Birthday Cake Base

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The Birthday Cake Base is only available during MouseHunt Birthday events.

Birthday Cake Base
Base Statistics Base Info
Power: 175 Title Required: Recruit
Power Bonus: 11% Cost: 1,000
Attraction Bonus: 5% Limited Edition: No
Luck: 0 Crafted: No
Cheese Effect: No Effect Smashable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
This huge slab of birthday cake comes from the massive 1000 square foot cake served at MouseHunt's first birthday party. There were a lot of leftovers, so we put them to use!

Obtained Via

The Birthday Cake Base can be obtained during the annual MouseHunt Birthday event.

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History and Trivia

  • 7 March 2009: The Birthday Cake Base was introduced when hunters were finally able to open their Fancy Birthday Gifts and discovered this base inside. Due to an oversight by the developers, at the time of release this base had an associated power type (Physical), but this was corrected about a week later on 16 March 2009.
  • 7 March 2009: The Birthday Cake Basecould also be purchased for 12,350 gold from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe during her MouseHunt's Birthday Giveaway visit. It refunded for 2,223 gold at the same location. It was also available as one of the three gifts inside the Fancy Birthday Gifts dropped by Birthday mice.
  • 19 October 2009: The Birthday Cake Base was given the limited edition shield, but it was subsequently removed during the rollout of MouseHunt v.3.