: 20 hours
  • Lord/Lady: 20 hours
  • Knight: 18 hours
  • Hero: 18 hours

The cleanup time for all eight phases adds up to seven and a half days, meaning, a Toxic Spill that starts at Archduke/Archduchess level will take seven and a half days to be cleaned up. A spill that is classified at a lower rank will take less time to clean up.

New Uses for Refined Pollutinum

Extensive research about the spill and Pollutinum has not only allowed for a more predictable cleanup process, but has also found new uses for Refined Pollutinum!

Refined Pollutinum Base
The Refined Pollutinum Base is a refined, upgraded version of the Polluted Base that has increased strength and durability. The Refined Pollutinum Base has 500 Power, 12% Power Bonus, 5% Attraction Bonus, and 10 Luck. Additionally, when paired with any type of Polluted Charm, the base's Luck is amplified, sending it to new heights of Luck and Power! When paired with an Ultimate Polluted Charm, this base achieves a staggering +25 Luck!

Toxic Brie and Toxic SUPER|brie+
Imbued with the power of Pollutinum, these two noxious types of cheese weaken mice and amplify the power of your trap! Toxic Brie and Toxic SUPER|brie+ contain the same mouse-attracting power as their regular counterparts with an added 20% Power Bonus!

These two types of cheese are effective anywhere regular Brie Cheese and SUPER|brie+ are used -- They do not work at the Toxic Spill itself.

Super Scum Scrubber Apply this upgrade to your Scum Scrubber to improve your Crude Pollutinum harvesting ability. With this trap equipped, you'll always find Crude Pollutinum when a mouse is caught.

Noxious School of Sharks Skin This totally sludgy, grimy, and polluted skin for the School of Sharks may intimidate both mouse and hunter with its mean and grungy look.

Pollutinum Wealth Chest Looking to cash in your Refined Pollutinum for sweet, sweet gold? These opulent chests are made of Refined Pollutinum and gilded with the finest gold. An eccentric scientist that refused to leave the Laboratory upon it becoming infested with mice now supplies the General Store at the Laboratory with these chests. Being that the scientist has no interest in leaving the Lab to visit the spill, they're willing to offer hunters these quirky chests of wealth in exchange for a handful of Refined Pollutinum. Inside each chest is 100,000 gold along with another random treasure from the Toxic Spill.

Hydro Charm Raw Pollutinum is constantly bubbling and flowing. Once refined, this flowing power is tightly concentrated within the Refined Pollutinum crystalline structure. Hydro Charms utilize this powerful liquid reaction to change any trap into a Hydro one for a single hunt!

Toxic Spill Treasure Maps and Chests

The Cartographer at the Toxic Spill is also carrying a new Toxic Spill Treasure Map Scroll Case that will lead you on treasure hunts to capture several mice at the Toxic Spill. This scroll case is a bit unique in that the types of mice you'll find on the Treasure Map depend on the current pollution level of the spill. Upon opening a map, you'll want to quickly target the highest tier mice on the map before that phase of the spill comes to an end, sending the mice back into hiding.

If you miss a mouse from a pollution level, fear not: When the pollution level at the spill lowers the map owner will be able to claim a consolation prize for each mouse that was caught on the map. Each person in the group receives the same consolation prize and whomever dusted the map will have their Rare Map Dust returned. The more mice caught, the larger the consolation prize, so keep hunting the mice you can!

The map found inside is determined by the current spill level:

  • Archduke/Archduchess: Elite Toxic Spill Map
  • Grand Duke/Duchess: Arduous Toxic Spill Map
  • Duke/Duchess: Elaborate Toxic Spill Map
  • Count/Countess: Hard Toxic Spill Map
  • Baron/Baroness: Medium Toxic Spill Map
  • Lord/Lady: Easy Toxic Spill Map
  • Knight: Easy Toxic Spill Map
  • Hero: Easy Toxic Spill Map

Cleanup Supplies and Kits

15 Rancid Radioactive Blue

Hunt Polluted Mice!

15 Soap Charms

Weaken mice!

Hazmat Cleanup Kit

200 Rancid Radioactive Blue
15 Soap Charms

Super Sudsy Cleanup Kit *NEW*

300 Rancid Radioactive Blue
150 Super Soap Charms
150 Super Rotten Charms

Toxic Spill Updates!

  • Each phase of the spill now lasts for a set amount of time
  • Lots of new uses and rewards for Refined Pollutinum
  • New Toxic Spill Treasure Maps

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