Eggstra Fondue

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Embark upon a gustatory odyssey as you indulge in the pinnacle of chocolatier craftsmanship. Specially formulated using eggstra eggs as a primary ingredient, a celestial symphony of flavor and texture awaits within this divine chocolate fondue.

Any eggs placed into this decadent dip, with a texture that can only be explained as an ethereal fusion of silk and satin, will activate the eggstra ingredient, doubling it!

This elevated chocolate fondue will harden into Chocolatonium when spent, as well as forming additional pieces for each egg placed inside AND created!

While active, Eggstra fondue will:

Add 1 x Chocolatonium per hunt
Add 1 x Chocolatonium per egg dropped by non-event mice
Duplicate any eggs dropped by non-event mice
When paired with the Chocolate Bar Base, every once in a while it will TRIPLE the eggs dropped instead of double!.

"Eggstra Fondue is NOT safe for consumption and should be handled with protective equipment"


Eggstra Fondue is a resource item that has special effects during the annual Spring Egg Hunt event.


Special Effects

Eggstra Fondue extracted 1 Chocolatonium!.
Additionally my Eggstra Fondue also extracted <x> Chocolatonium from the eggs I found!
  • It is consumed per hunt.

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